Rupert of Hentzau (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0001
Barcode 9781843794004
Release date 12/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Reader Wright, Rufus
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1 00:04:09 Wright, Rufus
2 Yet Sapt was in the right about him. 00:04:46 Wright, Rufus
3 As time went on, the first impulse… 00:05:57 Wright, Rufus
4 I left the queen and went to prepare… 00:05:23 Wright, Rufus
5 To lay on the king the full blame… 00:05:14 Wright, Rufus
6 Chapter 2: A Station Without a Cab 00:04:32 Wright, Rufus
7 We arrived punctual to our appointed time. 00:04:44 Wright, Rufus
8 'Well, there's no help for it,' said I… 00:04:50 Wright, Rufus
9 On either side my hands were still pinned fast. 00:03:30 Wright, Rufus
10 Then came Rischenheim's voice again… 00:03:47 Wright, Rufus
11 Chapter 3: Again to Zenda 00:04:43 Wright, Rufus
12 My battered head ached most consumedly. 00:04:01 Wright, Rufus
13 Rudolf came, calm and serene. 00:04:57 Wright, Rufus
14 'Come, Fritz,' he cried… 00:03:42 Wright, Rufus
15 He was hardly gone… 00:03:30 Wright, Rufus
16 Chapter 4: An Eddy on the Moat 00:03:33 Wright, Rufus
17 The king rose with a yawn, and bade the colonel go 00:05:24 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 2
1 Sapt ran on. Opening the gate that led to the brid 00:05:06 Wright, Rufus
2 Yet there was in truth nothing strange… 00:04:03 Wright, Rufus
3 Nevertheless it was a quarter of an hour… 00:05:08 Wright, Rufus
4 Chapter 5: An Audience of The King 00:03:17 Wright, Rufus
5 At ten minutes to eight o'clock… 00:03:43 Wright, Rufus
6 The count advanced, bowing low… 00:03:58 Wright, Rufus
7 Now Rudolf played his part well. 00:04:39 Wright, Rufus
8 Bernenstein looked in again. 00:04:41 Wright, Rufus
9 Now Sapt was resolved not to leave Rischenheim alo 00:03:33 Wright, Rufus
10 Inside the room, Rischenheim stood… 00:03:05 Wright, Rufus
11 Chapter 6: The Task of The Queen's Servants 00:03:57 Wright, Rufus
12 'I doubt if it would bring me,' grinned old Sapt… 00:04:21 Wright, Rufus
13 A few moments later Bernenstein returned. 00:03:46 Wright, Rufus
14 'Will it last forever?' she asked… 00:03:52 Wright, Rufus
15 Thus she turned away, letting him go. 00:03:51 Wright, Rufus
16 The queen made no sound… 00:03:50 Wright, Rufus
17 Chapter 7: The Message of Simon the Huntsman 00:03:39 Wright, Rufus
18 I hardly stayed to form a resolution. 00:04:36 Wright, Rufus
19 'I wish a customer had come in…' 00:05:17 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 3
1 Now, after all our stir and runnings to and fro… 00:04:18 Wright, Rufus
2 'Well, Simon, where is the king?' she asked… 00:03:39 Wright, Rufus
3 'Suppose Rupert -' The Constable of Zenda broke in 00:03:33 Wright, Rufus
4 Chapter 8: The Temper of Boris the Hound 00:05:06 Wright, Rufus
5 Suddenly Sapt, turning his head for the first time 00:05:03 Wright, Rufus
6 I looked where his hand now was. 00:04:13 Wright, Rufus
7 'If the king asks more, tell him I have the packet 00:04:24 Wright, Rufus
8 'You damned fool!' roared Rupert… 00:05:16 Wright, Rufus
9 Chapter 9: The King in the Hunting Lodge 00:04:17 Wright, Rufus
10 An hour or more had passed since our discovery… 00:04:51 Wright, Rufus
11 So the plan was made. 00:05:06 Wright, Rufus
12 The stableman had led the horse away… 00:03:52 Wright, Rufus
13 However, not why the queen went, but that she had 00:03:41 Wright, Rufus
14 But at this moment I saw a man on the platform… 00:03:23 Wright, Rufus
15 Chapter 10: The King in Strelsau 00:03:37 Wright, Rufus
16 Reluctantly and ruefully the fat fellow stepped ou 00:04:46 Wright, Rufus
17 Both to my wife and to Rudolf himself… 00:03:36 Wright, Rufus
18 Mr. Rassendyll asked no better than to meet his en 00:04:06 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 4
1 Along they went; soon they came… 00:04:15 Wright, Rufus
2 The half then, at least, of Rosa's attachment… 00:05:05 Wright, Rufus
3 Chapter 11: What the Chancellor's Wife Saw 00:03:42 Wright, Rufus
4 Now, it was plain that Bauer… 00:04:21 Wright, Rufus
5 As he spoke Rudolf turned to knock at the door… 00:04:02 Wright, Rufus
6 At this moment he heard horses' hoofs behind him. 00:04:00 Wright, Rufus
7 A doubtful, puzzled little smile spread… 00:03:23 Wright, Rufus
8 Flight was impossible. 00:04:15 Wright, Rufus
9 Chapter 12: Before Them All! 00:04:59 Wright, Rufus
10 There was nothing that Rudolf more desired… 00:04:18 Wright, Rufus
11 Bernenstein, however, persuaded her to go… 00:03:32 Wright, Rufus
12 A moment of absolute silence followed… 00:03:14 Wright, Rufus
13 But every moment bore its peril… 00:04:19 Wright, Rufus
14 Chapter 13: A King Up His Sleeve 00:04:15 Wright, Rufus
15 The old woman shook her head. 00:05:17 Wright, Rufus
16 Rischenheim was staring at him… 00:03:42 Wright, Rufus
17 Then he walked across to the window… 00:03:48 Wright, Rufus
18 Starting from this point, his audacious mind… 00:04:39 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 5
1 Chapter 14: The News Comes to Strelsau 00:04:45 Wright, Rufus
2 The door of the room opened… 00:04:29 Wright, Rufus
3 'Listen,' said Rudolf. 00:04:40 Wright, Rufus
4 The three were standing round me… 00:02:59 Wright, Rufus
5 Rudolf turned to me. 00:03:23 Wright, Rufus
6 Chapter 15: A Pastime For Colonel Sapt 00:05:23 Wright, Rufus
7 'In fact, sir, we were all overcome with fatigue…' 00:04:20 Wright, Rufus
8 Sapt was still smiling in grim amusement… 00:04:07 Wright, Rufus
9 Then and there they set about what they had to do. 00:04:00 Wright, Rufus
10 'Yes, Simon, your brother will be here…' 00:04:04 Wright, Rufus
11 Chapter 16: A Crowd in the Konigstrasse 00:04:21 Wright, Rufus
12 I did not know what she intended… 00:04:52 Wright, Rufus
13 As she rose, Rischenheim made a quick impulsive st 00:05:19 Wright, Rufus
14 Our way did not lie by the house… 00:04:26 Wright, Rufus
15 The fellow whom I saw… 00:04:15 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 17: Young Rupert and the Play-actor 00:04:58 Wright, Rufus
2 'I've come to see the Count of Hentzau,' Rudolf co 00:03:49 Wright, Rufus
3 'Ah, the play-actor!' said he… 00:04:34 Wright, Rufus
4 But he had overshot the mark this time. 00:04:25 Wright, Rufus
5 A sudden flush swept over Rupert of Hentzau's face 00:03:55 Wright, Rufus
6 Ignorant of the mind and heart of young Rupert… 00:03:46 Wright, Rufus
7 Chapter 18: The Triumph of The King 00:04:33 Wright, Rufus
8 The device that he adopted was nicely chosen. 00:05:01 Wright, Rufus
9 I looked again at Rupert. 00:05:24 Wright, Rufus
10 Moved by some impulse, I walked to the window… 00:03:53 Wright, Rufus
11 Bernenstein had more presence of mind than I. 00:04:21 Wright, Rufus
12 Young Bernenstein interrupted his cheering… 00:04:03 Wright, Rufus
13 Chapter 19: For Our Love and Her Honour 00:04:03 Wright, Rufus
14 'He'll take the throne,' I cried triumphantly. 00:04:47 Wright, Rufus
Disc: 7
1 The minutes seemed very long as we waited… 00:04:11 Wright, Rufus
2 'In an hour I must be gone from here,' began Rudol 00:04:46 Wright, Rufus
3 We rushed to the door of the room where he was. 00:04:58 Wright, Rufus
4 He spoke firmly and coldly… 00:04:31 Wright, Rufus
5 Chapter 20: The Decision of Heaven 00:04:07 Wright, Rufus
6 Then he faltered; but he had not fallen. 00:04:54 Wright, Rufus
7 'There's a chance for you…' 00:04:29 Wright, Rufus
8 It might be that there was little reason in her wo 00:04:35 Wright, Rufus
9 But now our attention was again diverted. 00:05:36 Wright, Rufus
10 He opened his eyes, and his lips bent in a smile. 00:05:05 Wright, Rufus
11 Chapter 21: The Coming of the Dream 00:03:30 Wright, Rufus
12 A distant faint hum of voices reached us. 00:03:54 Wright, Rufus
13 Times change for all of us. 00:02:59 Wright, Rufus
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