Sister Carrie (Unabridged)

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A magnificent portrayal of 1890s America and the harsh realities of a dog-eat-dog world, Sister Carrie lies at the forefront of American Naturalism. When poor young provincial woman Carrie Meeber arrives in Chicago, she little expects to be catapulted from lower-class woman to prominent Broadway actress. Passive and yielding, she lets circumstances coerce her into action and by good fortune she arrives at fame. It is in Chicago that Carrie meets a successful businessman, Hurstwood, who helps her establish her name. Gripped by a strong attraction to Carrie, Hurstwood ends his marriage and moves with her to New York. Their relationship soon ends and, like a fish out of water, Hurstwood finds himself vagrant and destitute on the streets of an unfamiliar city, a poignant counterpoint to Carrie’s rapid rise. Frank, evocative and compelling, Sister Carrie gives us a version of the American dream with a gritty and unattractive reality.
Item number NA0307
Barcode 9781781981283
Release date 5/11/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 14
Classical Artist Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 1
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Sister Carrie 00:00:10 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 1: The Magnet Attracting… 00:08:04 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Lest this order of individual should permanently… 00:07:28 Lefkow, Laurel
4 How true it is that words are but the vague… 00:06:29 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 2: What Poverty Threatened… 00:06:57 Lefkow, Laurel
6 When she awoke at eight the next morning… 00:07:25 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 3: We Question of Fortune… 00:12:09 Lefkow, Laurel
8 Their clothes were neat, in many instances fine… 00:11:44 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 2
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 4: The Spendings Of Fancy… 00:08:49 Lefkow, Laurel
2 On Saturday Carrie went out by herself… 00:08:56 Lefkow, Laurel
3 As the morning wore on the room became hotter. 00:09:31 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Chapter 5: A Glittering Night Flower… 00:07:11 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Hurstwood liked Drouet. 00:09:10 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Chapter 6: The Machine and the Maiden… 00:08:13 Lefkow, Laurel
7 That night at the flat she was even more lonely… 00:07:43 Lefkow, Laurel
8 On the fourth day she was down town all day… 00:10:14 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 3
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 7: The Lure of the Material… 00:11:15 Lefkow, Laurel
2 There is nothing in this world more delightful… 00:13:09 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 8: Intimations By Winter… 00:08:45 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Suddenly a pair of eyes met Carrie's in recognitio 00:08:28 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 9: Convention's Own Tinder-Box… 00:08:29 Lefkow, Laurel
6 The other half of this picture came… 00:07:16 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 10: The Counsel Of Winter… 00:10:51 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 4
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 She really was not enamoured of Drouet. 00:09:20 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 11: The Persuasion of Fashion… 00:07:00 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Now Carrie was affected by music. 00:07:39 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Drouet jumped from one easy thought… 00:08:32 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 12: Of the Lamps of the Mansions… 00:10:33 Lefkow, Laurel
6 When she came to her own rooms… 00:10:01 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 13: His Credentials Accepted… 00:06:33 Lefkow, Laurel
8 As for Hurstwood, he was alive with thoughts… 00:07:41 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 5
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Hurstwood was something of a romanticist… 00:06:54 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 14: With Eyes And Not Seeing… 00:06:36 Lefkow, Laurel
3 When Drouet entered Carrie's presence… 00:09:24 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Chapter 15: The Irk of the Old Ties… 00:08:10 Lefkow, Laurel
5 The day after their theatre visit he began… 00:07:22 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Hurstwood had come out of his own home… 00:09:42 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 16: A Witless Aladdin… 00:08:54 Lefkow, Laurel
8 He little knew as he went out of the door… 00:08:39 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 6
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 17: A Glimpse Through… 00:07:22 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Carrie did not exactly fancy the suggestion… 00:10:44 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 18: Just over the Border… 00:12:17 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Chapter 19: An Hour in Elfland… 00:07:55 Lefkow, Laurel
5 When the time came, he buoyed Carrie up… 00:09:02 Lefkow, Laurel
6 She was gazing now sadly out upon the open… 00:11:54 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 20: The Lure of the Spirit… 00:07:31 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 7
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 On the morrow, however, there was nothing… 00:09:25 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 21: The Lure of the Spirit… 00:09:28 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 22: The Blaze of the Tinder… 00:07:42 Lefkow, Laurel
4 The physician had a thought or two of his own… 00:06:57 Lefkow, Laurel
5 So now, the house, to his mind… 00:10:29 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Chapter 23: A Spirit In Travail… 00:08:19 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Carrie was feeling about for a right thought. 00:07:52 Lefkow, Laurel
8 Carrie had gone sobbing from the door… 00:07:49 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 8
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 24: Ashes of Tinder… 00:10:30 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 25: Ashes of Tinder: The Loosing 00:11:13 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 26: The Ambassador Fallen… 00:07:57 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Accordingly, she arose early Monday morning… 00:06:40 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Carrie summoned up all her courage… 00:09:39 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Chapter 27: When Waters Engulf Us… 00:07:25 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Then began one of those pointless… 00:07:34 Lefkow, Laurel
8 To those who have never wavered in conscience… 00:08:24 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 9
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 28: A Pilgrim, An Outlaw… 00:09:25 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Carrie seemed not to listen. 00:12:17 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 29: The Solace of Travel… 00:09:41 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Hurstwood felt the long-range examination… 00:08:45 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Sitting in his room with Carrie the same day… 00:09:32 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Chapter 30: The Kingdom of Greatness… 00:06:34 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Carrie picked out the new abode… 00:11:18 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 10
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 31: A Pet of Good Fortune… 00:11:33 Lefkow, Laurel
2 One day Carrie's bell rang… 00:09:47 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 32: The Feast of Belshazzar… 00:09:32 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Carrie listened with eager ears. 00:09:27 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Once seated, there began that exhibition… 00:12:58 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Chapter 33: Without the Walled City… 00:09:54 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Hurstwood's gloom over the slight decrease… 00:09:38 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 11
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 34: The Grind of the Millstones… 00:09:41 Lefkow, Laurel
2 This was the first strong result of the situation… 00:09:31 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 35: The Passing of Effort… 00:10:23 Lefkow, Laurel
4 It was noon before he finally abandoned… 00:11:35 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 36: A Grim Retrogression… 00:10:14 Lefkow, Laurel
6 The real bitterness of this thing was added… 00:12:41 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 12
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 37: The Spirit Awakens… 00:07:31 Lefkow, Laurel
2 She cleaned up the things one morning after… 00:08:36 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 38: In Elf Land Disporting… 00:08:41 Lefkow, Laurel
4 On the morrow Carrie reported promptly… 00:12:07 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 39: Of Lights and of Shadows… 00:12:13 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Hurstwood saw it all clearly enough. 00:11:07 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 40: A Public Dissension… 00:08:25 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 13
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Hurstwood at first sympathised… 00:08:33 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Chapter 41: The Strike 00:09:37 Lefkow, Laurel
3 The room seemed to have been a lounging… 00:12:41 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Now the stones were off, and Hurstwood… 00:11:34 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 42: A Touch of Spring… 00:10:39 Lefkow, Laurel
6 Her heart revolted. 'Never!' she thought. 00:10:24 Lefkow, Laurel
7 Chapter 43: The World Turns Flatterer… 00:03:58 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 14
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Fulfilling her part capably brought another… 00:07:29 Lefkow, Laurel
2 On the opening night it looked to Carrie as if… 00:06:44 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 44: And This Is Not Elf Land… 00:10:51 Lefkow, Laurel
4 Tactfully, Mrs Vance avoided the subject… 00:10:23 Lefkow, Laurel
5 Chapter 45: Curious Shifts of the Poor 00:11:20 Lefkow, Laurel
6 No more weakly looking object ever strolled out… 00:10:26 Lefkow, Laurel
7 They fell into a sort of broken, ragged line. 00:11:17 Lefkow, Laurel
Disc: 15
Sister Carrie (Unabridged)16:45:00
1 Chapter 46: Stirring Troubled Waters 00:10:29 Lefkow, Laurel
2 Carrie looked at him, while pedestrians stared… 00:11:56 Lefkow, Laurel
3 Chapter 47: The Way of the Beaten… 00:09:14 Lefkow, Laurel
4 By January he had about concluded… 00:11:04 Lefkow, Laurel
5 In the lobby of the Imperial, Mr Charles Drouet… 00:09:42 Lefkow, Laurel
6 And now Carrie had attained that which… 00:07:03 Lefkow, Laurel
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