The Book of the Courtier (Unabridged)

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Set in the court of Urbino in 1507, Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier presents an invaluable look at court life and culture during the Renaissance. Over four nights of dialogue, the book explores the key question, ‘What should a courtier be like?’ and presents a deep and timeless discussion that is reminiscent of Plato’s Symposium and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, and invites comparisons with Machiavelli’s The Prince. It is absorbing and enlightening, and encompasses a wide range of topics that include dancing, fencing, war, religion, culture, courtly and corporeal love and gender relations, with a surprisingly modern defense of women and equal rights. Nicholas Boulton is an exemplary narrator. He leads us through Castiglione’s fascinating courtesy book with great fluency.
Item number NA0305
Barcode 9781781981245
Release date 5/11/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 10
Non-Classical Artist Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 1
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 The Book of The Courtier 00:13:27 Boulton, Nicholas
2 The First Book of the Courtier 00:10:16 Boulton, Nicholas
3 The same was it among the ladies… 00:12:26 Boulton, Nicholas
4 My lady Duchess laughed, and the Unico… 00:11:25 Boulton, Nicholas
5 'I wish, then, that this Courtier of ours…' 00:11:31 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Then my lord Gaspare replied: 'As for me…' 00:11:36 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 2
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Then Messer Cesare Gonzaga said…' 00:11:39 Boulton, Nicholas
2 Then my lord Magnifico said: 'This is true…' 00:12:04 Boulton, Nicholas
3 The Magnifico said: 'I cannot and in reason…' 00:11:52 Boulton, Nicholas
4 'We, on the contrary, much more strict…' 00:11:25 Boulton, Nicholas
5 Then the Count said: 'I fear we shall be entering… 00:11:24 Boulton, Nicholas
6 'Thus you know Alexander held Homer…' 00:12:17 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 3
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Then my lord Gaspare said: 'I admit that music…' 00:11:28 Boulton, Nicholas
2 Therefore painting seems to me nobler… 00:10:40 Boulton, Nicholas
3 The Second Book of the Courtier 00:10:16 Boulton, Nicholas
4 Therefore let it be allowed us also to follow… 00:10:34 Boulton, Nicholas
5 And I remember having in my time known… 00:09:53 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Messer Federico replied: 'I regard as beautiful…' 00:10:40 Boulton, Nicholas
7 Without waiting for more, Pietro da Napoli… 00:09:40 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 4
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Then Messer Federico replied: 'I will by no…' 00:11:31 Boulton, Nicholas
2 'But I do not wish to touch on painful subjects.' 00:11:19 Boulton, Nicholas
3 'What,' replied my lord Gaspare, 'do you…' 00:11:17 Boulton, Nicholas
4 Sometimes, thinking it to be droll and witty… 00:11:04 Boulton, Nicholas
5 'Hence in our mode of life and conversation…' 00:12:27 Boulton, Nicholas
6 'Moreover we must diligently consider…' 00:12:34 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 5
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Messer Bernardo said: 'They must have rather been 00:11:42 Boulton, Nicholas
2 'But among other witticisms those have…' 00:11:25 Boulton, Nicholas
3 'You see that this situation gave opportunity…' 00:10:14 Boulton, Nicholas
4 'Don Giovanni di Cardona said something…' 00:10:44 Boulton, Nicholas
5 'Another time Rafaello de Pazzi saw a letter…' 00:11:26 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Then my lady Duchess said: 'And why do you…' 00:09:13 Boulton, Nicholas
7 And so, after they had again laughed awhile… 00:08:31 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 6
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Then Messer Bernardo said, laughing… 00:13:30 Boulton, Nicholas
2 The Third Book of the Courtier 00:11:33 Boulton, Nicholas
3 'Laying aside, then, those faculties of the mind…' 00:11:36 Boulton, Nicholas
4 Then my lord Gaspare said: 'I do not wish…' 00:12:01 Boulton, Nicholas
5 'I do not see, my lord Magnifico,'… 00:11:54 Boulton, Nicholas
6 The Magnifico Giuliano laughed, and said…' 00:11:10 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 7
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 My lord Gaspare said: 'It may be that this lady…' 00:11:51 Boulton, Nicholas
2 'But laying all others aside, tell me, my lord…' 00:12:39 Boulton, Nicholas
3 Then Messer Cesare, who had been silent… 00:11:02 Boulton, Nicholas
4 'Forgive me, my lord Gaspare, if I say the truth…' 00:12:46 Boulton, Nicholas
5 Messer Cesare having ceased speaking… 00:11:23 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Then my lord Gaspare said, laughing… 00:12:20 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 8
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 'My Lady,' replied the Unico… 00:10:08 Boulton, Nicholas
2 The Magnifico replied: 'Love affairs that have…' 00:10:29 Boulton, Nicholas
3 Then my lord Gaspare said: 'Another cause…' 00:10:29 Boulton, Nicholas
4 If, then, these men had lived… 00:10:16 Boulton, Nicholas
5 'From this it follows that…' 00:10:11 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Then my lord Ottaviano said, smiling…' 00:09:27 Boulton, Nicholas
7 My lord Ottaviano replied: 'You have judged…' 00:10:16 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 9
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 My lord Ottaviano replied: 'With that gentle…' 00:12:18 Boulton, Nicholas
2 Then my lord Gaspare said: 'I should much like…' 00:10:39 Boulton, Nicholas
3 'I should say then, that the prince ought to emplo 00:10:17 Boulton, Nicholas
4 My lord Ottaviano added: 'I think, then…' 00:12:30 Boulton, Nicholas
5 My lord Ottaviano laughed, and said: 'My lord…' 00:12:40 Boulton, Nicholas
6 Then my lady Duchess said: 'I am glad, Messer…' 00:10:59 Boulton, Nicholas
Disc: 10
The Book of the Courtier11:45:00
1 Here Bembo paused a little, as if to rest… 00:10:43 Boulton, Nicholas
2 Messer Pietro Bembo was silent… 00:10:55 Boulton, Nicholas
3 'Therefore the lover who considers beauty…' 00:10:39 Boulton, Nicholas
4 'What mortal tongue, then, O most holy Love…' 00:09:05 Boulton, Nicholas
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