The Aeneid (Unabridged)

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The masterpiece of Rome’s greatest poet, Virgil’s Aeneid has inspired generations of readers and holds a central place in Western literature. The epic tells the story of a group of refugees from the ruined city of Troy, whose attempts to reach a promised land in the West are continually frustrated by the hostile goddess Juno. Finally reaching Italy, their leader Aeneas is forced to fight a bitter war against the natives to establish the foundations from which Rome is destined to rise. This magnificent poem, in the modern translation by Cecil Day Lewis, features a reading by David Collins, star of many BBC Radio 4 plays and documentaries, short stories such as Out of the Burning House by Marina Warner, and poetry on Poetry Please and Time for Verse. For Naxos AudioBooks he has read The Spanish Bride.
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Barcode 9781843798866
Release date 5/1/2015
Category Poetry
Number of units 10
Reader Collins, David
Disc: 1
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Book I 00:07:51 Collins, David
2 Even as he cried out thus, a howling gust… 00:06:49 Collins, David
3 Aeneas, where he stood, snatched up… 00:06:25 Collins, David
4 Here for three hundred years shall rule… 00:07:45 Collins, David
5 I am true-hearted Aeneas… 00:07:32 Collins, David
6 Another scene was of Troilus in flight… 00:06:51 Collins, David
7 We Carthaginians are not so insensitive… 00:06:54 Collins, David
8 My son, my only strength… 00:06:50 Collins, David
9 Book II 00:06:22 Collins, David
10 Some talk has come to your ears… 00:06:56 Collins, David
11 Straightaway, Calchas pronounced… 00:06:56 Collins, David
Disc: 2
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 It was the hour when worn-out men begin… 00:08:41 Collins, David
2 So saying, he put on Androgeos' plumed… 00:06:32 Collins, David
3 Now he had hewed out a panel… 00:06:41 Collins, David
4 But just then, Hugging close to the threshold… 00:06:45 Collins, David
5 Once again I am moved to fight… 00:05:37 Collins, David
6 Well, I panicked. My wits were fuddled… 00:05:40 Collins, David
7 Book III 00:07:09 Collins, David
8 We prostrated ourselves on the earth. 00:07:14 Collins, David
9 When we were well away, in deep water… 00:06:48 Collins, David
10 A rounded shield of bronze… 00:08:38 Collins, David
11 This ceremonial you and your friends… 00:08:31 Collins, David
Disc: 3
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 And now, the stars dispersed… 00:08:01 Collins, David
2 A house of blood and bloody feasts… 00:08:21 Collins, David
3 Book IV 00:07:50 Collins, David
4 A praiseworthy feat, I must say… 00:08:03 Collins, David
5 He, the son of Ammon by a ravished African… 00:07:58 Collins, David
6 Distraught, she witlessly wandered about… 00:07:47 Collins, David
7 Whereupon the Trojans redoubled… 00:08:18 Collins, David
8 So Dido spoke, and fell silent… 00:06:50 Collins, David
9 And now was Aurora, leaving the saffron… 00:05:09 Collins, David
10 Then, after eyeing the clothes he had left … 00:05:29 Collins, David
11 Book V 00:05:22 Collins, David
Disc: 4
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Now silence, all, for the rites… 00:08:16 Collins, David
2 The Trojans laughed at the sight of him… 00:07:47 Collins, David
3 This event being decided, true-hearted… 00:08:40 Collins, David
4 Dares himself, above all, stood aghast… 00:07:21 Collins, David
5 The son of Hyrtacus shot the first arrow… 00:08:19 Collins, David
6 Alas, such a wearisome waste of water… 00:07:52 Collins, David
7 Aeneas was much disturbed by the words… 00:06:16 Collins, David
8 Then spoke Saturn's son, the emperor… 00:05:59 Collins, David
9 Book VI 00:06:39 Collins, David
10 Wars, dreadful wars I see… 00:05:34 Collins, David
11 She spoke, then closed her lips. 00:06:26 Collins, David
Disc: 5
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Wherefore the Greeks called it Avernus… 00:08:06 Collins, David
2 Three stormy nights did the South wind… 00:08:32 Collins, David
3 Thus did Aeneas speak… 00:08:07 Collins, David
4 Do you see the sentry, who she is… 00:07:00 Collins, David
5 Now the Sibyl addressed the company… 00:05:44 Collins, David
6 Therefore the dead are disciplined… 00:06:03 Collins, David
7 Would you see the Tarquin kings… 00:06:38 Collins, David
8 BOOK VII 00:07:03 Collins, David
9 After the ritual sacrifice of a hundred… 00:07:29 Collins, David
10 Such was the holy shrine, the ancestral hall… 00:07:08 Collins, David
11 To the absent Aeneas he sent a chariot… 00:07:19 Collins, David
Disc: 6
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Now Turnus, if we go back to the origin… 00:08:32 Collins, David
2 There was a stag, a most noble creature… 00:08:17 Collins, David
3 About the reefs and the foaming rocks… 00:08:11 Collins, David
4 Evenly dressed they marched… 00:08:35 Collins, David
5 Book VIII 00:07:57 Collins, David
6 Quickly the Trojans steered to the bank… 00:07:27 Collins, David
7 This ogre was the son of Vulcan… 00:07:36 Collins, David
8 You daunted the river Styx… 00:06:41 Collins, David
9 Now, at the will of Jove, he has set foot… 00:06:51 Collins, David
10 The king began… 00:07:51 Collins, David
Disc: 7
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The man I was then would not have been… 00:07:48 Collins, David
2 Vulcan had also embossed the dancing Salii… 00:05:54 Collins, David
3 Book IX 00:07:55 Collins, David
4 Her son, who turns the heavenly… 00:07:23 Collins, David
5 One gate was held by Nisus… 00:07:53 Collins, David
6 Now, Euryalus, for you… 00:07:03 Collins, David
7 They were presents, originally… 00:08:17 Collins, David
8 Each captain mustered for battle… 00:08:34 Collins, David
9 On the whole front the din crescendoed… 00:08:48 Collins, David
10 Pandarus and Bitias, sprung from Alcanor… 00:08:40 Collins, David
Disc: 8
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 So Mnestheus shouted; Where do you think… 00:03:18 Collins, David
2 Book X 00:08:11 Collins, David
3 Such was Juno's plea; it got a mixed reception… 00:07:33 Collins, David
4 I must not pass over Cinyras… 00:07:11 Collins, David
5 The peak of Aeneas' helmet was blazing… 00:07:21 Collins, David
6 Just so did the ranks of Troy and Latium clash… 00:07:25 Collins, David
7 So saying, he moved out onto the field. 00:07:08 Collins, David
8 Magus had spoken. Aeneas gave him… 00:07:37 Collins, David
9 To her, the lord of Olympus on high… 00:07:06 Collins, David
10 Now, like a boar which the hounds… 00:07:07 Collins, David
11 Lausus, seeing this happen, groaned deeply… 00:07:45 Collins, David
Disc: 9
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 So saying, Mezentius hurled a spear at his foe… 00:02:23 Collins, David
2 Book XI 00:06:56 Collins, David
3 There were chariots in the cortege… 00:07:10 Collins, David
4 They bear great trophies, symbols of those… 00:07:39 Collins, David
5 After that war, driven to wide-apart coasts… 00:06:43 Collins, David
6 Your gracious Majesty, the issue you ask… 00:07:25 Collins, David
7 If such is your will, and otherwise I'm ruinous… 00:08:19 Collins, David
8 Carrying her against his breast, he made for… 00:07:30 Collins, David
9 Orsilochus dared not meet Remulus… 00:06:50 Collins, David
10 With the same ease will a falcon, prophetic… 00:07:31 Collins, David
11 Camilla, dying, tugged at the spear… 00:08:21 Collins, David
Disc: 10
The Aeneid (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Book XII 00:08:21 Collins, David
2 He was wildly wrought up, so burning… 00:07:54 Collins, David
3 I touch the altar, I call on the fire… 00:07:17 Collins, David
4 The Italians ran to the spot and despoiled… 00:07:13 Collins, David
5 At this point Iapis, the son of Iasus… 00:07:01 Collins, David
6 Aeneas, for all that, followed their mazy trail… 00:07:58 Collins, David
7 So, when a shepherd has traced a swarm… 00:07:28 Collins, David
8 Even as a boulder that rolls straight down… 00:07:14 Collins, David
9 Here, in the stump, was sticking Aeneas'… 00:08:49 Collins, David
10 Oh, Turnus, what can your sister do for you… 00:08:25 Collins, David
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