The Council of Justice (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0030
Barcode 9781843794578
Release date 8/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Homewood, Bill
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: The Red Hundred 00:04:59 Homewood, Bill
2 There were three delegates from Baden, Herr Schmid 00:05:31 Homewood, Bill
3 Two men stumbled into the car, one dumbfounded and 00:05:17 Homewood, Bill
4 The air of the crowded hall struck the two men in 00:05:03 Homewood, Bill
5 So her fame had grown until her father died and sh 00:05:36 Homewood, Bill
6 Chapter 2: The Fourth Man 00:04:54 Homewood, Bill
7 The detective jumped at the opportunity. 00:05:11 Homewood, Bill
8 They passed through the crowd that had gathered ab 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
9 'Enthusiast, dreamer and intellectual, of course,' 00:03:45 Homewood, Bill
10 In Middlesex Street, in the almost emptied hall, F 00:04:36 Homewood, Bill
11 Chapter 3: Jesson Alias Long 00:05:21 Homewood, Bill
12 It may be observed that 'Mr. Long' at the threshol 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
13 Nobody rose to greet the newcomers. The flashy man 00:05:19 Homewood, Bill
14 It would not be fair to follow Jesson through the 00:05:47 Homewood, Bill
15 Chapter 4: The Red Bean 00:03:48 Homewood, Bill
16 He was one of the seven that gathered in the dingy 00:03:56 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 2
1 Starque stabbed the list before him with a thick f 00:05:09 Homewood, Bill
2 He had to invent a story that would pass muster. 00:05:23 Homewood, Bill
3 So complete and inexplicable was the chill that ha 00:06:06 Homewood, Bill
4 Chapter 5: The Council Of Justice 00:05:56 Homewood, Bill
5 Bartholomew had regained a little of his self assu 00:05:25 Homewood, Bill
6 'Here, wake up!' Somebody was shaking his arm… 00:04:22 Homewood, Bill
7 If Bartholomew's need for cutting himself adrift… 00:03:05 Homewood, Bill
8 Chapter 6: Princess Revolutionary 00:05:45 Homewood, Bill
9 Bartholomew took a fresh grip of the chair. 00:05:23 Homewood, Bill
10 He saw her, standing near the body of the man… 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
11 Chapter 7: The Government and Mr. Jessen 00:04:58 Homewood, Bill
12 It was subsequent to Mr. Jessen's visit to the Hom 00:04:07 Homewood, Bill
13 The detective remembered that this hereditary Prin 00:05:04 Homewood, Bill
14 Chapter 8: An Incident In The Fight 00:05:31 Homewood, Bill
15 That night His Highness arrived promptly at eight 00:03:27 Homewood, Bill
16 Carlos Ferdinand Bourbon, Prince of the Escorial… 00:03:17 Homewood, Bill
17 Chapter 9: The Four Versus The Hundred 00:01:19 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 3
1 'It's a humiliating confession,' said the chief co 00:05:19 Homewood, Bill
2 Thereafter Von Dunop was not permitted to enjoy hi 00:04:09 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 10: The Trial 00:04:55 Homewood, Bill
4 It was in the Lodge Room of the Pride of Millwall, 00:04:56 Homewood, Bill
5 After this, the sum of his transgressions was pron 00:04:36 Homewood, Bill
6 The power of the Red Hundred was broken. 00:03:21 Homewood, Bill
7 'There are two ways of writing about the police, S 00:03:45 Homewood, Bill
8 Chapter 11: Manfred 00:04:49 Homewood, Bill
9 'Come in,' he said, in answer to the knock. 00:03:53 Homewood, Bill
10 'What is it you see that displeases you?' he asked 00:04:31 Homewood, Bill
11 Still he made no sign, sitting there all huddled i 00:04:38 Homewood, Bill
12 Chapter 12: In Wandsworth Jail 00:05:31 Homewood, Bill
13 Manfred refused to plead 'guilty' or 'not guilty'. 00:05:21 Homewood, Bill
14 The governor, still frowning thoughtfully, left th 00:03:58 Homewood, Bill
15 He might have been tried at the sessions following 00:03:35 Homewood, Bill
16 Armed with the authority of the Home Secretary cam 00:04:33 Homewood, Bill
17 Chapter 13: The Rational Faithers 00:03:10 Homewood, Bill
18 Poiccart made no response. 'He is also the head…' 00:03:41 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 4
1 His pause was so long that Poiccart interjected an 00:04:10 Homewood, Bill
2 The hotel was well surrounded by midnight, but so 00:03:55 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 14: At The Old Bailey… 00:04:56 Homewood, Bill
4 So he went on to speak of the Four Just Men who ha 00:05:49 Homewood, Bill
5 'You come to speak on behalf of the accused?' aske 00:04:19 Homewood, Bill
6 'Let me put another case. Suppose you governed…' 00:04:04 Homewood, Bill
7 The court was so still that he could hear the scra 00:03:10 Homewood, Bill
8 'It would be madness to expect a civilized country 00:04:10 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 15: Chelmsford 00:04:36 Homewood, Bill
10 He woke with the chief warder's hand on his arm… 00:04:48 Homewood, Bill
11 The detached house facing the prison was fortunate 00:05:22 Homewood, Bill
12 Until 6 o'clock these men rested – as men must res 00:04:21 Homewood, Bill
13 Another silence, and then Leon resumed… 00:04:53 Homewood, Bill
14 Chapter 16: The Execution 00:05:26 Homewood, Bill
15 Three days before the date fixed for the execution 00:04:49 Homewood, Bill
16 He was accurate in his surmise. At the eleventh ho 00:05:05 Homewood, Bill
17 Manfred felt himself caught in a net, deft hands… 00:05:15 Homewood, Bill
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This item has been discontinued, and will no longer be available once out of stock.
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