The Art of the Chinese Harp

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The guzheng, also called “zheng,” is a horizontally-played harp (or a plucked “half tube zither”) with a sound box. It looks similar to the Japanese koto, with an arched sound board of soft wutong wood, approximately six feet long and less than one foot wide. The sides and the bottom of the sound box are made of red sandal wood. The strings are traditionally silk but since the 1960s steel or nylon strings have been in use. They run across individually moveable bridges. The guzheng was popular as early as 475 BC, especially in the state of Qin in western China- hence the old name “qin zheng.” The strings are tuned to give three complete octaves of a pentatonic scale. CPP Music Productions is the only professional music recording and production studio in the UK dedicated to Chinese musicians and Chinese music. Founded in the 1990s the studio produced many recordings and compositions ranging from traditional Chinese to “East-Meets-West” style music, as well as contemporary music compositions.
Item number EUCD2692
Barcode 5019396269224
Release date 1/6/2017
Category World
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Xiao, Ying
Disc: 1
Spring on Snowy Mountains00:04:32
1 Spring on Snowy Mountains 00:04:30 Xiao, Ying
2 Thoughts 00:05:02 Xiao, Ying
Liu Yang River00:02:59
3 Liu Yang River 00:03:11 Xiao, Ying
Moon over Western River00:04:37
4 Moon over Western River 00:04:37 Xiao, Ying
Harvest Drumming00:03:52
5 Harvest Drumming 00:03:50 Xiao, Ying
Waters and Mountains00:06:53
6 Waters & Mountains 00:06:52 Xiao, Ying
7 Lotus 00:05:58 Xiao, Ying
Shifting Curtains00:03:44
8 Shifting Curtains 00:03:43 Xiao, Ying
Autumn Moon over Han Palace00:06:23
9 Autumn Moon over Han Palace 00:05:09 Xiao, Ying
Family Warmth00:04:50
10 Family Warmth 00:04:49 Xiao, Ying
High Moon00:05:37
11 High Moon 00:09:14 Xiao, Ying
The Sound of the Temple Bell00:04:00
12 The Sound of the Temple Bell 00:03:59 Xiao, Ying
General's Order00:04:02
13 General's Order 00:04:01 Xiao, Ying
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