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Experiencing overtones - particularly through one’s own body, that is, on the basis of sung notes without any additional aids - has become a symbol of a new musical culture. It represents on understanding of one’s self and of the world by means of which the world and also the self can be perceived and realized musically. The first two CDs contain seventeen exercises for singing overtones, the third CD contains another six exercises giving musical form to breath. The booklet provides an accompanying text for each of these twenty-three exercises.
Item number SM18122
Barcode 4010228181227
Release date 11/1/1996
Category Vocal
Number of units 3
Classical Artist Vetter, Michael
Disc: 1
Die Oberton-Schule00:00:00
1 Hu-Om: Hu-Miuu (Stimme und Rin-Schale): Hu 00:08:10 Vetter, Michael
2 Hu-Om: Hu-Miuu (Stimme und Rin-Schale): M (Iuu) 00:07:30 Vetter, Michael
3 Hu-Om: Hu-Miuu (Stimme und Rin-Schale): Miuu 00:07:20 Vetter, Michael
4 Hu-Om: Hu-Miuu (Stimme und Rin-Schale): Mimumu 00:07:05 Vetter, Michael
5 Hu-Om: Nioo-Om (Stimme und Tambura): N 00:05:54 Vetter, Michael
6 Hu-Om: Nioo-Om (Stimme und Tambura): Nioo 00:08:17 Vetter, Michael
7 Hu-Om: Nioo-Om (Stimme und Tambura): Ninunu 00:06:54 Vetter, Michael
8 Hu-Om: Nioo-Om (Stimme und Tambura): Om 00:08:48 Vetter, Michael
Disc: 2
Die Oberton-Schule00:00:00
1 Gong-Bird: Gong-Ngiaa (Stimme und Gong): Gong 00:06:09 Vetter, Michael
2 Gong-Bird: Gong-Ngiaa (Stimme und Gong): Gungongan 00:05:26 Vetter, Michael
3 Gong-Bird: Gong-Ngiaa (Stimme und Gong): Ng 00:04:34 Vetter, Michael
4 Gong-Bird: Gong-Ngiaa (Stimme und Gong): Ngu-O-A 00:07:17 Vetter, Michael
5 Gong-Bird: Gong-Ngiaa (Stimme und Gong): Ngi-E-A-A 00:06:43 Vetter, Michael
6 Gong-Bird: Bird (Stimme und Tambura): "R" = N 00:09:48 Vetter, Michael
7 Gong-Bird: Bird (Stimme und Tambura): (N)-Artikula 00:06:47 Vetter, Michael
8 Gong-Bird: Bird (Stimme und Tambura): "R" und I 00:07:20 Vetter, Michael
9 Gong-Bird: Bird (Stimme und Tambura): N/M-Artikula 00:05:48 Vetter, Michael
10 Gong-Bird: Bird (Stimme und Tambura): Uberlagerung 00:13:20 Vetter, Michael
Disc: 3
Die Oberton-Schule00:00:00
1 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Prealudium 00:02:52 Vetter, Michael
2 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Spiel 00:07:15 Vetter, Michael
3 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe I 00:01:24 Vetter, Michael
4 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe II 00:01:05 Vetter, Michael
5 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe III 00:01:25 Vetter, Michael
6 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe IV 00:02:18 Vetter, Michael
7 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe V 00:01:59 Vetter, Michael
8 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe VI 00:00:15 Vetter, Michael
9 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe VII 00:00:10 Vetter, Michael
10 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe VIII 00:00:12 Vetter, Michael
11 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe IX 00:00:18 Vetter, Michael
12 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe X 00:00:17 Vetter, Michael
13 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wind-Gedichte: Boe XI 00:00:12 Vetter, Michael
14 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Praeludiu 00:02:15 Vetter, Michael
15 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:38 Vetter, Michael
16 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:29 Vetter, Michael
17 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:34 Vetter, Michael
18 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:32 Vetter, Michael
19 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:48 Vetter, Michael
20 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:45 Vetter, Michael
21 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:39 Vetter, Michael
22 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:47 Vetter, Michael
23 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:00:54 Vetter, Michael
24 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Pssst! Leise!: Unheimlic 00:01:47 Vetter, Michael
25 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Ton-Windungen: Praeludiu 00:03:03 Vetter, Michael
26 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Ton-Windungen: più e più 00:06:08 Vetter, Michael
27 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Ton-Windungen: Postludiu 00:01:04 Vetter, Michael
28 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:23 Vetter, Michael
29 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:16 Vetter, Michael
30 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:01:43 Vetter, Michael
31 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:29 Vetter, Michael
32 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:26 Vetter, Michael
33 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:28 Vetter, Michael
34 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:56 Vetter, Michael
35 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:37 Vetter, Michael
36 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:41 Vetter, Michael
37 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:33 Vetter, Michael
38 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:51 Vetter, Michael
39 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:42 Vetter, Michael
40 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:51 Vetter, Michael
41 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Vierzehnfaltiges Befinde 00:00:36 Vetter, Michael
42 Mind Blow (Atem-Ubungen): Wid das Rauschen des Win 00:10:43 Vetter, Michael
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