Portait of a Lady with Harp

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With a pattern of recording solo albums which has been positively frugal over the last 20 years, Mara Galassi marks her return on Glossa with a new and striking programme, entitled Portrait of a Lady with Harp. The ambiance into which the noted modern- day harpist from Milan plunges the listener is that of the court of Queen Christina of Sweden who, on renouncing her throne, converting to Catholicism and moving to Rome in the mid 1650s embarked upon a spectacular cultural life, becoming a patron for writers, scientists and especially musicians. Among those composers active in Rome at the time were Alessandro Stradella, Bernardo Pasquini, Arcangelo Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti, all of whom benefitted from Christina’s constant hunger for music of high quality, whether official employees at her court or not. No Mara Galassi record release is going to be found lacking in an element of mystery: is the portrait of a lady with a harp appearing in the booklet that of the self-exiled queen herself? In the accompanying essay, Arnaldo Morelli investigates the history of this painting in search of answers, and describes Christina’s colourful Italian musical life. The hectic, turbulent musical climate of mid-Seicento Rome is grasped and expressed by Mara Galassi, filtering the talents of Christina’s protégés through her chosen instrument which, for this new recording, is based on Girolamo Acciari’s 1632 “Arpa Barberini”, a triple harp of great range and subtlety.
Item number GCD921304
Barcode 8424562213043
Release date 3/23/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Galassi, Mara
Disc: 1
Toccata per Milone00:02:00
1 Toccata per Milone 00:02:08 Galassi, Mara
Alemanda (arr. for double harp)00:04:00
2 Alemanda (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:03:47 Galassi, Mara
Passagagli (arr. for double harp)00:02:00
3 Passagagli (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:02:14 Galassi, Mara
Bizzarria (arr. for double harp)00:02:00
4 Bizzarria (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:01:37 Galassi, Mara
Variationi per il Paggio Todesco (arr. for double 00:06:00
5 Variazioni per il Paggio Todesco (Arr. for Double 00:06:18 Galassi, Mara
Toccata ottava (arr. for double harp)00:04:00
6 Toccata ottava (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:03:42 Galassi, Mara
Sonata a 3 in F Major, Op. 1, No. 1 (arr. for doub00:08:00
7 Sonata à 3 in F Major, Op. 1 No. 1 (Arr. for Doubl 00:01:42 Galassi, Mara
8 Sonata à 3 in F Major, Op. 1 No. 1 (Arr. for Doubl 00:01:53 Galassi, Mara
9 Sonata à 3 in F Major, Op. 1 No. 1 (Arr. for Doubl 00:01:39 Galassi, Mara
10 Sonata à 3 in F Major, Op. 1 No. 1 (Arr. for Doubl 00:02:04 Galassi, Mara
Madrigali, Book 1 (arr. for double harp)00:04:00
11 Madrigali, Book 1: Se la dura durezza (Arr. for Do 00:03:43 Galassi, Mara
Toccata [17th Century]00:03:05
12 Toccata 00:01:01 Galassi, Mara
Tenor di Napoli [17th century]00:01:00
13 Tenor di Napoli 00:03:46 Galassi, Mara
Corrente [Ms: A.D.P, 250 Archivio Doria Pamphilj, 00:01:00
14 Corrente 00:01:29 Galassi, Mara
Passagagli per Petronilla (arr. for double harp)00:04:00
15 Passagagli per Petronilla (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:03:55 Galassi, Mara
Sinfonia a violino solo (arr. for double harp)00:13:00
16 Sinfonia a violino solo (Arr. for Double Harp): I. 00:02:27 Galassi, Mara
17 Sinfonia a violino solo (Arr. for Double Harp): II 00:01:31 Galassi, Mara
18 Sinfonia a violino solo (Arr. for Double Harp): II 00:02:37 Galassi, Mara
19 Sinfonia a violino solo (Arr. for Double Harp): IV 00:01:15 Galassi, Mara
Toccata (arr. for double harp)00:05:00
20 Toccata (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:04:46 Galassi, Mara
Fuga (arr. for double harp)00:06:00
21 Fuga (Arr. for Double Harp) 00:05:53 Galassi, Mara
Sonata a 3 in F Major, Op. 1, No. 1 (arr. for doub00:08:00
22 Sonata à 3 in F Major, Op. 1 No. 1: I. Grave (Arr. 00:01:47 Galassi, Mara
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