The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard (Unabridged)

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Barcode 9781843794479
Release date 2/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Reader Degas, Rupert
Disc: 1
1 The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard by Sir Arthur C 00:04:52 Degas, Rupert
2 It must be confessed, however… 00:05:09 Degas, Rupert
3 Suchet's head-quarters at that time… 00:05:22 Degas, Rupert
4 'Have you got him?' asked a voice, in Italian. 00:04:54 Degas, Rupert
5 I shrank back, and in an instant my pursuers were 00:04:38 Degas, Rupert
6 They advanced upon me… 00:05:15 Degas, Rupert
7 It was a long time in coming… 00:04:37 Degas, Rupert
8 The young man who had been pleading… 00:05:05 Degas, Rupert
9 'You must not care, Etienne.' 00:04:38 Degas, Rupert
10 He shook me by the shoulder… 00:05:38 Degas, Rupert
11 How The Brigadier Captured Saragossa 00:04:38 Degas, Rupert
12 So far I admit that I was wrong… 00:04:55 Degas, Rupert
13 'Your request is unusual,' saiD Major Olivier… 00:04:56 Degas, Rupert
14 This was a cheerful beginning. 00:05:30 Degas, Rupert
15 'It is an easy tree to climb,' said he. 00:05:48 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 2
1 As I had imagined, this broad boulevard… 00:04:48 Degas, Rupert
2 'Good heavens! have you been hanging here for two 00:05:10 Degas, Rupert
3 I passed unquestioned down the broad boulevard… 00:04:22 Degas, Rupert
4 Naturally, since an attack was about to be made… 00:04:39 Degas, Rupert
5 When I came to my senses… 00:05:27 Degas, Rupert
6 In all the great hosts of France there was only on 00:02:23 Degas, Rupert
7 How The Brigadier Slew The Fox 00:04:55 Degas, Rupert
8 Ah, how my heart swelled with pride and joy… 00:04:58 Degas, Rupert
9 I had never known it, but one of the bullets… 00:04:49 Degas, Rupert
10 It is incredible the insolence of these English! 00:05:09 Degas, Rupert
11 He was a dear creature upon whom I sat… 00:05:06 Degas, Rupert
12 All thought of fear of discovery had vanished. 00:05:41 Degas, Rupert
13 How The Brigadier Saved The Army 00:04:40 Degas, Rupert
14 There were many difficulties in connection with a 00:04:57 Degas, Rupert
15 'What you see,' said the Marshal… 00:03:51 Degas, Rupert
16 Over that flat country there lay the inviting whit 00:03:29 Degas, Rupert
17 You remember I have mentioned… 00:04:17 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 3
1 I heard the crashing of the barrels… 00:05:02 Degas, Rupert
2 When I had recovered my breath… 00:04:39 Degas, Rupert
3 'Sir,' said I, 'in the name of France I thank you… 00:04:22 Degas, Rupert
4 This was a new light upon the situation. 00:04:41 Degas, Rupert
5 Following the direction of his gesture, I turned… 00:04:27 Degas, Rupert
6 The idea seemed to amuse him very much. 00:03:31 Degas, Rupert
7 I stared in amazement at what he did. 00:03:39 Degas, Rupert
8 How The Brigadier Triumphed in England 00:03:56 Degas, Rupert
9 There is a game called cricket… 00:04:46 Degas, Rupert
10 What the mawleys were I did not know… 00:04:58 Degas, Rupert
11 From what I have told you of the Lady Jane… 00:04:33 Degas, Rupert
12 A dusky red suffused his handsome face. 00:05:13 Degas, Rupert
13 For some months he had indeed behaved well… 00:04:49 Degas, Rupert
14 'When I've killed this swaggering Frenchman,' said 00:04:51 Degas, Rupert
15 His hand opened and the handkerchief fell. 00:03:11 Degas, Rupert
16 'Come, come, Colonel Berkeley,' said Lord Dacre… 00:03:19 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 4
1 How The Brigadier Rode to Minsk 00:04:20 Degas, Rupert
2 Enough - a brave man can face age and fate… 00:04:29 Degas, Rupert
3 But there came a time between Wilna and Smolensk… 00:04:27 Degas, Rupert
4 These are the little precautions… 00:04:31 Degas, Rupert
5 I stared at it, and I had to shake my head. 00:04:53 Degas, Rupert
6 She looked at the writing with some surprise. 00:05:17 Degas, Rupert
7 Poor Violette, looking as miserable as her master… 00:05:10 Degas, Rupert
8 I looked at him with the contempt that I felt. 00:04:33 Degas, Rupert
9 For an hour of utter misery, chilled in body and s 00:04:19 Degas, Rupert
10 I stood for an instant with the key in my hand… 00:04:30 Degas, Rupert
11 How The Brigadier Bore Himself at Waterloo 00:04:30 Degas, Rupert
12 You have read how the Emperor gathered his forces… 00:04:45 Degas, Rupert
13 We all followed the direction of his gaze… 00:03:54 Degas, Rupert
14 In front of me lay the great wood… 00:05:05 Degas, Rupert
15 She was shaken by this… 00:04:41 Degas, Rupert
16 But an adventure came to break the monotony… 00:04:03 Degas, Rupert
17 The roar of guns, much nearer than before… 00:04:07 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 5
1 Gneisenau, the Chief of the Staff, had lingered… 00:05:27 Degas, Rupert
2 What a picture of surprise! 00:03:22 Degas, Rupert
3 Part Two - The Story of The Nine Prussian Horsemen 00:05:21 Degas, Rupert
4 'General Bulow!' I cried. 00:04:34 Degas, Rupert
5 At first I was carried away in that wild rush… 00:05:18 Degas, Rupert
6 The night was falling, and the Emperor's haggard f 00:04:10 Degas, Rupert
7 They all started and stared. 00:05:05 Degas, Rupert
8 So quick had been my impulse… 00:05:24 Degas, Rupert
9 To retreat was impossible. I could hear the thunde 00:04:12 Degas, Rupert
10 'Surrender, your Majesty, surrender!' he yelled… 00:04:58 Degas, Rupert
11 A single shot from a Prussian or an Austrian… 00:02:49 Degas, Rupert
12 At that instant my eye fell upon something… 00:03:40 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 6
1 The Last Adventure of The Brigadier 00:04:54 Degas, Rupert
2 There was one of these - the Sign of the Great Man 00:05:24 Degas, Rupert
3 He looked hard at me with his shrewd grey eyes… 00:03:48 Degas, Rupert
4 Some three days after my arrival… 00:05:08 Degas, Rupert
5 'Our hands have been forced…' 00:04:26 Degas, Rupert
6 Every light had been extinguished aboard our ship… 00:04:57 Degas, Rupert
7 My friends, I fell down upon the gravel walk… 00:05:07 Degas, Rupert
8 The Marriage of The Brigadier 00:04:36 Degas, Rupert
9 Now let me be precise for a moment. 00:03:40 Degas, Rupert
10 I had nearly reached the middle of the field… 00:04:19 Degas, Rupert
11 I walked across the field lost in thought… 00:04:36 Degas, Rupert
12 It was for the house of the Ravons that I raced. 00:04:31 Degas, Rupert
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