Sutcliff, R.: Eagle of the Ninth (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA442312
Barcode 9789626344231
Release date 10/1/2006
Category Young Adult
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Simpson, Charles
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: Frontier Fort 00:03:26 Simpson, Charles
2 Centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila had seen little… 00:04:25 Simpson, Charles
3 ‘You have brought clear skies with you…’ 00:04:22 Simpson, Charles
4 Chapter 2: Feathers in the Wind 00:03:53 Simpson, Charles
5 As he threaded his way among… 00:03:09 Simpson, Charles
6 The harvest was gathered in by the time… 00:05:56 Simpson, Charles
7 Chapter 3: Attack 00:05:18 Simpson, Charles
8 It was full daylight before the next attack… 00:04:18 Simpson, Charles
9 ‘Open up!’ he ordered. ‘Form testudo.’ 00:05:02 Simpson, Charles
10 Chapter 4: The Last Rose Falls 00:04:25 Simpson, Charles
11 Marcus lay for a long time with his forearm… 00:05:51 Simpson, Charles
12 Chapter 5: Saturnalia Games 00:03:52 Simpson, Charles
13 The evening meal was over, and old Stephanos… 00:03:18 Simpson, Charles
14 And they went, Marcus travelling in a litter… 00:04:35 Simpson, Charles
15 In the centre of the arena the two men were… 00:04:37 Simpson, Charles
16 Chapter 6: Esca 00:04:33 Simpson, Charles
17 In the grey of the next dawn, he heard the footfal 00:04:01 Simpson, Charles
18 The household varied a good deal in their reaction 00:03:54 Simpson, Charles
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 7: Two Worlds Meeting 00:04:30 Simpson, Charles
2 ‘You are cold,’ said Marcus… 00:03:47 Simpson, Charles
3 Marcus turned his head to see Esca coming towards 00:03:38 Simpson, Charles
4 Chapter 8: The Healer with the Knife 00:03:35 Simpson, Charles
5 Rufrius Galarius, one-time field surgeon… 00:05:28 Simpson, Charles
6 Marcus was still unpleasantly cold in the pit of h 00:03:41 Simpson, Charles
7 Chapter 9: Tribune Placidus 00:04:08 Simpson, Charles
8 There were two strangers in the long room… 00:05:27 Simpson, Charles
9 Chapter 10: Marching Orders 00:03:46 Simpson, Charles
10 The Legate hesitated. Then he began to speak again 00:04:02 Simpson, Charles
11 There was a long pause. Uncle Aquila broke the sil 00:04:28 Simpson, Charles
12 Next morning, promising to pay his old friend… 00:03:33 Simpson, Charles
13 Chapter 11: Across the Frontier 00:04:25 Simpson, Charles
14 They had worked out a rough plan of campaign weeks 00:03:44 Simpson, Charles
15 Chapter 12: The Whistler in the Dawn 00:03:56 Simpson, Charles
16 Later Esca lay down to sleep. 00:03:11 Simpson, Charles
17 A few moments later they were back in their shelte 00:03:35 Simpson, Charles
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 13: The Lost Legion 00:04:08 Simpson, Charles
2 There was a long silence. 00:04:23 Simpson, Charles
3 ‘It was autumn, and out of the mist the tribesmen… 00:04:08 Simpson, Charles
4 Marcus did not sleep much that night. 00:03:37 Simpson, Charles
5 Chapter 14: The Feast of New Spears 00:04:02 Simpson, Charles
6 She turned without a word, letting the curtain fal 00:04:33 Simpson, Charles
7 Next day began a bustle of preparation… 00:02:51 Simpson, Charles
8 There was a sudden hiss and flare of flame… 00:03:52 Simpson, Charles
9 Chapter 15: Venture into the Dark 00:04:07 Simpson, Charles
10 Marcus realised here might be a chance to gather… 00:04:04 Simpson, Charles
11 Next morning, sitting on an open hill shoulder 00:03:51 Simpson, Charles
12 They made their way to the recess… 00:05:15 Simpson, Charles
13 Chapter 16: The Ring Brooch 00:04:41 Simpson, Charles
14 The tribesmen set off back the way they had come. 00:04:36 Simpson, Charles
15 Esca had cut back across the mountains… 00:05:50 Simpson, Charles
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 17: The Wild Hunt 00:04:49 Simpson, Charles
2 Marcus did not answer, but settled down to ride… 00:05:55 Simpson, Charles
3 Chapter 18: The Waters of Lethe 00:03:56 Simpson, Charles
4 Marcus had long since got over his first unpleasan 00:04:00 Simpson, Charles
5 They set out once more on the long march south. 00:05:40 Simpson, Charles
6 Chapter 19: Tradui’s Gift 00:04:17 Simpson, Charles
7 When Esca was gone, he got up stiffly… 00:03:04 Simpson, Charles
8 They ducked through the doorway into the descendin 00:03:11 Simpson, Charles
9 Chapter 20: Valedictory 00:03:35 Simpson, Charles
10 Marcus was running an exploring hand over the youn 00:04:36 Simpson, Charles
11 No one moved or spoke at once when the report was 00:05:07 Simpson, Charles
12 Chapter 21: The Olive Wood Bird 00:03:40 Simpson, Charles
13 For a while they sat there. Presently Marcus told 00:04:16 Simpson, Charles
14 That evening, having written to the Legate for bot 00:03:50 Simpson, Charles
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