Sterne: A Sentimental Journey (Unabridged)

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Item number NA436612
Barcode 9781843793663
Release date 11/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Lesser, Anton
Disc: 1
1 Volume 1 00:07:44 Lesser, Anton
2 The Monk. Calais.: - 'Tis very true, said I… 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
3 Preface. In the Desobligeant.: It must have been o 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
4 It is sufficient for my reader… 00:03:52 Lesser, Anton
5 Calais.: I perceived that something darken'd the p 00:05:52 Lesser, Anton
6 The Remise Door. Calais.: When I told the reader… 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
7 The Snuff Box. Calais.: The good old monk was with 00:07:59 Lesser, Anton
8 In the Street. Calais.: Having, on the first sight 00:07:05 Lesser, Anton
9 The Remise. Calais.: Monsieur Dessein came back… 00:05:37 Lesser, Anton
10 Montreuil.: I had once lost my portmanteau… 00:05:49 Lesser, Anton
11 Montreuil.: As La Fleur went the whole tour… 00:03:48 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 A Fragment.: - The town of Abdera… 00:06:32 Lesser, Anton
2 The Bidet.: Having settled all these little matter 00:07:24 Lesser, Anton
3 Nampont. The Postilion.: The concern which the poo 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
4 The Letter. Amiens.: Fortune had not smiled upon L 00:06:11 Lesser, Anton
5 The Letter.: Madame, Je suis penetre de la douleur 00:01:31 Lesser, Anton
6 Paris.: When a man can contest the point… 00:02:07 Lesser, Anton
7 The Wig. Paris.: When the barber came… 00:02:33 Lesser, Anton
8 The Pulse. Paris.: Hail ye small, sweet courtesies 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
9 The Husband. Paris.: I had counted twenty pulsatio 00:02:52 Lesser, Anton
10 The Gloves.Paris.: The beautiful grisette rose up… 00:02:57 Lesser, Anton
11 The Translation. Paris.: There was nobody in the b 00:04:55 Lesser, Anton
12 The Dwarf. Paris.: I had never heard the remark ma 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
13 The Rose. Paris.: It was now my turn to ask… 00:03:49 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 Volume 2 - The Fille de Chambre. Paris.: What the 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
2 The Passport. Paris.: When I got home to my hotel… 00:03:40 Lesser, Anton
3 The Passport. The Hotel at Paris.: I could not fin 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
4 The Captive. Paris.: The bird in his cage pursued 00:05:14 Lesser, Anton
5 The Address. Versailles.: I should not like to hav 00:04:11 Lesser, Anton
6 Le Patissier. Versailles.: Before I had got half w 00:05:02 Lesser, Anton
7 The Sword. Rennes.: When states and empires have t 00:03:42 Lesser, Anton
8 The Passport. Versailles.: I found no difficulty i 00:05:36 Lesser, Anton
9 The Passport. Versailles.: There is not a more per 00:06:15 Lesser, Anton
10 The Passport. Versailles.: As the passport was dir 00:06:27 Lesser, Anton
11 The Temptation. Paris.: When I alighted at the hot 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
12 The Conquest.: Yes, - and then -. 00:04:19 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 The Case of Conscience. Paris.: I was immediately 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
2 Le Dimanche. Paris.: It was Sunday; and when La Fl 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
3 The Fragment. Paris.: - Now, as the notary's wife 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
4 The Fragment, and the Bouquet. Paris.: When La Fle 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
5 The Riddle Explained. Paris.: I stepped hastily af 00:07:44 Lesser, Anton
6 Maria. Moulines.: I never felt what the distress o 00:07:39 Lesser, Anton
7 Maria. Moulines.: Though I hate salutations and gr 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
8 The Grace.: When supper was over, the old man… 00:07:06 Lesser, Anton
9 The lady was a Piedmontese of about thirty… 00:05:31 Lesser, Anton
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