The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 3 (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0127
Barcode 9781843797173
Release date 5/1/2014
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 16
Non-Classical Artist Timson, David
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 26 00:11:05 Timson, David
2 The supply is multiplied and prolonged… 00:10:32 Timson, David
3 The political society of the ancient Germans… 00:11:46 Timson, David
4 The annals of China illustrate the state and revol 00:08:18 Timson, David
5 The conquest of China has been twice achieved… 00:11:50 Timson, David
6 It is impossible to fill the dark interval of time 00:10:38 Timson, David
7 After Valens had terminated the Gothic war… 00:08:36 Timson, David
8 The Goths, with arms in their hands… 00:06:42 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 Lupicinus had invited the Gothic chiefs… 00:08:37 Timson, David
2 The imprudence of Valens and his ministers… 00:09:29 Timson, David
3 One of the most dangerous inconveniences… 00:11:15 Timson, David
4 On the ninth of August, a day which has deserved… 00:10:50 Timson, David
5 A Gothic soldier was slain by the dagger of an Ara 00:08:17 Timson, David
6 The emperor Gratian was far advanced on his march… 00:09:29 Timson, David
7 It is not without the most sincere regret… 00:09:42 Timson, David
8 In the hands of a skilful politician… 00:11:47 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 The calamities of the war were painted in the most 00:05:31 Timson, David
2 Chapter 27 00:11:11 Timson, David
3 But there was danger likewise in refusing the empi 00:09:50 Timson, David
4 Before he again took the field against the Goths… 00:09:43 Timson, David
5 Gregory submitted with reluctance to this humiliat 00:10:10 Timson, David
6 The hope, that truth and wisdom would be found… 00:12:10 Timson, David
7 The theory of persecution was established by Theod 00:10:00 Timson, David
8 The government of Italy, and of the young emperor… 00:10:31 Timson, David
Disc: 4
1 The reason of the present age may possibly approve 00:10:01 Timson, David
2 The veterans, who still remembered the long resist 00:09:30 Timson, David
3 Yet the piercing eye of the founder of the republi 00:11:19 Timson, David
4 The sedition of Thessalonica is ascribed… 00:09:10 Timson, David
5 The emperor was deeply affected by his own reproac 00:11:57 Timson, David
6 The prudence of Arbogastes had prepared the succes 00:10:18 Timson, David
7 His victory was decisive… 00:09:33 Timson, David
8 Chapter 28 00:07:33 Timson, David
Disc: 5
1 But the emperor yet spared the statues of the gods 00:11:24 Timson, David
2 The filial piety of the emperors themselves… 00:09:21 Timson, David
3 In this wide and various prospect of devastation… 00:10:04 Timson, David
4 He aimed a vigorous stroke against the cheek of Se 00:09:44 Timson, David
5 A nation of slaves is always prepared to applaud… 00:10:58 Timson, David
6 I: The satisfactory experience… 00:06:28 Timson, David
7 III: The innumerable miracles… 00:09:05 Timson, David
8 Chapter 29 00:12:09 Timson, David
Disc: 6
1 But the absence, and, soon afterwards, the death… 00:10:13 Timson, David
2 The celestial gift, which Achilles obtained… 00:08:04 Timson, David
3 The impartiality which Stilicho affected… 00:10:10 Timson, David
4 The prudent Stilicho, instead of persisting to for 00:10:45 Timson, David
5 Gildo was prepared to resist the invasion with all 00:09:38 Timson, David
6 Chapter 30 00:09:54 Timson, David
7 Corinth, Argos, Sparta yielded without resistance… 00:09:54 Timson, David
8 The court of Arcadius indulged the zeal… 00:10:40 Timson, David
Disc: 7
1 Without losing a moment (while each moment was so 00:10:32 Timson, David
2 The eloquence of Claudian has celebrated… 00:09:47 Timson, David
3 The recent danger, to which the person of the empe 00:12:09 Timson, David
4 The correspondence of nations was, in that age… 00:10:56 Timson, David
5 The fame of the victory, and more especially… 00:10:48 Timson, David
6 In the early part of the reign of Honorius… 00:09:20 Timson, David
7 The poet, whose flattery has ascribed to the Roman 00:07:10 Timson, David
8 But the reign of Stilicho drew towards its end… 00:08:27 Timson, David
Disc: 8
1 The servile crowd of the palace… 00:12:22 Timson, David
2 Chapter 31 00:08:40 Timson, David
3 During a period of six hundred and nineteen years… 00:10:45 Timson, David
4 'The marbles of the Anician palace,' were used… 00:09:46 Timson, David
5 'The greatness of Rome' - such is the language… 00:08:31 Timson, David
6 In the same manner as the cavalry and infantry… 00:11:17 Timson, David
7 In populous cities, which are the seat of commerce 00:09:27 Timson, David
8 But the most lively and splendid amusement… 00:08:20 Timson, David
Disc: 9
1 The two classes of domus and of insuloe… 00:10:31 Timson, David
2 But the public treasury was exhausted… 00:12:15 Timson, David
3 While the emperor and his court enjoyed, with sull 00:09:02 Timson, David
4 But there is a Providence (such at least was the o 00:09:40 Timson, David
5 In the sack of Rome, some rare and extraordinary e 00:08:23 Timson, David
6 Whatever might be the numbers of equestrian… 00:09:57 Timson, David
7 The retreat of the victorious Goths who evacuated 00:10:21 Timson, David
8 With these pacific views, the successor of Alaric… 00:08:58 Timson, David
Disc: 10
1 One of the successors of Torismond… 00:12:01 Timson, David
2 The general, (Constantius was his name)… 00:09:28 Timson, David
3 The situation of Spain, separated, on all sides… 00:10:12 Timson, David
4 The Spanish war was obstinately supported… 00:12:10 Timson, David
5 This revolution dissolved the artificial fabric… 00:10:21 Timson, David
6 Chapter 32 00:12:10 Timson, David
7 As long as he despoiled the oppressors… 00:12:19 Timson, David
Disc: 11
1 A soft and wealthy province, in the heart of the e 00:10:58 Timson, David
2 While this domestic revolution was transacted… 00:08:52 Timson, David
3 After the death of the indolent Nectarius… 00:11:01 Timson, David
4 This ecclesiastical conspiracy was managed by Theo 00:11:41 Timson, David
5 Yet a reasonable doubt may be entertained… 00:08:57 Timson, David
6 But the Romans had so long been accustomed… 00:09:58 Timson, David
7 The story of a fair and virtuous maiden… 00:09:10 Timson, David
8 The gentle mind of Theodosius was never inflamed… 00:08:31 Timson, David
Disc: 12
1 Exasperated by the firmness of Isaac… 00:01:39 Timson, David
2 Chapter 33 00:10:00 Timson, David
3 The emperor of the East acquired the useful domini 00:11:58 Timson, David
4 Our fancy, so long accustomed to exaggerate… 00:10:04 Timson, David
5 The long and narrow tract of the African coast… 00:11:25 Timson, David
6 It might naturally be expected, after the retreat… 00:10:00 Timson, David
7 Among the insipid legends of ecclesiastical histor 00:08:11 Timson, David
8 Chapter 34 00:07:16 Timson, David
9 Attila, the son of Mundzuk, deduced his noble… 00:08:54 Timson, David
Disc: 13
1 In the proud review of the nations… 00:11:41 Timson, David
2 In all their invasions of the civilized empires of 00:10:00 Timson, David
3 The Huns might be provoked to insult… 00:10:29 Timson, David
4 It would have been strange, indeed, if Theodosius… 00:09:05 Timson, David
5 At length, by the intercession of Scotta… 00:09:58 Timson, David
6 His anger gradually subsided… 00:08:19 Timson, David
7 After some previous conversation, and a mutual oat 00:09:05 Timson, David
8 Chapter 35 00:10:29 Timson, David
Disc: 14
1 The kingdom, established by the Visigoths… 00:09:48 Timson, David
2 From the report of his spies… 00:08:53 Timson, David
3 A native of Gaul, and a contemporary… 00:10:59 Timson, David
4 On their approach, the king of the Huns immediatel 00:10:33 Timson, David
5 But his enemies had passed the night… 00:12:10 Timson, David
6 It is a saying worthy of the ferocious pride of At 00:09:09 Timson, David
7 The Roman ambassadors were introduced… 00:09:33 Timson, David
8 Such an event might contribute to the safety… 00:08:00 Timson, David
Disc: 15
1 As early as the time of Cicero and Varro… 00:03:30 Timson, David
2 Chapter 36 00:10:06 Timson, David
3 On the third day after the tumult… 00:12:02 Timson, David
4 Theodoric, to whom Avitus was indebted for the pur 00:10:37 Timson, David
5 The pressing solicitations of the senate and peopl 00:11:49 Timson, David
6 The private and public actions of Majorian… 00:08:58 Timson, David
7 While the emperor Majorian assiduously laboured… 00:09:37 Timson, David
8 It was not, perhaps, without some regret… 00:10:35 Timson, David
Disc: 16
1 Since the death of the younger Theodosius… 00:09:27 Timson, David
2 The Greeks ambitiously commend the piety… 00:10:05 Timson, David
3 Experience has shown, that the success of an invad 00:09:34 Timson, David
4 One of the last acts of jurisdiction… 00:09:33 Timson, David
5 Their recommendation was approved… 00:09:07 Timson, David
6 Whilst the vacant throne of Italy was abandoned… 00:09:13 Timson, David
7 Their gallant leader, who did not survive… 00:10:50 Timson, David
8 Odoacer was the first Barbarian who reigned in Ita 00:09:30 Timson, David
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