On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0017
Barcode 9781843794318
Release date 12/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Non-Classical Artist Ross, Hugh
Disc: 1
1 Book 1 00:05:57 Ross, Hugh
2 But I fear in these matters… 00:06:47 Ross, Hugh
3 And why do we see roses coming out in spring… 00:06:50 Ross, Hugh
4 Come, I have been teaching you… 00:06:10 Ross, Hugh
5 Besides, although things may be thought as solid… 00:06:08 Ross, Hugh
6 Moreover, there is nothing you can claim is separa 00:06:09 Ross, Hugh
7 Thus, matter which consists of solid bodies… 00:06:13 Ross, Hugh
8 Thus, primary basic stuff is purely solid… 00:06:38 Ross, Hugh
9 Thus, those who have thought the material of stuff 00:06:07 Ross, Hugh
10 And thus, since these four basic elements… 00:05:46 Ross, Hugh
11 Here there remains a slender chance to avoid the i 00:06:03 Ross, Hugh
12 All that exists then, has no boundaries… 00:05:44 Ross, Hugh
13 There would be no way they could act like this… 00:04:24 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 2
1 Since I have shown that space is infinite… 00:01:32 Ross, Hugh
2 Book 2 00:06:55 Ross, Hugh
3 This being the case, it is clear… 00:05:42 Ross, Hugh
4 In my argument, this is now the place… 00:06:17 Ross, Hugh
5 So do you now see that, though outside forces push 00:03:53 Ross, Hugh
6 Come now, learn next about the particles… 00:05:09 Ross, Hugh
7 And finally, all things agreeable to the senses… 00:07:52 Ross, Hugh
8 Since I have proved that point, I will go on… 00:04:06 Ross, Hugh
9 In these matters, it is also good… 00:06:00 Ross, Hugh
10 What's more, any single living creature… 00:06:11 Ross, Hugh
11 Besides, if no natural colour has been given… 00:06:06 Ross, Hugh
12 First you must look for some oily substance… 00:06:11 Ross, Hugh
13 But if someone, by chance, were to point out… 00:06:15 Ross, Hugh
14 But now set your mind, I pray… 00:06:02 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 3
1 Since the moment earth was first created… 00:05:29 Ross, Hugh
2 Book 3 00:06:56 Ross, Hugh
3 First, I say that mind, which we often call the un 00:05:52 Ross, Hugh
4 And now, I will move on in this discourse… 00:05:22 Ross, Hugh
5 Now, though I am keen to give an argument… 00:06:28 Ross, Hugh
6 As for the rest, if anyone denies… 00:06:31 Ross, Hugh
7 Then, too, we sense mind comes into being… 00:07:05 Ross, Hugh
8 And since mind is one part of a man… 00:05:52 Ross, Hugh
9 And since we do perceive vital sense… 00:05:18 Ross, Hugh
10 Moreover, are particles of soul left in a body… 00:05:00 Ross, Hugh
11 Furthermore, a tree cannot live in aether… 00:05:59 Ross, Hugh
12 Thus, if you see a man concerned about himself… 00:04:33 Ross, Hugh
13 Furthermore, what if the nature of things suddenly 00:06:28 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 4
1 But in life there is fear of punishment… 00:06:14 Ross, Hugh
2 Book 4 00:07:18 Ross, Hugh
3 Come now and learn how thin the substance is… 00:06:15 Ross, Hugh
4 Then, too, if tiny particles of things which are d 00:03:56 Ross, Hugh
5 In these matters, we should not think it at all wo 00:05:44 Ross, Hugh
6 Now, from darkness we see things in the light… 00:04:25 Ross, Hugh
7 It also happens that when young children… 00:04:50 Ross, Hugh
8 And furthermore, if anyone thinks that nothing is 00:06:10 Ross, Hugh
9 And therefore, when we force up these voices… 00:06:10 Ross, Hugh
10 And now, so you can understand how this happens… 00:05:24 Ross, Hugh
11 Come now and find out what substances… 00:06:56 Ross, Hugh
12 In these matters you must desire… 00:05:44 Ross, Hugh
13 The ways that sleep floods rest throughout the lim 00:06:33 Ross, Hugh
14 Then, too, human minds… 00:03:28 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 5
1 This pleasure we call Venus. 00:06:09 Ross, Hugh
2 And these problems are those one finds… 00:05:12 Ross, Hugh
3 And when, during the mingling of the seed… 00:05:55 Ross, Hugh
4 Book 5 00:06:23 Ross, Hugh
5 As for the rest - so we avoid delaying… 00:07:24 Ross, Hugh
6 Even if I did not already know what primary partic 00:05:38 Ross, Hugh
7 Now I will speak of air… 00:07:23 Ross, Hugh
8 And furthermore, since the most important portions 00:06:10 Ross, Hugh
9 Then there followed the first developments of sun 00:06:36 Ross, Hugh
10 And sun's disk and fire… 00:06:04 Ross, Hugh
11 In the same way, the goddess of the morning… 00:06:19 Ross, Hugh
12 You must assume for similar reasons… 00:06:46 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 6
1 Back then many races of animals must have died off 00:06:24 Ross, Hugh
2 Back then they did now know how to use fire… 00:05:30 Ross, Hugh
3 Thus, to suppose that in the past… 00:06:28 Ross, Hugh
4 Therefore, kings were killed… 00:04:00 Ross, Hugh
5 O unhappy race of men… 00:05:55 Ross, Hugh
6 Now, Memmius, to find out how the nature of iron… 00:06:04 Ross, Hugh
7 However, using mouths to imitate the liquid sound 00:05:41 Ross, Hugh
8 Book 6 00:05:56 Ross, Hugh
9 Now, although I have set down many things… 00:07:35 Ross, Hugh
10 These things, you understand, take place… 00:05:33 Ross, Hugh
11 So then we must assume the storm clouds stand… 00:07:06 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 7
1 The vault of heaven, set with gleaming stars… 00:04:55 Ross, Hugh
2 To continue now with this discussion… 00:05:07 Ross, Hugh
3 Come now, I will show you how moisture gathers… 00:07:54 Ross, Hugh
4 To begin with, men find it strange… 00:05:06 Ross, Hugh
5 Now I will show how that inferno is suddenly rouse 00:04:17 Ross, Hugh
6 Pay attention now, and I will show you… 00:07:19 Ross, Hugh
7 And furthermore, in wells water gets colder… 00:05:26 Ross, Hugh
8 With matters of this sort, you must clearly establ 00:05:36 Ross, Hugh
9 And so once these points have all been fully settl 00:07:00 Ross, Hugh
10 Now, I will explain the nature of disease… 00:03:19 Ross, Hugh
11 Such a cause of disease, such a poisonous atmosphe 00:05:34 Ross, Hugh
12 But in those days hardly any birds at all… 00:05:16 Ross, Hugh
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