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What has not been tried over the years in order to twin over children and young people to classical music? There is a veritable market devoted to attracting and luring the young. Pianist Corinna Simon always found one aspect of this endeavor rather strange: Why on earth expose small children at the outset to large-scale works, why expect them to sit still through the entire overture to Mozart’s Magic Flute? We’ve all been there. However, there is actually a wealth of small-scale gems, specially crafted for children’s ears and hands, whose format will not overwhelm or wear out the young listeners. And this treasure trove is now presented on this two-album set by pianist Corinna Simon: Filled with fascinating and diverse material from the undiscovered and vast domain of piano music composed for children, "Piano For Kids" aims to awaken young listeners’ curiosity and to tempt them off the beaten track. In fact, this recording is an enjoyable, easy listening experience not only for children, but for everyone who is interested in piano music.For this recording, Corinna Simon has selected piano pieces from three centuries, ranging from Bach to Haydn and Schumann to Shostakovich and even to the film music composer Nino Rota. That said, many famous composers have indeed written piano works for children. Some of them are well known, such as "Little Preludes" by Johann Sebastian Bach or the "Album for the Youth" by Robert Schumann which are all to be found on this album. However, after many years of experience also as a piano teacher, pianist Corinna Simon has discovered many other fascinating works, which stayed largely unknown, by composers all over the world such as "Six Children’s Pieces" by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, "Dances of the Dolls" by Dmitri Shostakovich, "For Children to Eavesdrop" by Paul Juon, "In the Shoe Store" by Joaquin Turina or "Puppets" by Bohuslav Martinu - just to name a few.TRACKLISTCD1Nino Rota 1911-1979    from Seven Pieces for Children  1          Skips and Games    2          Caprice    3          Lullaby       4          Puccettino in the Jungle   Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 1809-1847  Six Children’s Pieces, op. 72  5         No. 1 Allegro non troppo    6         No. 2 Andante sostenuto    7         No. 3 Allegretto     8         No. 4 Allegro assai     9         No. 6 Andante con moto   10        No. 5 Vivace      Aram Chatschaturjan 1903-1978from Sounds of Childhood11      Little Leopard on the Swing    Enrique Granados 1867-1916from Stories of the Youth, op. 1   12       Dedication     13       The Ghost     14       The Orphan     Heitor Villa-Lobos 1887-1959      Children’s Suite    15          Allegro      16          Andantino      17          Allegretto      18          Allegro non troppo     Robert Schumann (1810-1856) from Album for the Young, op. 68                                     19         Melody      20          Sicilienne     21          First loss     22          The reaper's song    23          The horseman     Dmitri Shostakovich 1906-1975      from Dances of the Dolls  24          Lyric Waltz     25          Polka      26          Dance     Witold Lutoslawski 1913-1994  from Folk Melodies 27          Hey, I come from Cracow   28          An Apple Hangs on the Apple Tree  29          Master Michael     30          The Lime Tree in the Field   31          Flirting     32          The Grove     33          The Gander     34          The Schoolmaster    Edward Elgar 1857-1934      Sonatina     35         Andantino      36         Allegro     Bohuslav Martinu 1890-1959      Puppets, Book I    37          Columbine Dances          38          The New Puppet    39          The Shy Puppet     40           Fairy-tale     41          The Puppet's Dance CD 2Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750            Little Preludes   1         C major BWV 933     2         D minor BWV 935     3         E minor BWV 941     4         E major BWV 937     Joseph Haydn 1732-1809from Twelve Little Pieces    5         No. 1 Andante grazioso  6         No. 2 Allegro      7         No. 3 Andante  8         No. 6 Vivace      9         No.10 Menuetto Allegretto    10       No. 11 Vivace assai     Carl Reinecke 1824-1910  from Little Fantasy Pieces, op.17  11       Andantino      12       Allegretto     13       Folk song       14       Hurdy Gurdy and Puppet Show   15       Romance       16       Little Joker     17       Allegro       18       Farewell     Paul Juon 1872-1940from For Children to Eavesdrop, op.38            Mother tells fairy tales: 19        of the magic ring     20        of the Princess in the enchanted castle 21        of the young, defiant and brave Knight  22        Rosemarie Dances     23        The Afflicted Doll    Reinhold M. Glière 1875-1956  from Eight Easy Pieces, op.4324         Prélude     25         Mazurka      26         Arietta      27         Little March     Erwin Schulhoff 1894-1942    Ostinato – Six Family Affairs 28           Papa       29           Mama      30           -da….da-     31           -hopp….hopp-     32           -a….a-      33           -trara-      Joaquin Turina 1882-1949  In the Shoe Store  34         Hans Sachs    35         The Silk Shoes of the Marquise  36         Farmer Boots      37         Greek Sandals      38         Ballet Shoes     39         The Shoes of a Beautiful Woman      40         The Shoes of the Bullfighters 
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