Oroonoko (Unabridged)

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A vivid love story and adventure tale, Oroonoko is a heroic slave narrative about a royal prince and his fight for freedom. The eponymous hero, Oroonoko, deemed royalty is one world and slave in another, is torn from his noble status and betrayed into slavery in Surinam, where he is reduced to chains, fetters and shackles. But his high spirit and admirable character will not be suppressed. The book was groundbreaking at the time and is considered to be one of the first novels written in English. Its condemnation of slavery and Europeans, and striking portrayal of sexuality and violence, shrouded Behn's name in controversy for years after it was published. A crucial text in the history of teh novel by a female author - one of the first English women to earn her living through writing.
Item number NA0270
Barcode 9781781980545
Release date 7/14/2017
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Classical Artist Wille, Clare
Disc: 1
Oroonoko (Unabridged)03:04:00
1 Oroonoko 00:07:49 Wille, Clare
2 The History Of The Royal Slave 00:09:50 Wille, Clare
3 Those then whom we make use of… 00:09:31 Wille, Clare
4 Oroonoko, coming from the wars… 00:10:21 Wille, Clare
5 In this time the prince, who was returned… 00:09:52 Wille, Clare
6 This discourse lasted till the king called… 00:07:59 Wille, Clare
7 It was thus agreed, and she left him… 00:08:29 Wille, Clare
Disc: 2
Oroonoko (Unabridged)03:04:00
1 It was not long after the king in person… 00:09:05 Wille, Clare
2 The army, beholding their officers return… 00:09:35 Wille, Clare
3 Some have commended this act as brave… 00:12:41 Wille, Clare
4 In their passage up the river… 00:11:54 Wille, Clare
5 Trefry was infinitely pleased with this novel… 00:11:12 Wille, Clare
Disc: 3
Oroonoko (Unabridged)03:04:00
1 As soon as I came into the country… 00:10:18 Wille, Clare
2 About this time we were in many mortal fears… 00:10:29 Wille, Clare
3 As we were coming up again… 00:11:47 Wille, Clare
4 It was not hard to find these fugitives… 00:11:57 Wille, Clare
5 The governor was no sooner recovered… 00:09:28 Wille, Clare
6 In all this time you may believe… 00:10:48 Wille, Clare
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