Széchényi: Piano Music from a Hungarian Dynasty, 1800-1920

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The Czechenyi dynasty stood at the heart of Hungary’s political and musical life in the 19th and 20th centuries. Their ideal milieu lay in the vibrant, melodious dance-patterned music, of which Imre’s Waltz No. 1 is a perfect example. Odon’s highly accomplished works reflect his sophisticated wit, whilst in Franciska, Hungary had its first female composer and in Gisa, the world’s first female film composer. Hungarian pianist Istvan Kassai graduated the Budapest Liszt Academy of Music in 1982. He continued his studies at the Conservatoire Europeen de Musiques de Paris. During his career, he has won several first prizes in international competitions such as the International Youth Piano Competition in Usti nad Labem, and the Hungarian Radio Piano Competition. György Lázár graduated from Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Teacher Training Institute as a piano teacher in 1988. In August 1989 he became a member of the Hungarian State Opera Ballet as a ballet faculty director, and he is the main director since 2005. Between his directorial tasks he performs as a piano artist in Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.
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Barcode 747313978625
Release date 11/9/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Kassai, István
Lázár, György
Disc: 1
Dorette, Polka française, Op. 400:03:00
1 Dorette, polka française, Op. 4 00:02:52 Lázár, György
Herzblatt (Sweetheart), Polka-Mazur, Op. 100:04:00
2 Herzblatt, Polka-Mazur, Op. 1 00:03:46 Kassai, István
Immer lustig (Always Cheerful), Polka française00:03:00
3 Immer lustig, polka française 00:02:53 Lázár, György
7 Uhr früh (7 in the Morning), Polka schnell, Op. 00:02:00
4 7 Uhr früh, Polka schnell, Op. 3 00:01:43 Kassai, István
6 Ländler00:03:00
5 6 Ländler 00:02:39 Kassai, István
3 Magyar tántzok (3 Hungarian Dances)00:07:00
6 3 Magyar tántzok: No. 1, — 00:02:34 Kassai, István
7 3 Magyar tántzok: No. 2, — 00:01:46 Kassai, István
8 3 Magyar tántzok: No. 3, — 00:01:08 Kassai, István
Deutscher mit Coda00:04:00
9 Deutscher mit Coda 00:03:35 Lázár, György
10 Ländler und 1 Mazurka00:08:00
10 10 Ländler und 1 Mazurka 00:08:12 Kassai, István
Hajósegyleti Polka (Shipowners Association Polka)00:03:00
11 Hajósegyleti Polka 00:02:30 Lázár, György
12 Marien-Polka 00:01:59 Kassai, István
Viszontlátási örömhangok keringo (Joyful Sounds of00:08:00
13 Viszontlátási örömhangok keringo 00:07:44 Lázár, György
Pull-on! galopp00:03:00
14 Pull-on! galopp 00:02:38 Lázár, György
Regatta négyes (Regatta Foursome)00:05:00
15 Regatta négyes 00:04:21 Kassai, István
Ez az élet gyöngyélet, Csilli csárdás (This Life i00:04:00
16 Ez az élet gyöngyélet, Csilli csárdás 00:03:14 Lázár, György
Hableány polka (Mermaid Polka)00:02:00
17 Hableány polka 00:01:56 Kassai, István
Abendsonne (Setting Sun), Act III: Vorspiel (arr. 00:03:00
18 Abendsonne: Vorspiel (Arr. R. Gound for Piano) 00:03:23 Lázár, György
Ein Marsch mehr! (One More March!)00:03:00
19 Ein Marsch mehr! 00:02:47 Lázár, György
Gedanken-Walzer (Thinking Waltz)00:06:00
20 Gedanken-Walzer 00:06:14 Lázár, György
21 Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka 00:03:10 Kassai, István
3 Walzer for piano 4 hands00:06:00
22 3 Walzer for Piano 4-Hands: No. 1, — 00:06:01 Kassai, István Lázár, György
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