PORTER, B.: Pollyanna (Abridged)

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Item number NA346912
Barcode 9789626344699
Release date 9/1/2007
Category Young Adult
Number of units 3
Classical Artist Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 1
1 Miss Polly Harrington entered her kitchen a little 00:06:03 Lefkow, Laurel
2 In the little attic room Nancy swept and scrubbed 00:03:46 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Promptly at twenty minutes to four the next aftern 00:05:15 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Miss Polly Harrington did not rise to meet her nie 00:05:40 Lefkow, Laurel
5 For a moment after she had gone Pollyanna stood qu 00:06:03 Lefkow, Laurel
6 At the earliest possible moment after supper … 00:07:48 Lefkow, Laurel
7 It was nearly 7 o'clock when Pollyanna awoke that 00:04:35 Lefkow, Laurel
8 Half an hour later when Miss Polly … 00:06:15 Lefkow, Laurel
9 The shopping expedition consumed the entire aftern 00:05:28 Lefkow, Laurel
10 It was not long before life at the Harrington home 00:03:51 Lefkow, Laurel
11 In the sick room, Pollyanna blinked a little … 00:07:04 Lefkow, Laurel
12 It rained the next time Pollyanna saw the Man. 00:07:08 Lefkow, Laurel
13 One by one the July days passed. 00:06:21 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 2
1 August brought several surprises and some changes. 00:07:16 Lefkow, Laurel
2 It had been a hard day. 00:03:49 Lefkow, Laurel
3 It was not long before she came in sight of the ho 00:04:50 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Pollyanna was a little late for supper … 00:04:21 Lefkow, Laurel
5 The great, grey pile of masonry looked very differ 00:06:22 Lefkow, Laurel
6 The man did not answer. 00:06:04 Lefkow, Laurel
7 It was on a rainy day about a week after Pollyanna 00:05:26 Lefkow, Laurel
8 Pollyanna only chuckled the more gleefully. 00:05:17 Lefkow, Laurel
9 John Pendleton greeted Pollyanna today with a smil 00:04:04 Lefkow, Laurel
10 After supper that evening … 00:03:45 Lefkow, Laurel
11 As the warm August days passed, Pollyanna went ver 00:07:27 Lefkow, Laurel
12 School, in some ways, was a surprise to Pollyanna 00:05:03 Lefkow, Laurel
13 Sunday mornings Pollyanna usually attended church 00:04:17 Lefkow, Laurel
14 The man turned now, almost fiercely. 00:04:06 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 3
1 The sky was darkening fast … 00:06:44 Lefkow, Laurel
2 He lifted his chin and braced himself … 00:05:58 Lefkow, Laurel
3 It was on the last day of October … 00:06:51 Lefkow, Laurel
4 It was that afternoon that Nancy ran out to Old To 00:07:09 Lefkow, Laurel
5 On the day after John Pendleton's call … 00:04:20 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Then, abruptly, the light died from his eyes. 00:03:59 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Just a week from the time Doctor Mead the speciali 00:04:37 Lefkow, Laurel
8 It was Nancy who was sent to tell Mr. John Pendlet 00:03:37 Lefkow, Laurel
9 It did not take long for the entire town of Beldin 00:05:49 Lefkow, Laurel
10 It was not long after John Pendleton's second visi 00:06:59 Lefkow, Laurel
11 The door had scarcely closed behind her … 00:05:39 Lefkow, Laurel
12 One by one the short winter days came and went … 00:07:46 Lefkow, Laurel
13 The next time Dr. Warren entered the chamber … 00:04:09 Lefkow, Laurel
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