Spenser, E. : Faerie Queene (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA337712
Barcode 9789626343777
Release date 5/1/2006
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 The Faerie Queene - Dedication 00:04:04 Moffatt, John
2 The First Book: Canto I Verse I - The Red Cross Kn 00:08:02 Moffatt, John
3 Verse XIV – ‘But full of fire and greedy hardiment 00:07:26 Moffatt, John
4 Verse XXVIII – ‘Then mounted he upon his Steede ag 00:10:47 Moffatt, John
5 Verse XLVII – ‘Thus, well instructed, to their wor 00:05:15 Moffatt, John
6 Canto III Verse I - The Lady Fidessa 00:06:38 Moffatt, John
7 Verse XII – ‘But he, the knight whose semblaunt he 00:04:15 Moffatt, John
8 Verse XX – ‘The Lady, when she saw her champion fa 00:05:33 Moffatt, John
9 Verse XXX – ‘Faire seemely pleasaunce each to othe 00:09:16 Moffatt, John
10 Canto III Verse I – The Abduction of Una 00:05:47 Moffatt, John
11 Verse X – ‘Long she thus traveiled through deserts 00:08:24 Moffatt, John
12 Verse XXVI – ‘Ere long he came where Una traveiled 00:04:06 Moffatt, John
Disc: 2
1 Verse XXXIII - ‘They had not ridden far, when they 00:06:37 Moffatt, John
2 Canto IX Verse XXXIII – The Cave of Despair 00:05:41 Moffatt, John
3 Verse XLII ‘Is not his deed, whetever thing is don 00:07:27 Moffatt, John
4 Canto XI Verse I – The fight with the dragon and i 00:07:58 Moffatt, John
5 Verse XV - ‘So dreadfully he towards him did pass’ 00:09:22 Moffatt, John
6 Verse XXXIII - ‘The morrow next gan earely to appe 00:09:02 Moffatt, John
7 Verse L – ‘When gentle Una saw the second call’ 00:03:27 Moffatt, John
8 Canto XII Verse II – ‘Scarsely had Phoebus in the 00:06:10 Moffatt, John
9 Verse XXI – ‘Then forth he called that his daughte 00:04:05 Moffatt, John
10 The Second Book: Canto VII Verse XXI – The Cave of 00:05:54 Moffatt, John
11 Verse XXXI – ‘They forward passe; ne Guyon yet spo 00:01:32 Moffatt, John
12 Canto IX Verse XLVII – The Powers of the Mind 00:06:16 Moffatt, John
13 Canto XII Verse LXIX – The Bower of Bliss 00:06:09 Moffatt, John
Disc: 3
1 Verse LXXIX – The young man, sleeping by her, seem 00:05:05 Moffatt, John
2 The Third Book Canto VII Verse XXX – ‘The Garden o 00:05:16 Moffatt, John
3 Verse XXXIX – ‘Great enimy to it, and to all the r 00:05:23 Moffatt, John
4 Canto XII Verse I – The Masque of Cupid 00:05:05 Moffatt, John
5 Verse X – ‘Next after him went Doubt, who was ycla 00:04:59 Moffatt, John
6 Verse XIX – ‘After all these there marcht a most f 00:04:45 Moffatt, John
7 The Fourth Book: Canto VI Verse I - Scudamour, Art 00:06:17 Moffatt, John
8 Verse XI – ‘But Arthegall, beholding his mischaunc 00:06:58 Moffatt, John
9 Verse XXIV – ‘Which when Scudamour, who now abrayd 00:10:08 Moffatt, John
10 The Fifth Book Canto II Verse XXX – Arthegall and 00:07:49 Moffatt, John
11 Verse XLIV – ‘Therewith the Giant much abashed say 00:05:49 Moffatt, John
12 The Seventh Book: Canto VII – The Masque of the Se 00:09:30 Moffatt, John
13 Canto VIII – Nature’s reply to Mutability 00:02:21 Moffatt, John
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