Satie: Piano Works

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Satie’s personal eccentricities have never masked the fact that his music was both revolutionary and anticipatory of later artistic movements, principally Minimalism, Surrealism and Theatre of the Absurd. His piano music offers a perfect distillation of these elements. The Allegro is his earliest known work, offering his first use of quotations, a favored device. The extended pieces Le Fils des etoiles and uspud derive from incidental music, glorying in parodic and grotesque scenes, while his ‘humoristic’ phase of the 1910s is explored in Cinq Grimaces. Only Satie could attempt to fuse a fugue with a waltz, as he does in the Fugue-valse. Duanduan Hao was born in China in 1990. He began his piano lessons when he was four and by the age of six was already drawing attention to his precocious ability. He then studied in Shanghai and in Paris, going on to win many prizes in international piano competitions. He currently lives in New York and studies at The Juilliard School and Columbia University.
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Barcode 747313379675
Release date 11/9/2018
Category Classical Music
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Classical Artist Hao, Duanduan
Disc: 1
Allegro (1884)00:01:00
1 Allegro (1884) 00:00:21 Hao, Duanduan
Leit-motiv du Panthée00:01:00
2 Leit-motiv du Panthée 00:00:45 Hao, Duanduan
Verset laïque et somptueux00:02:00
3 Verset laïque et somptueux 00:01:27 Hao, Duanduan
4 Fugue-valse 00:01:59 Hao, Duanduan
5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (arr. D.00:03:00
5 5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (Arr. D. 00:00:50 Hao, Duanduan
6 5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (Arr. D. 00:00:51 Hao, Duanduan
7 5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (Arr. D. 00:00:40 Hao, Duanduan
8 5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (Arr. D. 00:00:28 Hao, Duanduan
9 5 Grimaces pour Le songe d'une nuit d'été (Arr. D. 00:01:05 Hao, Duanduan
Sans titre, peut-être pour la messe des pauvres, "00:01:00
10 Sans titre, peut-être pour la messe des pauvres "M 00:01:09 Hao, Duanduan
Pousse l'amour: Chanson andalouse00:02:00
11 Pousse l'amour: Chanson andalouse 00:01:48 Hao, Duanduan
La belle excentrique (version for piano)00:08:00
12 La belle excentrique (Version for Piano): II. Marc 00:02:04 Hao, Duanduan
13 La belle excentrique (Version for Piano): III. Val 00:02:14 Hao, Duanduan
uspud (version for piano)00:24:00
14 Uspud (Version for Piano): Act I 00:10:49 Hao, Duanduan
15 Uspud (Version for Piano): Act II 00:06:43 Hao, Duanduan
16 Uspud (Version for Piano): Act III 00:08:52 Hao, Duanduan
Tendrement (version for piano)00:05:00
17 Tendrement (Version for Piano) 00:03:59 Hao, Duanduan
Le Fils des étoiles: 3 Preludes00:10:00
18 Le fils des étoiles, 3 Préludes: Act I. Prélude "L 00:04:39 Hao, Duanduan
19 Le fils des étoiles, 3 Préludes: Act II. Prélude " 00:03:51 Hao, Duanduan
20 Le fils des étoiles, 3 Préludes: Act III. Prélude 00:04:57 Hao, Duanduan
Sonatine bureaucratique00:04:00
21 Sonatine bureaucratique: I. Allegro 00:01:08 Hao, Duanduan
22 Sonatine bureaucratique: II. Andante 00:01:20 Hao, Duanduan
23 Sonatine bureaucratique: III. Vivace 00:01:53 Hao, Duanduan
Nocturne No. 6 (completed by R. Orledge)00:02:00
24 Nocturne No. 6 (Completed by R. Orledge) 00:01:41 Hao, Duanduan
Le bœuf Angora (The Angora Ox) (version for piano)00:08:00
25 Le bœuf Angora (Version for Piano) 00:05:45 Hao, Duanduan
26 Le fils des étoiles, Act I: Gnossienne No. 7 00:04:28 Hao, Duanduan
L'enfance de Ko-Quo (Recommandations maternelles)00:02:00
27 L'enfance de Ko-Quo (Recommandations maternelles): 00:00:51 Hao, Duanduan
28 L'enfance de Ko-Quo (Recommandations maternelles): 00:00:35 Hao, Duanduan
29 L'enfance de Ko-Quo (Recommandations maternelles): 00:00:46 Hao, Duanduan
Poudre d'or00:05:00
30 Poudre d'or 00:05:38 Hao, Duanduan
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