The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0054
Barcode 9781843795049
Release date 10/1/2011
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
1 The Clumsy Ghost by Alastair Jessiman, read by Sea 00:05:14 Barrett, Sean
2 But of course there was a problem… 00:06:04 Barrett, Sean
3 One evening, the family had a seance in the lounge 00:05:20 Barrett, Sean
4 That evening, I stood by the arched window… 00:06:03 Barrett, Sean
5 By the Hot Green Water by Anna Britten, read by Ha 00:04:19 Somerville, Harry
6 After a couple of hours, we had a break… 00:05:43 Somerville, Harry
7 Mum and I walked home the long way… 00:05:43 Somerville, Harry
8 Unable to Connect by David Blake, read by Anne-Mar 00:05:21 Piazza, Anne-Marie
9 When I went in this evening, there was still one c 00:06:09 Piazza, Anne-Marie
10 After Mum died I was in a daze for weeks. 00:05:32 Piazza, Anne-Marie
11 The Stillness written and read by Roy McMillan 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
12 Jake learned his father's trade quickly… 00:04:07 McMillan, Roy
13 Three months later… 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
14 There was a lot of activity. 00:07:13 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 The Piper Boy by Edward Ferrie, read by Thomas Eyr 00:06:44 Eyre, Thomas
2 But Monday came before Friday… 00:03:27 Eyre, Thomas
3 Friday came and Steven knocked on the big oaken do 00:04:31 Eyre, Thomas
4 Steven took a closer look… 00:05:13 Eyre, Thomas
5 Monday morning came. The swimming pool. 00:03:31 Eyre, Thomas
6 The Weeping Tree by Margaret Ferrie, read by Anne- 00:04:25 Piazza, Anne-Marie
7 She awoke the next morning… 00:04:15 Piazza, Anne-Marie
8 Soon the three of them were seated around the tabl 00:07:08 Piazza, Anne-Marie
9 Amy slept fitfully that night… 00:05:43 Piazza, Anne-Marie
10 For the next three nights… 00:07:26 Piazza, Anne-Marie
11 The Book of Imhotep by David Angus, read by Sean B 00:05:44 Barrett, Sean
12 Together with some servants, carrying picks and sh 00:05:12 Barrett, Sean
13 Setna reached out his hand to lift the book… 00:05:42 Barrett, Sean
14 'This story is very sad,' said Setna… 00:05:52 Barrett, Sean
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