Songs from the Inner Soul

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The chronological arc that defines the collection of songs which Eduardo Morales-Caso presents to us today, spans more than twenty years of continuous work. It synthesizes the stylistic contours of techniques and sonorous worlds which identify him as a composer, from his origin, and contributes to the consolidation of a genre which takes on a large component of fantasy and sensuality in a completely versatile production. With this representative selection which exhibits an infinite palette of choices, nuances, melodic lines and accompaniments which are musical responses evoked by poetry, he is to be congratulated on the fusion of music and text, the most defining and sophisticated characteristic of the genre. The conception of the cycle as narration, the description of the emotional state of the protagonist, the constant recurrence of love, the sea, sadness, solitude, emptiness and death are just some of the elements which convert this combination into one of the most expressive and creative of his catalogue.
Item number EN2046
Barcode 8437012545465
Release date 1/5/2018
Category Vocal
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Ananiev, Yuri
Corzo, Kirenia
Disc: 1
El vacio00:10:00
1 El vacío: No. 1, Te traigo el ancho mar 00:02:30 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
2 El vacío: No. 2, El vacío 00:03:08 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
3 El vacío: No. 3, Oh, que es la tristeza! 00:03:01 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
4 El vacío: No. 4, El río ya no está! 00:02:34 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Mi corza blanca00:03:00
5 Mi corza blanca 00:02:43 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Ay del río!00:06:00
6 Ay del río! 00:05:51 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
A orillas del mar00:02:00
7 A orillas del mar 00:02:07 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Vuelve mar00:02:00
8 Vuelve mar 00:01:49 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Y en las sombras lo profundo00:02:00
9 Y en las sombras lo profundo 00:01:31 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Cómo andar tus aguas00:03:00
10 Cómo andar tus aguas 00:02:52 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
No hay nostalgias00:03:00
11 No hay nostalgias 00:03:18 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Cómo no llorar00:02:00
12 Cómo no llorar 00:01:59 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Si se deshoja a dónde irá00:03:00
13 Si se deshoja a dónde irá 00:03:24 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Un milagro00:07:00
14 Un milagro: No. 1, Un milagro 00:01:38 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
15 Un milagro: No. 2, Anchos es mi corazón 00:02:21 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
16 Un milagro: No. 3, En los álamos del monte 00:02:49 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
Prologo de la Rosa Enferma00:01:26
17 La rosa enferma: No. 1, Prólogo de la rosa enferma 00:01:48 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
La Rosa Enferma00:02:18
18 La rosa enferma: No. 2, La rosa enferma 00:02:37 Corzo, Kirenia Ananiev, Yuri
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