SUETONIUS: Lives of the Twelve Caesars (Abridged)

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Release date 6/1/2005
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Disc: 1
1 Julius Caesar (Julius) 00:05:04 Jacobi, Derek
2 While he was aedile… 00:05:09 Jacobi, Derek
3 Having entered upon his consulship… 00:04:48 Jacobi, Derek
4 During this period he lost his mother… 00:06:35 Jacobi, Derek
5 As he thus stood… 00:04:44 Jacobi, Derek
6 In all the civil wars… 00:05:18 Jacobi, Derek
7 His stature is said to have been tall… 00:05:09 Jacobi, Derek
8 In his expeditions, it is doubtful… 00:05:18 Jacobi, Derek
9 The trespasses and delinquencies… 00:06:11 Jacobi, Derek
10 But the act of his which aroused the greatest cens 00:06:39 Jacobi, Derek
11 In his last will, he named three heirs… 00:05:49 Jacobi, Derek
12 Octavius Caesar Augustus (Augustus) 00:05:25 Jacobi, Derek
13 Having entered into a confederacy… 00:04:36 Jacobi, Derek
14 He conquered, partly in person… 00:04:45 Jacobi, Derek
15 He divided the city into regions and districts… 00:03:10 Jacobi, Derek
Disc: 2
1 He corrected many… 00:05:17 Jacobi, Derek
2 For himself, he resolved to choose… 00:06:42 Jacobi, Derek
3 In number, variety, and magnificence… 00:05:31 Jacobi, Derek
4 He augmented the population of Italy… 00:05:53 Jacobi, Derek
5 How much he was beloved… 00:05:15 Jacobi, Derek
6 By Agrippa and Julia he had three grandsons… 00:04:21 Jacobi, Derek
7 In the prime of his youth… 00:05:51 Jacobi, Derek
8 He was by nature a very slight drinker of wine 00:04:35 Jacobi, Derek
9 Eloquence and other liberal arts… 00:06:06 Jacobi, Derek
10 His death, of which I shall now write… 00:04:51 Jacobi, Derek
11 He died in the same bedroom… 00:03:04 Jacobi, Derek
12 Caius Tiberius Nero Caesar (Tiberius) 00:05:54 Jacobi, Derek
13 His first service in the wars… 00:05:28 Jacobi, Derek
14 In this condition he continued almost two years… 00:05:12 Jacobi, Derek
15 After two years he returned from Germany to Rome… 00:04:56 Jacobi, Derek
Disc: 3
1 The cause of Tiberius’s long demur… 00:05:28 Jacobi, Derek
2 By little and little he showed his princely majest 00:06:28 Jacobi, Derek
3 All the while he was Emperor… 00:06:30 Jacobi, Derek
4 His cruel and unpliable nature was apparent… 00:04:59 Jacobi, Derek
5 In person he was heavy-set and powerful… 00:05:23 Jacobi, Derek
6 Caius Caesar Caligula (Caligula) 00:05:28 Jacobi, Derek
7 He accompanied his father… 00:05:07 Jacobi, Derek
8 The Spintriae, those panderers to unnatural lusts… 00:06:22 Jacobi, Derek
9 With all his sisters, he lived incestuously… 00:05:31 Jacobi, Derek
10 He would not permit any to die quickly… 00:05:30 Jacobi, Derek
11 He levied new taxes… 00:04:55 Jacobi, Derek
12 In his march to Rome… 00:05:20 Jacobi, Derek
13 By diligent practice… 00:06:52 Jacobi, Derek
Disc: 4
1 Tiberius Claudius Drusus Caesar (Claudius) 00:05:17 Jacobi, Derek
2 At length Caius Caligula, his brother’s son… 00:05:31 Jacobi, Derek
3 In taking honours upon himself he was sparing… 00:05:13 Jacobi, Derek
4 He was at all times most solicitous… 00:06:03 Jacobi, Derek
5 In his early youth he was twice married… 00:05:22 Jacobi, Derek
6 Being entirely enthralled by these freedmen… 00:04:55 Jacobi, Derek
7 There arose no suspicion too absurd… 00:03:34 Jacobi, Derek
8 In his youth, he attempted to write a history… 00:04:30 Jacobi, Derek
9 Nero Claudius Caesar (Nero) 00:05:01 Jacobi, Derek
10 He made profession that he would govern… 00:05:08 Jacobi, Derek
11 Among the other liberal arts which he was taught… 00:04:04 Jacobi, Derek
12 After this, he appeared at all the public games… 00:04:46 Jacobi, Derek
13 Besides the unnatural abuse of freeborn boys… 00:03:41 Jacobi, Derek
14 He commenced making a pond… 00:04:49 Jacobi, Derek
Disc: 5
1 His mother being used… 00:05:00 Jacobi, Derek
2 The twelfth day after the divorcement of Octavia… 00:05:04 Jacobi, Derek
3 When he received word that Galba… 00:05:22 Jacobi, Derek
4 But recovering from this violent mood… 00:06:59 Jacobi, Derek
5 Servius Sulpicius Galba (Galba) 00:04:40 Jacobi, Derek
6 For eight years he governed… 00:04:57 Jacobi, Derek
7 A rumour had been raised before his arrival… 00:04:55 Jacobi, Derek
8 As he was offering sacrifice… 00:05:50 Jacobi, Derek
9 Marcus Salvius Otho (Otho) 00:04:45 Jacobi, Derek
10 Upon the day fixed for the enterprise… 00:04:34 Jacobi, Derek
11 My father, Suetonius Lenis… 00:03:58 Jacobi, Derek
12 Aulus Vitellius (Vitellius) 00:05:21 Jacobi, Derek
13 When news came to him… 00:04:28 Jacobi, Derek
14 He was given to excessive feeding… 00:05:21 Jacobi, Derek
15 He advised the senate to send ambassadors… 00:03:06 Jacobi, Derek
Disc: 6
1 Tiberius Flavius Vespasianus Augustus (Vespasian) 00:05:41 Jacobi, Derek
2 After the deaths of Nero and Galba… 00:05:58 Jacobi, Derek
3 The city of Rome being much blemished… 00:05:38 Jacobi, Derek
4 To all ranks of men he was most liberal 00:06:12 Jacobi, Derek
5 Titus Flavius Vespasianus Augustus (Titus) 00:05:06 Jacobi, Derek
6 Besides his cruelty… 00:06:09 Jacobi, Derek
7 Titus Flavius Domitianus (Domitian) 00:04:24 Jacobi, Derek
8 He exhibited naval fights… 00:05:27 Jacobi, Derek
9 But he did not long continue… 00:04:58 Jacobi, Derek
10 Becoming both hated and feared… 00:04:57 Jacobi, Derek
11 He was killed in the forty-fifth year of his age… 00:04:27 Jacobi, Derek
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