Rob Roy (Unabridged)

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Rob Roy is a captivating novel of chivalry and romance set in the Scottish highlands of the 18th c. After rejecting the life his father has laid out for him, Frank Osbaldistone is sent to the North of England to live with his Uncle, where he is to repent his sins. However, when his father’s wealth and reputation are threatened, he is drawn to the Scottish Highlands where he must retrieve a set of stolen documents. It is here that he is pulled into a number of skirmishes relating to the Jacobite uprising of 1715, and where his path frequently crosses with the mysterious maverick outlaw known as Rob Roy… Scott’s portrayal of Scotland is remarkable in its vivid and evocative panorama of the highlands, and his insightful exploration of social, economic and historic themes. Sean Barrett also reads Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable, Waiting for
Godot and Kafka on the Shore for Naxos AudioBooks. His film, theatre and television credits include War & Peace, Peter Pan, Minder and Father Ted.
Item number NA0203
Barcode 9781843799009
Release date 6/1/2015
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 13
Non-Classical Artist Barrett, Sean
Disc: 1
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Rob Roy 00:06:21 Barrett, Sean
2 My situation is not quite so ludicrous… 00:07:18 Barrett, Sean
3 I shall long remember that dinner-party. 00:08:31 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 2: I begin shrewdly to suspect… 00:07:07 Barrett, Sean
5 The volume thus required… 00:07:23 Barrett, Sean
6 What could I say, my dear Tresham? 00:07:14 Barrett, Sean
7 The time of probation passed slowly… 00:07:48 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 3: The slack sail shifts… 00:06:32 Barrett, Sean
9 Of all the fellows whom I ever saw… 00:06:07 Barrett, Sean
10 Neither was I offended. On the contrary… 00:03:42 Barrett, Sean
11 Chapter 4: The Scots are poor… 00:08:07 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 2
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Oh, the oak, the ash, and the bonny ivy tree… 00:06:29 Barrett, Sean
2 On the subject of politics… 00:06:58 Barrett, Sean
3 Chapter 5: How melts my beating heart… 00:08:16 Barrett, Sean
4 There was a mixture of boldness, satire… 00:05:34 Barrett, Sean
5 'And what,' continued Miss Vernon… 00:07:57 Barrett, Sean
6 Chapter 6: The rude hall rocks… 00:07:47 Barrett, Sean
7 'Give me a sketch, if you please, Miss Vernon.' 00:06:38 Barrett, Sean
8 'Mr. Rashleigh leaves Osbaldistone Hall, then?' 00:05:47 Barrett, Sean
9 'Good even, my friend.' 00:08:27 Barrett, Sean
10 Chapter 7: Bardolph: 'The sheriff…' 00:07:09 Barrett, Sean
11 The dogs now brushed into the cover… 00:06:56 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 3
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 And so it is high treason, then… 00:08:25 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 8: 'Sir,' quoth the Lawyer… 00:08:51 Barrett, Sean
3 Thus exhorted and threatened… 00:07:00 Barrett, Sean
4 'A fine, open, hospitable house you do keep…' 00:05:08 Barrett, Sean
5 The Justice fidgeted, took snuff… 00:06:39 Barrett, Sean
6 Chapter 9: One of the thieves come back… 00:05:41 Barrett, Sean
7 Perhaps some suspicious crossed… 00:07:59 Barrett, Sean
8 With this admonition, he saluted… 00:06:40 Barrett, Sean
9 Miss Vernon laid her hand on my arm… 00:05:30 Barrett, Sean
10 'This is not a cureless evil,' said I gravely. 00:07:13 Barrett, Sean
11 Chapter 10: In the wide pile, by others… 00:07:37 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 4
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 She pointed to the carved oak frame… 00:05:54 Barrett, Sean
2 Rashleigh sate down, and filled his glass… 00:07:25 Barrett, Sean
3 Rashleigh agreed with me… 00:06:34 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 11: What gars ye gaunt… 00:06:58 Barrett, Sean
5 'I do not know,' said I, blushing… 00:07:42 Barrett, Sean
6 I could plainly perceive that Rashleigh… 00:07:14 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 12: Drunk? - and speak parrot? 00:07:55 Barrett, Sean
8 But with the morning cool repentance came. 00:07:13 Barrett, Sean
9 My uncle, that the events of the preceding… 00:05:16 Barrett, Sean
10 Chapter 13: Dire was his thought… 00:07:46 Barrett, Sean
11 Thus urged and encouraged, I stammered… 00:08:54 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 5
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 I left the library, but not to join the hunters. 00:05:02 Barrett, Sean
2 I had written to my father by Rashleigh… 00:06:43 Barrett, Sean
3 Chapter 14: Yon lamp its line… 00:06:58 Barrett, Sean
4 My attention, as the crafty knave… 00:06:08 Barrett, Sean
5 'Can this be really true?' said I. 00:08:18 Barrett, Sean
6 Miss Vernon first laughed, then blushed… 00:07:57 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 15: Whence, and what art thou? Milton. 00:06:05 Barrett, Sean
8 On my arrival at the Hall I found that… 00:08:22 Barrett, Sean
9 Chapter 16: It happened one day… 00:08:16 Barrett, Sean
10 She paused a moment, then answered firmly… 00:08:08 Barrett, Sean
11 Chapter 17: I hear a voice you cannot hear… 00:05:39 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 6
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 While I paced the green alleys… 00:05:36 Barrett, Sean
2 As if she thought something more… 00:06:28 Barrett, Sean
3 And certainly, Tresham, she did blush… 00:06:39 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 18: And hurry, hurry, off they rode… 00:06:52 Barrett, Sean
5 'I was just taking a spell,' said he… 00:05:39 Barrett, Sean
6 I made the few preparations… 00:07:58 Barrett, Sean
7 Upon more particular inquiry… 00:06:08 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 19: Where longs to fall… 00:07:45 Barrett, Sean
9 In the western metropolis of Scotland… 00:07:35 Barrett, Sean
10 Chapter 20: It strikes an awe And terror… 00:07:42 Barrett, Sean
11 Among the attentive group which I now saw… 00:08:28 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 7
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 My plan succeeded. I had not resumed… 00:04:43 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 21: On the Rialto, every night… 00:07:08 Barrett, Sean
3 As I walked down one of these avenues… 00:07:48 Barrett, Sean
4 The stranger walked on till near… 00:08:32 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 22: Look round thee… 00:06:27 Barrett, Sean
6 It was some time before I could prevail… 00:06:54 Barrett, Sean
7 Owen had a small share, as I believe is usual… 00:07:58 Barrett, Sean
8 This discourse, delivered with prodigious… 00:07:28 Barrett, Sean
9 Chapter 23: Hame came our gudeman… 00:06:58 Barrett, Sean
10 'This, good Mr. Jarvie,' said Owen… 00:05:35 Barrett, Sean
11 But certainly this want of symmetry… 00:05:50 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 8
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The jailor obeyed, and we all sallied forth. 00:06:13 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 24: 'Will it please your worship…?' 00:07:11 Barrett, Sean
3 I think it was you, Will, who once told me… 00:08:45 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 25: So stands the Thracian… 00:06:52 Barrett, Sean
5 His intention, I believe, was to provoke me… 00:07:11 Barrett, Sean
6 Rashleigh had by this time recovered… 00:07:13 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 26: An iron race… 00:07:23 Barrett, Sean
8 'Assuredly, Mr. Jarvie,' said our friend Owen… 00:07:45 Barrett, Sean
9 'The product,' said Mr. Owen… 00:04:19 Barrett, Sean
10 'And this kinsman of yours, and friend of mine…' 00:07:47 Barrett, Sean
11 I now followed up my investigation… 00:04:49 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 9
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 I confessed I could not quite follow his drift. 00:09:14 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 27: Far as the eye could reach… 00:08:03 Barrett, Sean
3 The road which we travelled… 00:06:39 Barrett, Sean
4 Andrew, who at the last rebuff… 00:05:20 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 28: Baron of Bucklivie… 00:06:35 Barrett, Sean
6 Meantime a staring half-clad wench… 00:05:56 Barrett, Sean
7 The other mountaineer was a very tall… 00:06:19 Barrett, Sean
8 'We are three to three,' said the lesser… 00:06:52 Barrett, Sean
9 The dame, who was all officiousness… 00:07:13 Barrett, Sean
10 Chapter 29: Bagpipes, not lyres… 00:07:26 Barrett, Sean
11 The harmony of the company… 00:06:47 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 10
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 As he spoke we heard… 00:08:18 Barrett, Sean
2 Chapter 30: General, Hear me… 00:06:25 Barrett, Sean
3 The soldiers bustled about… 00:06:27 Barrett, Sean
4 'I doubt we'll ken that ower sune,' said he. 00:06:55 Barrett, Sean
5 Just as the Highlander uttered these words… 00:05:40 Barrett, Sean
6 He quickened his pace into a run… 00:06:33 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 31: 'Woe to the vanquished!' 00:07:00 Barrett, Sean
8 At length he attained firm… 00:06:57 Barrett, Sean
9 There was something in the familiarity… 00:06:01 Barrett, Sean
10 There was a marked difference… 00:06:57 Barrett, Sean
11 I understood afterwards that the rest… 00:05:56 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 11
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Chapter 32: And be he safe restored… 00:06:57 Barrett, Sean
2 As she paused in her denunciation… 00:05:52 Barrett, Sean
3 Having paid to this nobleman the respect… 00:08:52 Barrett, Sean
4 I had never seen this man in the dress… 00:07:44 Barrett, Sean
5 Chapter 33: And when he came to broken… 00:07:10 Barrett, Sean
6 Escape, indeed, was not difficult… 00:06:54 Barrett, Sean
7 A sharp frost-wind, which made itself… 00:08:53 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 34: Dangle: 'Egad, I think…' 00:06:32 Barrett, Sean
9 I gave him an account of the arrival… 00:08:32 Barrett, Sean
10 'I conclude, then,' I said to MacGregor… 00:08:38 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 12
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 As the Bailie set down his cup… 00:06:26 Barrett, Sean
2 The person he addressed, a tall… 00:07:43 Barrett, Sean
3 Chapter 35: A hopeless darkness settles… 00:07:32 Barrett, Sean
4 When I opened my eyes, and recollected… 00:05:60 Barrett, Sean
5 I replied, 'that the proscription of his name…' 00:05:53 Barrett, Sean
6 I easily comprehended that these words… 00:06:09 Barrett, Sean
7 Kinsman,' she said, 'you are welcome…' 00:04:54 Barrett, Sean
8 Chapter 36: Farewell to the land… 00:07:11 Barrett, Sean
9 In fact, I afterwards learned that Dougal… 00:05:43 Barrett, Sean
10 Andrew was one of those persons… 00:07:56 Barrett, Sean
11 Chapter 37: 'Come ye hither…' 00:09:17 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 13
Rob Roy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 My poor uncle seemed beaten down… 00:05:31 Barrett, Sean
2 At another time I should have been delighted… 00:06:07 Barrett, Sean
3 I was unable, as the reader may… 00:05:44 Barrett, Sean
4 Chapter 38: His master's gone, and no one… 00:06:40 Barrett, Sean
5 Wishing to be alone, till I recovered myself… 00:08:22 Barrett, Sean
6 The men thanked me for my bounty… 00:08:21 Barrett, Sean
7 Chapter 39: But now the hand of fate… 00:08:13 Barrett, Sean
8 It was in vain I accelerated my pace… 00:06:21 Barrett, Sean
9 He was turned out of the house… 00:07:24 Barrett, Sean
10 Sir Rashleigh Osbaldistone was still alive… 00:07:36 Barrett, Sean
11 Postscript 00:04:36 Barrett, Sean
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