South Moon Riding: Poems of Wildwood and Wold, Earthy and Diverse Things

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Gef Lucna reads his on poems on this new release. These poems are on various subjects and have been highly praised by other poets, musicians, artists, historians and in particular, wildlife experts. "Inspirational", "ver accessible and evocative", "delightful and beautifully produced", "I am absolutely bowled over, it is such a delightful compilation" - These are just some of the comments received on this astounding album.
Item number SDL441
Barcode 5013133444127
Release date 9/9/2016
Category Poetry
Number of units 1
Non-Classical Artist Lucena, Gef
Disc: 1
1 Catbrain 00:01:29 Lucena, Gef
Chalara fraxinea00:01:00
2 Chalara fraxinea 00:01:07 Lucena, Gef
Rolling Enclosure00:02:00
3 Rolling Enclosure 00:01:32 Lucena, Gef
Green Cathedral00:01:00
4 Green Cathedral 00:01:00 Lucena, Gef
Wet Woods00:01:00
5 Wet Woods 00:01:00 Lucena, Gef
Stanley and Reg00:02:00
6 Stanley and Reg 00:01:42 Lucena, Gef
Cold Comfort00:02:00
7 Cold Comfort 00:02:00 Lucena, Gef
8 Greenfield 00:01:52 Lucena, Gef
9 Georgie 00:04:05 Lucena, Gef
Georgie II00:01:00
10 Georgie II 00:00:24 Lucena, Gef
Rhossili Down00:02:00
11 Rhossili Down 00:01:32 Lucena, Gef
June Dune Walk00:02:00
12 June Dune Walk 00:01:37 Lucena, Gef
Whiteford Bay00:01:00
13 Whiteford Bay 00:01:20 Lucena, Gef
In Praise of Men's Trouser Turn-ups00:02:00
14 In Praise of Men's Trouser Turn-ups 00:01:50 Lucena, Gef
The Worm's Song00:04:00
15 The Worm's Song 00:04:18 Lucena, Gef
On First Looking Into Keble Martin00:01:00
16 On First Looking Into Keble Martin 00:00:46 Lucena, Gef
Spring Offensive00:01:00
17 Spring Offensive 00:01:02 Lucena, Gef
Plumbers Trench00:02:00
18 Plumbers Trench 00:02:14 Lucena, Gef
Going East00:01:00
19 Going East 00:00:57 Lucena, Gef
South Moon Riding00:01:00
20 South Moon Riding 00:01:04 Lucena, Gef
21 Hermes 00:00:53 Lucena, Gef
Sap Fall00:02:00
22 Sap Fall 00:02:26 Lucena, Gef
23 Pointillism 00:04:34 Lucena, Gef
Ellan Vannin, Lost December 3rd 190900:01:00
24 Ellan Vannin, Lost December 3rd 1909 00:01:12 Lucena, Gef
Strange Encounter00:01:00
25 Strange Encounter 00:01:03 Lucena, Gef
Past Particle00:03:00
26 Past Particle 00:03:24 Lucena, Gef
Not Now00:03:00
27 Not Now 00:03:10 Lucena, Gef
I Don't Do Marathons00:04:00
28 I Don't Do Marathons 00:04:04 Lucena, Gef
Starveall and Kilcott run00:03:00
29 Starveall and Kilcott run 00:03:07 Lucena, Gef
The Cockerel of Kilcott Hill00:02:00
30 The Cockerel of Kilcott Hill 00:01:34 Lucena, Gef
A Sonnet for Genny at 6000:01:00
31 A Sonnet for Genny at 60 00:01:08 Lucena, Gef
Number 73 for Genny at 6500:01:00
32 Number 73 for Genny at 65 00:01:09 Lucena, Gef
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