Sunless Loves

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Though diverse in character and style, all the works on this album speak of love, as a state where everyone fathoms the vertiginous depths of their loneliness. All eight poems of Brahm’s Op. 57, with their obstinate, fearless eroticism, leave the listener with a subtle archaic and exotic taste. Daumer’s German Romanticism with exotic aromas, helped Brahms create one of his most interesting vocal works. Prokofiev’s Op. 27 features the fragile but quite sharp tone of the great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova. Published in 1916, this is a brief but extremely colourful work, where every note and every word are necessary. Visionary in his harmony, daring in his nihilistic pessimism, Mussorgsky, in his vocal cycle Sunless, takes hold of the verses of his friend Golenishchev-Kutuzov to create a small but completely sinister universe. Sunless Loves demonstrates Safiropoulou’s varied repertoire and skills, including her first-rate Russian dictation. Her accompanist Andrej Hovrin is her perfect partner and together they have created a powerful and passionate recording. Also featuring remarkable, unique artwork, this is an album of distinction. Safiropoulou is also an accomplished, published writer, poet, and a translator of English, French, German and Russian. In 2009 she was awarded the prize of the Greek Gritics’ Union for young artists.
Item number FHR52
Barcode 5060216347752
Release date 4/7/2017
Category Vocal
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Safiropoulou, Lenia
Hovrin, Andrej
Disc: 1
8 Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 57 (text by G.F. Daumer)00:05:00
1 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 1, Von waldbekrä 00:02:27 Safiropoulou, Lenia Hovrin, Andrej
2 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 2, Wenn du nur z 00:01:41 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
3 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 3, Es träumte mi 00:02:57 Safiropoulou, Lenia Hovrin, Andrej
4 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 4, Ach, wende di 00:02:05 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
5 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 5, In meiner Näc 00:01:25 Safiropoulou, Lenia Hovrin, Andrej
6 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 6, Strahlt zuwei 00:01:16 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
7 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 7, Die Schnur, d 00:02:21 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
8 8 Lieder und Gesange, Op. 57: No. 8, Unbewegte lau 00:03:26 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 2700:11:00
9 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27: No. 1, Sunlight 00:01:13 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
10 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27: No. 2, The True 00:01:24 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
11 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27: No. 3, The Reme 00:02:24 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
12 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27: No. 4, Greeting 00:01:32 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
13 5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27: No. 5, The Grey 00:03:23 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
Bez solntsa (Sunless)00:08:00
14 Sunless: No. 1, Within Four Walls 00:01:59 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
15 Sunless: No. 2, You Did Not Recognize Me in the Cr 00:01:12 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
16 Sunless: No. 3, The Idle, Noisy Day Is Over 00:03:40 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
17 Sunless: No. 4, Be Bored 00:02:15 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
18 Sunless: No. 5, Elegy 00:03:58 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
19 Sunless: No. 6, Over the River 00:04:00 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
5 Lieder, Op. 47 (text by J.L. Uhland)00:02:00
20 5 Lieder, Op. 47: No. 3, Sonntag 00:01:38 Hovrin, Andrej Safiropoulou, Lenia
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