Philippe Manoury: Fragments pour un portrait & Partita I

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Item number 0012922KAI
Barcode 9120010281495
Release date 1/1/2009
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Various Artists
Various Artists
Disc: 1
Fragments pour un portrait00:38:59
1 Fragments pour un portrait: I. Incantations 00:04:55 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
2 Fragments pour un portrait: II. Choral 00:04:54 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
3 Fragments pour un portrait: III. Vagues paradoxale 00:05:51 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
4 Fragments pour un portrait: IV. Nuit 00:11:17 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
5 Fragments pour un portrait: V. Ombres 00:02:29 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
6 Fragments pour un portrait: VI. Bagatelle 00:01:31 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
7 Fragments pour un portrait: VII. Totem 00:08:02 Ensemble InterContemporain Mälkki, Susanna
Partita I00:40:58
8 Partita I: I. — 00:03:55 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
9 Partita I: II. — 00:02:36 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
10 Partita I: III. — 00:02:59 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
11 Partita I: IV. — 00:05:00 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
12 Partita I: V. — 00:04:19 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
13 Partita I: VI. — 00:05:48 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
14 Partita I: VII. — 00:06:40 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
15 Partita I: VIII. — 00:06:16 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
16 Partita I: IX. — 00:03:25 Desjardins, Christophe Schwarz, Diemo
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