Ruiter-Feenstra on Richard, Fowkes & Co. Organs

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Grammy-nominated musician Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra debuts her organ compositions on two exquisite instruments handmade by Richards, Fowkes and Co. Organ Builders. Listen to the optimal match of her Triptychs on Genevans Psalms with the singing Dutch Principals and brilliant North German Renaissance reeds on the Church of the Covenant modified meantone organ in Cleveland. Enjoy the opulent feast of colors, affects, and global styles (Africa to Argentina) spanning four centuries, from the soulful Ciaconna and Fuga to the dazzling Pentecost Phantasmagoria Ruiter-Feenstra performs on the stunning Richards, Fowkes organ at Pinnacle Presbyterian in Scottsdale, AZ. Compare the grandeur of the two contrasting instruments when you hear her majestic Festival Processional on Ode to Joy featuring Beethoven’s beloved tune from Symphony No. 9 on both organs as album bookends.
Item number FDS58042
Barcode 856092001421
Release date 7/6/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Disc: 1
Festive Processional on Ode to Joy00:03:00
1 Festive Processional on "Ode to Joy" (1) 00:02:36 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Psalm 42 Chorale00:01:00
2 Psalm 42 Chorale 00:01:15 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Concertina on Psalm 42, "As the Deer in Search of 00:03:00
3 Concertina on Psalm 42 "Freu dich sehr" 00:03:02 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Triptych on Genevan Psalms 65 and 13000:07:00
4 Triptych on Genevan Psalms 65 & 130: Psalm 65. Gou 00:01:16 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
5 Triptych on Genevan Psalms 65 & 130: Chorale Fanta 00:03:26 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
6 Triptych on Genevan Psalms 65 & 130: Fantasia Anti 00:03:06 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Triptych on Genevan Psalm 9800:05:00
7 Triptych on Genevan Psalm 98: Goudimel Setting (15 00:01:20 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
8 Triptych on Genevan Psalm 98: Trio. Pedal Cantus F 00:01:39 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
9 Triptych on Genevan Psalm 98: Trio. Cantus Firmus 00:01:31 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Children of the Heavenly Father - O Sacred Head, N00:04:00
10 Trio on "Children of the Heavenly Father" with "O 00:04:15 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Ciaccona nella Fuga, "In memoriam Chandler Matthew00:07:00
11 Ciaccona nella fuga in Memoriam Chandler Matthews: 00:06:41 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
12 Ciaccona nella fuga in Memoriam Chandler Matthews: 00:04:55 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Komm, Heilliger Geist Trio, "Come, Holy Spirit"00:03:00
13 Komm, heiliger Geist Trio 00:02:47 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Chorale Prelude on Nun komm, der heiden Heiland00:06:00
14 Advent Anticipation (Chorale Prelude on "Nun komm, 00:05:41 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Fugue on Vom Himmel hoch00:05:00
15 Christmas Counterpoint (Fugue on "Vom Himmel hoch" 00:04:37 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Fantasy Gigue on Wie schön leuchtet00:06:00
16 Epiphany Escapades (Fantasy Gigue on "Wie schön le 00:05:55 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Aria on an Wasserflüssen Babylon00:07:00
17 Lenten Lament (Aria on "An Wasserflüssen Babylon") 00:06:34 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Toccata on Genevan 118 and Northridge00:03:00
18 Easter Exhuberance (Toccata on Northridge & Geneva 00:03:28 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Chorale Fantasia on Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Go00:04:00
19 Pentecost Phantasmagoria (Chorale Fantasia on "Kom 00:03:51 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
Festive Processional on Ode to Joy00:03:00
20 Festive Processional on Ode to Joy (2) 00:02:38 Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela
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