Scouting for Boys (Abridged)

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Tracking, woodcraft, camping, chivalry and fortitude: Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship is the original Boy Scout manual. This value-laden how-to book teaches confidence, self-reliance, and teamwork to the young adventurer, with the aim of building them into a representable member of society. Now largely forgotten, it is the fourth best-selling book of the 20th century, after the Bible, the Koran and Mao's Red Book, and has been translated into 87 different languages worldwide. Its charm and spirit will delight the listener in this new reading by the comedian Hugh Dennis.
Item number NA0236
Barcode 9781843799825
Release date 6/10/2016
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Reader Dennis, Peter Hugh
Disc: 1
Scouting for Boys (Abridged)02:21:00
1 Scouting for Boys 00:10:15 Dennis, Peter Hugh
2 Campaigning: Scouts must, of course, be accustomed 00:13:45 Dennis, Peter Hugh
3 The Scout's Oath: Before he becomes a scout… 00:11:02 Dennis, Peter Hugh
4 Scouting Games: For winter in the country. Arctic 00:07:40 Dennis, Peter Hugh
5 Chapter II: Tracking 00:10:16 Dennis, Peter Hugh
6 Men's Tracks: Tracking, or following up tracks… 00:09:44 Dennis, Peter Hugh
7 Chapter III: Woodcraft 00:06:55 Dennis, Peter Hugh
8 Birds: A Man who studies birds is called an ornith 00:07:04 Dennis, Peter Hugh
Disc: 2
Scouting for Boys (Abridged)02:21:00
1 Chapter IV: Camp Life 00:09:21 Dennis, Peter Hugh
2 Drying Clothes: You sometimes get wet in camp… 00:10:00 Dennis, Peter Hugh
3 Chapter V: Campaigning 00:10:21 Dennis, Peter Hugh
4 Pathfinding: Among the Red Indian scouts… 00:11:43 Dennis, Peter Hugh
5 Chapter VI: Endurance For Scouts 00:10:57 Dennis, Peter Hugh
6 Chapter VII: Saving Life 00:03:02 Dennis, Peter Hugh
7 Chapter VIII: Patriotism 00:08:38 Dennis, Peter Hugh
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