Pax Britannica – The Climax of an Empire (Pax Britannica, Vol. 2) (Abridged)

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Item number NA0037
Barcode 9781843794714
Release date 7/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
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Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 Introduction read by Jan Morris 00:03:51 McMillan, Roy
2 Pax Britannica – The Climax of an Empire 00:07:07 McMillan, Roy
3 Within two minutes we are told… 00:04:31 McMillan, Roy
4 The Diamond Jubilee crystallized the new conceptio 00:06:56 McMillan, Roy
5 Most Englishmen asked what it was all about… 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
6 To other nations the imperial methods often seemed 00:06:58 McMillan, Roy
7 The British had invented submarine cables… 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
8 The movement of people out of the British islands… 00:06:29 McMillan, Roy
9 As for the flora and fauna… 00:06:50 McMillan, Roy
10 Beneath a low kopje on the Makabusi River… 00:06:12 McMillan, Roy
11 The Company had been, it is true, under a cloud… 00:04:00 McMillan, Roy
12 But far lower even than the vagrants in the social 00:02:35 McMillan, Roy
13 The infatuated British public did not greatly conc 00:04:35 McMillan, Roy
14 Trade was a steadier imperial impulse… 00:07:07 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 Such was the profit-mechanism of Empire… 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
2 Many years before Dr. Livingstone had laid another 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
3 The evangelical mood was now past its prime… 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
4 And there was one more stimulus to splendour… 00:06:02 McMillan, Roy
5 Another cause of racialism was fundamentalist reli 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
6 The British distrusted the product of this system… 00:07:26 McMillan, Roy
7 We have been speaking of the general… 00:06:23 McMillan, Roy
8 Like many another island fortress… 00:06:17 McMillan, Roy
9 Socially St. Lucia tended to dwell upon a past… 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
10 'No Caesar or Charlemagne,' Disraeli once said… 00:05:29 McMillan, Roy
11 Below Parliament, and subject to its Secretaries o 00:04:29 McMillan, Roy
12 It was an imperial maxim that the administrators o 00:05:24 McMillan, Roy
13 All over the Empire these administrators… 00:06:51 McMillan, Roy
14 Some of the greatest British jurists had presided… 00:05:29 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 Consider the island of Ascension… 00:06:14 McMillan, Roy
2 The imperial complexity was all too apparent… 00:02:52 McMillan, Roy
3 When Kipling first went east from India… 00:07:56 McMillan, Roy
4 By now the merchants of Empire, no less than the g 00:05:18 McMillan, Roy
5 Among the white settlers everywhere… 00:05:15 McMillan, Roy
6 The age of the great explorers was almost over… 00:04:00 McMillan, Roy
7 There were only three British soldiers whose perso 00:06:43 McMillan, Roy
8 Two politicians of very different stamp set the pa 00:06:51 McMillan, Roy
9 Northward from the Punjabi village of Kalka… 00:06:21 McMillan, Roy
10 The British Government in India was a despotism… 00:05:27 McMillan, Roy
11 The Viceroy knew that his was a unique imperial tr 00:06:11 McMillan, Roy
12 The New Imperialism was born out of a medley of mo 00:06:43 McMillan, Roy
13 They liked their creature comforts… 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 4
1 Throughout the length and breadth of the Empire… 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
2 They had developed to a new pitch of finesse… 00:06:06 McMillan, Roy
3 Much of the driving force of imperialism… 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
4 But there was to this great communal exploit… 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
5 It was by their buildings that earlier Empires wer 00:07:37 McMillan, Roy
6 One day in 1836 Colonel William Light… 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
7 The British had a genius for parks. 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
8 Most of the statues in the British Empire… 00:05:58 McMillan, Roy
9 The difficulty about imperialism as a literary mot 00:04:52 McMillan, Roy
10 Yet the third of our writers, a short-sighted jour 00:04:51 McMillan, Roy
11 In literature as in art, the British settlers over 00:03:05 McMillan, Roy
12 Among the waters of the Indus Basin… 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
13 But this was the railway age – its tail-end in Bri 00:06:49 McMillan, Roy
14 They were making a start with tropical medicine. 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 5
1 In 1897 the most-frequented route into the goldfie 00:05:44 McMillan, Roy
2 Canada was still a colony of the British Empire… 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
3 The first Europeans in Canada were the French… 00:07:30 McMillan, Roy
4 The Pax Britannica was not a boastful fraud. 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
5 But also at the Queen's command stood another army 00:06:00 McMillan, Roy
6 The great shrine of the epic… 00:05:55 McMillan, Roy
7 To every right-thinking Englishman the Army was on 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
8 In materiel, too, the Royal Navy was deficient in 00:03:53 McMillan, Roy
9 Let us ourselves, guide in hand, wander around Lon 00:07:28 McMillan, Roy
10 The New Imperialism was too new, and too sudden… 00:05:46 McMillan, Roy
11 A shifting population of colonials moved through L 00:04:15 McMillan, Roy
12 But cause and effect were often muddled… 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
13 By Telford's road or Stephenson's railway line… 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
14 The British in Ireland did not think of themselves 00:06:14 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 6
1 Of all the cities the British had created across t 00:04:58 McMillan, Roy
2 Where there was not actual opposition… 00:04:40 McMillan, Roy
3 If precedents were anything to go by… 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
4 Some of its foreign critics were merely jealous. 00:04:28 McMillan, Roy
5 The fashionable New Imperialist theory… 00:02:52 McMillan, Roy
6 Was it a Christian Empire? 00:03:36 McMillan, Roy
7 Buried away among it all was a conviction… 00:03:57 McMillan, Roy
8 The British missed no opportunity to demonstrate t 00:05:35 McMillan, Roy
9 In these years African chiefs of savage splendour… 00:04:25 McMillan, Roy
10 But if in some corners of the British Empire… 00:04:04 McMillan, Roy
11 Queen Victoria went home happy on her Jubilee Day. 00:05:10 McMillan, Roy
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