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In addition to works attributed to the lutenists active at the Royal Polish court of the late 16th c., there is a substantial repertoire of compositions identified as 'Polish dances' or 'Polish songs' preserved in numerous sources of late Renaissance lute music.Characterized by melodic charm and straightforward harmonic and rhythmical textures, such musical polonica spread across Europe, achieving what may have been the widest distribution of musical ‘Polishness’ pre-Chopin.Polish lutenist Michal Gondko presents a selection of 40 of these polonica, many never previously recorded.
Item number RAM1406
Barcode 4250128514064
Release date 5/26/2015
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Gondko, Michal
Disc: 1
Dlugoraj Lute Book00:18:00
1 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Eiusdem nationis, p. 405 00:01:36 Gondko, Michal
2 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Chorea polonica, p. 404 00:00:58 Gondko, Michal
3 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Eiusdem, p. 407 00:00:45 Gondko, Michal
4 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Cantio polonica, p. 489 00:01:17 Gondko, Michal
5 Tabulatura: No. 1, Polnischer Tantz (Waissel 1591) 00:01:10 Gondko, Michal
6 Tabulatura: No. 33, Polnischer Tantz (Waissel 1591 00:02:00 Gondko, Michal
7 Tabulatura: No. 10, Polnischer Tantz (Waissel 1591 00:01:15 Gondko, Michal
8 Tabulatura: No. 19, Polnischer Tantz (Waissel 1591 00:01:39 Gondko, Michal
9 Tabulatura: No. 13, Polnischer Tantz (Waissel 1591 00:02:32 Gondko, Michal
Dlugoraj Lute Book00:18:00
10 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Villanella AD, p. 518 00:02:48 Gondko, Michal
11 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Villanella polonica, p. 481 00:01:39 Gondko, Michal
Finale Alberti Dlugoraj00:00:56
12 Thesaurus harmonicus: Finale Alberti Dlugoraj, f. 00:00:56 Gondko, Michal
Dlugoraj Lute Book00:18:00
13 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Chorea polonica, p. 393 00:01:01 Gondko, Michal
14 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Chorea polonica AD, p. 407 00:02:22 Gondko, Michal
15 Dlugoraj Lute Book: Chorea polonica, p. 368 00:02:37 Gondko, Michal
16 Fantasia AD (Based on Dlugoraj Lute Book, p. 58 & 00:01:58 Gondko, Michal
Polskey tanecz welmy pekney00:02:40
17 Arpinus Lute Book: Polskey tanecz welmy pekney, p. 00:02:40 Gondko, Michal
Polnisch tantz00:02:32
18 Fabricius Lute Book: Polnisch Tantz, f. 83v 00:01:18 Gondko, Michal
Ein Polnischer Tantz00:03:24
19 Ein polnischer Tantz (Bathori) [Based on Wurstisen 00:03:24 Gondko, Michal
Praeludium Diomedis00:01:45
20 Thesaurus harmonicus: Praeludium Diomedis, f. 4v 00:01:45 Gondko, Michal
Gallarda di Diomede00:01:33
21 Chilesotti Lute Book: No. 9, Gallarda di Diomede 00:01:33 Gondko, Michal
Danza [Bassano di Grappa: ca.1600]00:02:45
22 Chilesotti Lute Book: No. 42, Danza 00:02:45 Gondko, Michal
Caspari poloni Gagliarda00:01:47
23 Genova MS M.VIII.24: Caspari poloni Gagliarda, f. 00:01:47 Gondko, Michal
Fantasia Alberti Dlugorai Poloni00:02:03
24 Thesaurus harmonicus: Fantasia Alberti Dlugoraj Po 00:02:03 Gondko, Michal
The First Part of Ayres00:07:33
25 The First Part of Ayres "Captain Hume's Musicall H 00:01:48 Gondko, Michal
26 The First Part of Ayres "Captain Hume's Musicall H 00:00:58 Gondko, Michal
Libro de intavolatura, Book 200:02:36
27 Il secondo libro de intavolatura di liuto: Ballo p 00:01:25 Gondko, Michal
Mowi na mie sasiada00:01:04
28 Wurstisen Lute Book: Chorea polonica AF, p. 294 "M 00:01:04 Gondko, Michal
Ein polnischer Tantz00:01:36
29 Nauerclerus Lute Book: Ein polnischer Tantz (Zuzan 00:01:36 Gondko, Michal
Autre taned Spolski00:00:52
30 Secretum musarum I: Chançon a la polonnoise "Susan 00:01:36 Gondko, Michal
Le secret des Muses01:04:51
31 Secretum musarum I: Autre taned spolski, p. 94 00:00:52 Gondko, Michal
Balletto Polacho [Berlin, f. 20v]00:02:50
32 MS Danzig 4022: Balletto polacho, f. 20v 00:02:50 Gondko, Michal
Balletto Polacho [Berlin, f. 28v]00:01:12
33 MS Danzig 4022: Balletto polacho, f. 28v 00:01:12 Gondko, Michal
Balletto Polacho [Berlin, f. 29v]00:02:05
34 MS Danzig 4022: Balletto polacho, f. 29v 00:02:05 Gondko, Michal
Balletto Polacho [Berlin, f. 30v]00:02:02
35 MS Danzig 4022: Balletto polacho, f. 30v 00:02:02 Gondko, Michal
Balletto Polacho [Berlin, f. 32r]00:01:53
36 MS Danzig 4022: Balletto polacho, f. 32r 00:01:53 Gondko, Michal
Allemande, und Nachtanz00:02:43
37 Florilegium: Allemande (Bathori), f. 35v 00:01:15 Gondko, Michal
Taned spolski00:02:10
38 Haslemere MS II.B.1: Taned spolski, f. 247v 00:02:10 Gondko, Michal
Galliarda eiusdem authoris00:01:39
39 Novus partus: Galliarda eiusdem authoris, p. 37 00:01:39 Gondko, Michal
Fantasia Jacob Reys00:02:15
40 Thesaurus harmonicus: Fantasia Iacobi Reys, f. 21r 00:02:15 Gondko, Michal
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