On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)

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Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is quite possibly the most influential science book ever written. The text has continued to fascinate readers and spark debates for over a century. The work was written in 1859, and is considered the foundation of evolutionary biology. The theory presented suggests that populations evolve over time through a process called natural selection. On the Origin of Species has been the centerpiece of heated debates between the scientific, philosophical and religious communities, indelibly affecting each discipline in its wake. The text is highly accessible, and written in pleasant prose, making the work both edifying and enjoyable. Darwin’s personable writing tone is complemented by Peter Wickham’s elegant reading style.
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Release date 7/8/2016
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Reader Wickham, Peter
Disc: 1
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 On the Origin of Species 00:11:33 Wickham, Peter
2 Chapter I: Variation Under Domestication… 00:09:41 Wickham, Peter
3 Effects of Habit and of the Use or Disuse… 00:10:18 Wickham, Peter
4 Character of Domestic Varieties… 00:11:02 Wickham, Peter
5 Breeds of the Domestic Pigeon… 00:08:08 Wickham, Peter
6 An argument of great weight… 00:11:30 Wickham, Peter
7 Principles of Selection Anciently Followed… 00:10:08 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 2
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Unconscious Selection 00:12:36 Wickham, Peter
2 Circumstances Favourable to Man's Power… 00:08:31 Wickham, Peter
3 Chapter II: Variation Under Nature 00:10:02 Wickham, Peter
4 Doubtful Species 00:10:03 Wickham, Peter
5 Many of the cases of strongly marked varieties… 00:09:06 Wickham, Peter
6 Wide-Ranging, Much Diffused… 00:07:24 Wickham, Peter
7 These facts are of plain signification… 00:08:14 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 3
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Chapter III: Struggle for Existence 00:14:42 Wickham, Peter
2 Nature of the Checks to Increase 00:08:28 Wickham, Peter
3 Complex Relations of All Animals… 00:11:52 Wickham, Peter
4 Struggle for Life Most Severe Between… 00:05:39 Wickham, Peter
5 Chapter IV: Natural Selection… 00:11:53 Wickham, Peter
6 In order that any great amount of modification… 00:08:57 Wickham, Peter
7 Sexual Selection 00:13:26 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 4
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 It may be worthwhile to give another… 00:09:13 Wickham, Peter
2 On the Intercrossing of Individuals 00:11:48 Wickham, Peter
3 Circumstances Favourable… 00:06:56 Wickham, Peter
4 The mere lapse of time by itself does nothing… 00:08:31 Wickham, Peter
5 Extinction Caused by Natural Selection… 00:14:07 Wickham, Peter
6 The Probable Effects of the Action… 00:08:41 Wickham, Peter
7 In a large genus it is probable that more… 00:09:33 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 5
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 We have seen that in each country… 00:12:23 Wickham, Peter
2 Convergence of Character 00:13:28 Wickham, Peter
3 Chapter V: Laws of Variation 00:08:30 Wickham, Peter
4 In some cases we might easily put down… 00:09:14 Wickham, Peter
5 Acclimatisation 00:07:21 Wickham, Peter
6 Correlated Variation 00:11:52 Wickham, Peter
7 Multiple, Rudimentary… 00:14:48 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 6
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Secondary Sexual Characters Variable 00:12:29 Wickham, Peter
2 The difficulty in distinguishing variable species… 00:07:49 Wickham, Peter
3 What now are we to say to these several facts? 00:09:00 Wickham, Peter
4 Chapter VI: Difficulties of the Theory 00:08:15 Wickham, Peter
5 As allied or representative species… 00:07:28 Wickham, Peter
6 On the Origin and Transition of Organic… 00:07:59 Wickham, Peter
7 I will now give two or three instances… 00:07:43 Wickham, Peter
8 Organs of Extreme Perfection… 00:07:41 Wickham, Peter
9 It is scarcely possible to avoid comparing… 00:07:20 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 7
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 In considering transitions of organs… 00:12:37 Wickham, Peter
2 Fritz Müller argues that this close similarity… 00:11:33 Wickham, Peter
3 Organs of Little Apparent Importance,… 00:08:36 Wickham, Peter
4 Utilitarian Doctrine, How Far True… 00:13:43 Wickham, Peter
5 Summary: The Law of Unity of Type… 00:08:00 Wickham, Peter
6 Chapter VII: Miscellaneous Objections… 00:07:39 Wickham, Peter
7 There is much force in the above objection. 00:08:17 Wickham, Peter
8 In many Compositae and Umbelliferae… 00:08:15 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 8
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Although we have no good evidence… 00:09:09 Wickham, Peter
2 Why, in other quarters of the world… 00:09:40 Wickham, Peter
3 Nor can I see any force in M. Mivart's difficulty… 00:09:05 Wickham, Peter
4 Returning to the whales. 00:10:03 Wickham, Peter
5 I may give another instance of a structure… 00:10:44 Wickham, Peter
6 In certain genera of star-fishes these organs… 00:11:33 Wickham, Peter
7 We will now turn to climbing plants. 00:08:12 Wickham, Peter
8 With the giraffe, the continued preservation… 00:07:57 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 9
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Everyone who believes in slow and gradual… 00:09:06 Wickham, Peter
2 Chapter VIII: Instinct 00:11:34 Wickham, Peter
3 That the mental qualities of animals… 00:09:19 Wickham, Peter
4 Special Instincts 00:13:34 Wickham, Peter
5 Slave-Making Instinct 00:11:06 Wickham, Peter
6 Cell-Making Instinct of the Hive-Bee 00:12:54 Wickham, Peter
7 Huber's statement, that the very first cell… 00:10:28 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 10
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Objections to the Theory of Natural… 00:10:19 Wickham, Peter
2 It will indeed be thought that I have… 00:10:26 Wickham, Peter
3 Chapter IX: Hybridism 00:09:24 Wickham, Peter
4 Now let us turn to the results… 00:10:08 Wickham, Peter
5 Laws Governing the Sterility… 00:09:26 Wickham, Peter
6 Considering the several rules now given… 00:07:52 Wickham, Peter
7 Origin and Causes of the Sterility… 00:08:53 Wickham, Peter
8 In regard to the sterility of hybrids… 00:09:24 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 11
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 The infertility which may be observed… 00:08:10 Wickham, Peter
2 Fertility of Varieties When Crossed… 00:10:46 Wickham, Peter
3 Hybrids and Mongrels Compared… 00:14:20 Wickham, Peter
4 Chapter X: On the Imperfection… 00:08:59 Wickham, Peter
5 We have, however, recently learned… 00:09:11 Wickham, Peter
6 On the Poorness of Palaeontological… 00:08:10 Wickham, Peter
7 I am convinced that nearly all our ancient… 00:09:17 Wickham, Peter
8 We may safely infer that with marine animals… 00:09:08 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 12
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 With animals and plants that propagate rapidly… 00:09:41 Wickham, Peter
2 On the Sudden Appearance of Whole… 00:10:14 Wickham, Peter
3 On the Sudden Appearance of Groups… 00:12:25 Wickham, Peter
4 Chapter XI: On the Geological Succession… 00:10:18 Wickham, Peter
5 On Extinction 00:11:45 Wickham, Peter
6 On the Forms of Life Changing Almost… 00:11:19 Wickham, Peter
7 On the Affinities of Extinct Species… 00:11:25 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 13
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 On this same theory, it is evident that the fauna… 00:08:58 Wickham, Peter
2 The problem whether organisation… 00:10:10 Wickham, Peter
3 It may be asked in ridicule whether I suppose… 00:10:45 Wickham, Peter
4 Chapter XII: Geographical Distribution 00:09:50 Wickham, Peter
5 There is no evidence, as was remarked… 00:10:50 Wickham, Peter
6 Means of Dispersal 00:10:58 Wickham, Peter
7 Living birds can hardly fail to be highly effectiv 00:10:39 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 14
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Dispersal During the Glacial Period 00:13:45 Wickham, Peter
2 Alternate Glacial Periods in the North… 00:12:24 Wickham, Peter
3 The Glacial period, as measured by years… 00:10:41 Wickham, Peter
4 Chapter XIII: Geographical Distribution… 00:11:33 Wickham, Peter
5 On the Inhabitants of Oceanic Islands 00:09:48 Wickham, Peter
6 Absence of Batrachians and Terrestrial… 00:10:37 Wickham, Peter
7 On the Relations of the Inhabitants… 00:04:29 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 15
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 The same law which has determined… 00:12:34 Wickham, Peter
2 Summary of the Last and Present Chapters 00:08:13 Wickham, Peter
3 Chapter XIV: Mutual Affinities… 00:10:53 Wickham, Peter
4 Numerous instances could be given… 00:08:24 Wickham, Peter
5 But I must explain my meaning more fully. 00:12:02 Wickham, Peter
6 Analogical Resemblances 00:13:27 Wickham, Peter
7 On the Nature of the Affinities… 00:11:27 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 16
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Morphology 00:13:46 Wickham, Peter
2 Development and Embryology 00:07:54 Wickham, Peter
3 The embryo in the course of development… 00:08:54 Wickham, Peter
4 As we have conclusive evidence… 00:13:37 Wickham, Peter
5 Rudimentary, Atrophied, and Aborted… 00:06:45 Wickham, Peter
6 Rudimentary organs in the individuals… 00:10:20 Wickham, Peter
7 Summary 00:03:54 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 17
On the Origin of Species (Unabridged)21:02:08
1 Chapter XV: Recapitulation and Conclusion 00:10:39 Wickham, Peter
2 On this doctrine of the extermination… 00:08:45 Wickham, Peter
3 Variability is not actually caused by man… 00:10:13 Wickham, Peter
4 Many other facts are, as it seems to me… 00:11:33 Wickham, Peter
5 Looking to geographical distribution… 00:08:30 Wickham, Peter
6 I have now recapitulated the facts… 00:10:15 Wickham, Peter
7 It may be asked how far I extend the doctrine… 00:08:31 Wickham, Peter
8 When we can feel assured… 00:06:46 Wickham, Peter
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