The Celtic Lute

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There are Celtic Music specialty radio shows and on-demand audio channels. Celtic Music albums are sold in health food and yoga stores. We know it when we hear it. Right? So, what is it? There’s a loose definition (or maybe tacit agreement) that Celtic Music is found in those European cultures where the Celtic tribes invaded. Aside from Ireland and Scotland, Wales qualifies, as does Brittany, the Galician part of Spain, the Isle of Man. If we focus just on the Gaelic language group and fine tune it to just Scotland and Ireland, we really know what we are hearing, right? Do we? While there is plentiful cross-pollination between these two nations and an ancient shared heritage, they are not the same place, and their music is not a single common recipe using slightly different ingredients. Irish stew is not haggis. There are differences grand and small, subtle and great. Distinct nations with different histories will evolve different artistic natures, and this is played out in a joyful noise in our Celtic lands. Ronn McFarlane’s heritage and lifelong interest in Scottish music allows us to walk first (as Neil Munro put it) “song-haunted over the Moors.”
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Barcode 053479222527
Release date 7/27/2018
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Classical Artist McFarlane, Ronn
Disc: 1
Carolan's Welcome00:03:19
1 Carolan's Welcome 00:01:50 McFarlane, Ronn
Banish Misfortune00:02:00
2 Banish Misfortune 00:01:46 McFarlane, Ronn
The Battle of Harlaw00:02:00
3 The Battle of Harlaw 00:01:51 McFarlane, Ronn
Pipe on the Hob00:02:00
4 Pipe on the Hob 00:01:53 McFarlane, Ronn
Cliffs of Moher00:01:00
5 Cliffs of Moher 00:01:13 McFarlane, Ronn
Hey My Nanny - Guzzle Together00:02:00
6 Hey My Nanny / Guzzle Together 00:01:57 McFarlane, Ronn
O'Carolan's Dream00:00:00
7 O'Carolan's Dream 00:03:31 McFarlane, Ronn
Sheebeg and Sheemore00:03:00
8 Sheebeg and Sheemore 00:02:55 McFarlane, Ronn
The Flowers of Edinburgh00:03:00
9 The Flowers of Edinburgh 00:03:27 McFarlane, Ronn
Miss Noble00:02:00
10 Miss Noble 00:01:59 McFarlane, Ronn
Fanny Power00:02:00
11 Fanny Power 00:02:28 McFarlane, Ronn
The Flaggon00:02:00
12 The Flaggon 00:01:47 McFarlane, Ronn
The Stool of Repentance00:01:00
13 The Stool of Repentance 00:01:21 McFarlane, Ronn
The Lone Vale00:02:00
14 The Lone Vale 00:02:01 McFarlane, Ronn
Flee Over the Water00:01:00
15 Flee over the Water 00:01:28 McFarlane, Ronn
Hoop Her and Gird Her00:02:00
16 Hoop Her and Gird Her 00:01:45 McFarlane, Ronn
If I Had a Bonny Lass00:01:00
17 If I Had a Bonny Lass 00:01:11 McFarlane, Ronn
Lady Athenry00:00:00
18 Lady Athenry 00:02:29 McFarlane, Ronn
The Seas Are Deep00:02:00
19 The Seas Are Deep 00:01:39 McFarlane, Ronn
Tune Without Title, No. 17200:03:00
20 Tune Without Title No. 172 00:02:36 McFarlane, Ronn
The Monaghan Jig00:03:00
21 The Monaghan Jig 00:02:31 McFarlane, Ronn
The Kid on the Mountain00:02:00
22 The Kid on the Mountain 00:02:24 McFarlane, Ronn
Blind Mary00:03:48
23 Blind Mary 00:03:18 McFarlane, Ronn
George Brabazon00:01:40
24 George Brabazon 00:01:27 McFarlane, Ronn
Separation of the Body and Soul00:03:00
25 Separation of the Body and Soul 00:02:53 McFarlane, Ronn
The Butterfly00:02:00
26 The Butterfly 00:02:32 McFarlane, Ronn
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