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This set, a journey to the heart of the Tango, also reveals the importance of this music and the full singularity of a language that crosses styles and strikes profound chords in us. + In fact, this set constitutes a quadruple portrait of the Tango, bringing together four recordings from four different ensembles: the Caliente Quartet, the Ensemble Contraste, the Ensemble Astoria and the duo of cellist François Salque and accordionist Vincent Peirani. + This set also traces the evolution of this language, from Piazzolla to Beytelmann, including the byways taken by the Salque-Peirani duo.
Item number ZZT350
Barcode 3760009293502
Release date 11/18/2014
Category Chamber Music
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
Adios Nonino00:06:00
1 Adiós Noniño 00:04:51 Ensemble Contraste
2 Oblivion 00:02:39 Ensemble Contraste
La paloma00:06:19
3 La paloma 00:06:19 Ensemble Contraste
Histoire du Tango (History of the Tango): II. Cafe00:07:42
4 Histoire du tango: II. Café 1930 00:07:42 Choeur de Paris-Sorbonne Ensemble Contraste
5 Contrastes 00:02:54 Ensemble Contraste
El dia que me quieras (The Day when You Love Me)00:06:14
6 El día que me quieras 00:06:14 Farjot, Johan Deshayes, Karine Leger, Magali
La misma pena00:05:39
7 La misma pena 00:05:39 Ensemble Contraste
Milonga del Angel00:07:00
8 Milonga del angel 00:07:21 Ensemble Contraste Choeur de Paris-Sorbonne
Adios muchachos00:02:16
9 Adios muchachos 00:03:42 Ensemble Contraste
Las 4 Estaciones portenas: No. 4. Invierno Porteno00:05:00
10 Invierno porteno 00:05:06 Ensemble Contraste
11 Tangata 00:02:47 Ensemble Contraste
Saint Louis en l'Ile00:00:00
12 Saint Louis en l'Île 00:03:14 Ensemble Contraste
La Cumparsita00:04:03
13 La cumparsita 00:03:10 Ensemble Contraste
14 Oblivion (Jazz Version) 00:13:30 Choeur de Paris-Sorbonne Ensemble Contraste
Disc: 2
1 Travesuras 00:07:00 Peirani, Vincent Salque, Francois
Seul tout seul - Armagedon00:08:10
2 Seul tout seul - Armaguedon 00:08:10 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
Untitled Suite00:08:04
3 Untitled Suite 00:08:04 Peirani, Vincent Salque, Francois
Le Grand Tango (arr. for cello and accordion)00:00:00
4 Le grand tango: I. Tempo di tango (Arr. for Cello 00:03:16 Peirani, Vincent Salque, Francois
5 Le grand tango: II. Meno mosso (Arr. for Cello & A 00:04:16 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
6 Le grand tango: III. Più mosso (Arr. for Cello & A 00:03:12 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
Histoire du Tango (History of the Tango) (arr. for00:07:04
7 Histoire du tango: II. Café 1930 (Arr. for Cello & 00:07:04 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
8 Tanguillo 00:02:54 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
Suite No. 500:00:00
9 Suite en 5: I. — 00:05:39 Salque, Francois Gubitsch, Tomas Peirani, Vincent
10 Suite en 5: II. — 00:02:35 Salque, Francois Gubitsch, Tomas Peirani, Vincent
11 Suite en 5: III. — 00:02:27 Salque, Francois Gubitsch, Tomas Peirani, Vincent
12 Suite en 5: IV. — 00:06:10 Peirani, Vincent Gubitsch, Tomas Salque, Francois
Le chant des oiseaux00:02:32
13 Le chant des oiseaux 00:03:08 Salque, Francois Peirani, Vincent
Disc: 3
Michelangelo 7000:03:00
1 Michelangelo 70 00:02:41 Astoria
Las 4 Estaciones portenas (The Four Seasons)00:25:00
2 Las 4 estaciones portenas: III. Otoño porteño 00:05:17 Astoria
Tristeza de un doble A00:13:47
3 Tristeza de un doble A 00:05:29 Astoria
Nuestro tiempo00:03:58
4 Nuestro tiempo 00:03:59 Astoria
5 Escualo 00:02:55 Astoria
Milonga sin Palabras00:05:52
6 Milonga sin palabras 00:05:30 Astoria
Regreso al amor00:05:34
7 Regreso al amor 00:05:34 Astoria
8 Oblivion 00:04:11 Astoria
9 Libertango 00:03:01 Astoria
Las 4 Estaciones portenas (The Four Seasons)00:25:00
10 Las 4 estaciones porteñas: I. Primavera porteña 00:04:36 Astoria
Adios Nonino00:06:00
11 Adiós Noniño 00:08:32 Astoria
Disc: 4
La Camorra00:28:19
1 La Camorra I 00:09:50 Quatuor Caliente Colombani, Laurent
2 La Camorra II 00:07:22 Quatuor Caliente Colombani, Laurent
3 La Camorra III 00:11:07 Quatuor Caliente Colombani, Laurent
4 Encuentro 00:07:22 Quatuor Caliente Colombani, Laurent
Otras voces00:08:53
5 Otras voces 00:08:53 Quatuor Caliente Maillard, Vincent
El desaparecido00:07:48
6 El desaparecido 00:07:48 Quatuor Caliente
7 Contrabajissimo 00:10:13 Quatuor Caliente Colombani, Laurent
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