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Violinist Leslee Smucker is currently working on her Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is an active performer, teacher, collaborator, artist, and participator in various projects involving interaction between the arts, their combination and collaboration in various fields. The project “Personae” is a vivid illustration of her creative searches, and the notes to the program explain in detail her interest in the poetic and musical work of Ezra Pound and his influence on contemporary writers. Here is an extract of her notes: “The title “Personae” derives from a collection of short poems by Pound of the same name dated 1909. In Pound’s musical works, he often rejects traditional musical forms and replaces them with poetic forms including the sestina. The sestina is a structured and cyclical poetic form that includes six stanzas, each with six lines. Each stanza utilizes similar words re-ordered, bringing new meaning to each stanza. Jesse Nathan, the author of the poem you hear throughout the recording, shared his thoughts on the form of the sestina: “The sestina has been called a form of “reverie”. Language repeats and shifts like clouds. The dance of variation with sameness may be the essence of art, if not life itself, and the source of the recognizable strangeness of each voice, face, persona. A person is nothing if not a variation on an ancient form.” […] I have taken the form of the sestina as my inspiration and so the recording consists of six “tercets,” or groups of three pieces. In each tercet you’ll find a work by Pound, a stanza of Jesse Nathan’s poem, and a contemporary work. My intention is for the recording to be one cohesive listening experience that lasts 55 minutes.”
Item number GR32
Barcode 3800121300327
Release date 8/4/2017
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Smucker, Leslee
Reader Smucker, Lana
Disc: 1
Printemps (exerpt)00:12:00
1 Printemps 00:01:19 Smucker, Leslee
2 Persona: Stanza I 00:00:23 Smucker, Lana
Madame trop vos me spremes00:01:00
3 Madame trop vos me spremes (Transcr. E. Pound) 00:01:14 Smucker, Leslee
Fiddle Music: Suite No. 100:03:00
4 Fiddle Music (First Suite) 00:03:17 Smucker, Leslee
5 Persona: Stanza II 00:00:21 Smucker, Lana
Raadsels (Riddle)00:06:00
6 Raadsels 00:05:52 Smucker, Leslee
Sestina: Altaforte00:04:00
7 Sestina (Altaforte) 00:04:17 Smucker, Leslee
8 Persona: Stanza III 00:00:22 Smucker, Lana
Sestina (after E. Pound)00:07:00
9 Sestina (After E. Pound) 00:07:03 Merz, JP Smucker, Leslee
Plainte pour la mort du roi Richard Coeur de Lion 00:03:00
10 Plainte pour la mort du roi Richard Cœur de Lion ( 00:03:21 Smucker, Leslee
11 Persona: Stanza IV 00:00:23 Smucker, Lana
The Logical Conclusion00:05:00
12 The Logical Conclusion 00:04:37 Smucker, Leslee
Al poco giorno00:06:05
13 Al poco giorno 00:05:33 Smucker, Leslee
14 Persona: Stanza V 00:00:23 Smucker, Lana
15 Nocturne for Solo Violin 00:03:59 Smucker, Leslee
Tu soi nel fiore della sua bellezza00:01:00
16 Tu soi nel fiore della sua bellezza (Transcr. E. P 00:00:57 Smucker, Leslee
17 Xenia: I. Sarabande 00:02:52 Smucker, Leslee
18 Xenia: II. Caccia 00:04:22 Smucker, Leslee
19 Xenia: III. Song 00:03:01 Smucker, Leslee
20 Persona: Stanza VI 00:01:17 Smucker, Lana
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