The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 4 (Unabridged)

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In Volume IV (Chapters XXXVII-XLVI), Gibbon explores the state of the Roman provinces after the dissolution of the Western Empire, and examines the reasons for its fall, not excluding its 'immoderate greatness'. + He then moves to the Empire in the East and its rule under Justinian (527 565), whose formidable leadership saw the re-fortification of Constantinople and the frontiers of the Eastern Empire. + However, dangerous times remain ahead as the Persians make attempts to siege Constantinople. + Gibbon ends with the state of the Eastern Empire in the sixth century and its weaknesses after a long war.
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Release date 7/1/2014
Category Spoken Word
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Non-Classical Artist Timson, David
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 37 00:10:00 Timson, David
2 Athanasius introduced into Rome… 00:10:06 Timson, David
3 Such rare and illustrious penitents were celebrate 00:08:47 Timson, David
4 Pleasure and guilt are synonymous terms… 00:09:52 Timson, David
5 The lives of the primitive monks were consumed… 00:09:42 Timson, David
6 Among these heroes of the monastic life… 00:11:09 Timson, David
7 Their fiercer brethren, the formidable Visigoths… 00:10:35 Timson, David
8 The temper and understanding of the new proselytes 00:08:33 Timson, David
Disc: 2
1 The passionate declarations of the Catholic… 00:09:40 Timson, David
2 VI. A new mode of conversion… 00:09:08 Timson, David
3 The example of fraud must excite suspicion… 00:09:14 Timson, David
4 His son and successor, Recared… 00:12:03 Timson, David
5 Chapter 38 00:10:07 Timson, David
6 The first exploit of Clovis was the defeat of Syag 00:08:43 Timson, David
7 Till the thirtieth year of his age Clovis continue 00:10:45 Timson, David
8 The kingdom of the Burgundians… 00:08:59 Timson, David
Disc: 3
1 A full chorus of perpetual psalmody… 00:11:18 Timson, David
2 Such is the empire of Fortune… 00:10:08 Timson, David
3 The Franks, or French, are the only people of Euro 00:09:56 Timson, David
4 In the calm moments of legislation… 00:10:31 Timson, David
5 The silence of ancient and authentic testimony… 00:11:39 Timson, David
6 The general state and revolutions of France… 00:11:27 Timson, David
7 We are now qualified to despise the opposite… 00:13:38 Timson, David
Disc: 4
1 One of these legislative councils of Toledo… 00:11:59 Timson, David
2 A monk, who in the profound ignorance… 00:08:30 Timson, David
3 In a century of perpetual… 00:08:46 Timson, David
4 This strange alteration has persuaded historians… 00:08:05 Timson, David
5 Their disposition was rash and choleric… 00:08:08 Timson, David
6 General Observations on the Fall of the Roman Empi 00:10:26 Timson, David
7 This awful revolution may be usefully applied… 00:07:54 Timson, David
8 III. Cold, poverty, and a life of danger and fatig 00:08:32 Timson, David
9 Chapter 39 00:05:12 Timson, David
Disc: 5
1 An hero, descended from a race of kings… 00:08:55 Timson, David
2 In every state of his fortune… 00:10:30 Timson, David
3 The jealousy of power and the mischiefs of discord 00:12:57 Timson, David
4 The life of Theodoric represents the rare… 00:10:25 Timson, David
5 As the patron of the republic… 00:10:51 Timson, David
6 A difference of religion is always pernicious… 00:08:04 Timson, David
7 Even the religious toleration… 00:09:56 Timson, David
8 A philosopher, liberal of his wealth… 00:07:43 Timson, David
Disc: 6
1 But his genius survived to diffuse a ray… 00:07:08 Timson, David
2 Chapter 40 00:10:04 Timson, David
3 While he indulged the people of Constantinople… 00:08:53 Timson, David
4 I. In the exercise of supreme power… 00:10:35 Timson, David
5 Those who believe that the female mind… 00:07:49 Timson, David
6 II. A material difference may be observed… 00:11:43 Timson, David
7 A sedition which almost laid Constantinople in ash 00:11:20 Timson, David
8 III. That empire, after Rome was barbarous… 00:11:33 Timson, David
Disc: 7
1 To escape the Tartar robbers and the tyrants… 00:10:45 Timson, David
2 IV. The subjects of Justinian were dissatisfied… 00:09:43 Timson, David
3 The aerial tribute, without a name… 00:11:50 Timson, David
4 V. The edifices of Justinian were cemented… 00:10:00 Timson, David
5 But the pride of the Roman Solomon… 00:11:17 Timson, David
6 Almost every saint in the calendar acquired the ho 00:10:20 Timson, David
7 Asia Minor, after the submission of the Isaurians… 00:15:18 Timson, David
Disc: 8
1 The death of Perozes abandoned Persia… 00:08:37 Timson, David
2 VII. Justinian suppressed the schools of Athens… 00:10:12 Timson, David
3 The Gothic arms were less fatal to the schools of 00:11:49 Timson, David
4 Chapter 41 00:11:03 Timson, David
5 The Africanus of new Rome was born… 00:11:10 Timson, David
6 In the seventh year of the reign of Justinian… 00:11:13 Timson, David
7 In a march of ten or twelve days… 00:15:01 Timson, David
Disc: 9
1 The historian has inserted and the reader may easi 00:10:09 Timson, David
2 Yet the conquest of Africa was imperfect… 00:11:55 Timson, David
3 But the purest reward of Belisarius… 00:11:27 Timson, David
4 The experience of past faults… 00:09:44 Timson, David
5 But the future happiness of the queen of Italy… 00:11:13 Timson, David
6 Although Theodatus descended from a race of heroes 00:09:39 Timson, David
7 At the end of twenty days that of Belisarius… 00:07:03 Timson, David
8 As soon as Belisarius had fortified his new conque 00:07:44 Timson, David
Disc: 10
1 Yet Rome in its present state… 00:12:15 Timson, David
2 From the moment that Belisarius had determined… 00:10:17 Timson, David
3 These seasonable aids… 00:10:42 Timson, David
4 In this hasty act of violence… 00:10:02 Timson, David
5 As soon as Belisarius was delivered… 00:09:35 Timson, David
6 Every spectator admired, without peril… 00:11:21 Timson, David
7 A philosopher may pity and forgive the infirmities 00:08:56 Timson, David
8 Chapter 42 00:05:42 Timson, David
Disc: 11
1 In such an age, the triumphs of Belisarius… 00:10:15 Timson, David
2 Four thousand six hundred villages were scattered… 00:09:37 Timson, David
3 In the midst of these obscure calamities… 00:09:08 Timson, David
4 In the rapid career of conquest… 00:10:28 Timson, David
5 The answer of Disabul corresponded… 00:08:38 Timson, David
6 But the justice of kings is understood by themselv 00:10:35 Timson, David
7 In the search of universal knowledge… 00:10:07 Timson, David
8 He advanced into the heart of Syria… 00:10:16 Timson, David
Disc: 12
1 Fifteen generals, without concert or skill… 00:10:49 Timson, David
2 Yet, amidst the rudest ignorance… 00:09:48 Timson, David
3 But the Lazi soon discovered that their impatience 00:11:50 Timson, David
4 In peace, the king of Persia continually sought… 00:08:24 Timson, David
5 The independence of the Homerites… 00:05:59 Timson, David
6 Chapter 43 00:09:48 Timson, David
7 A personal injury, the unjust execution or murder… 00:09:45 Timson, David
8 The virtues of Belisarius were replaced… 00:12:20 Timson, David
Disc: 13
1 The foresight of Totila had raised obstacles… 00:09:41 Timson, David
2 The loss of Rome was speedily retrieved… 00:09:25 Timson, David
3 Before the departure of Belisarius, Perusia was be 00:10:14 Timson, David
4 The talents of Narses were tried and improved… 00:10:00 Timson, David
5 The first line of cavalry advanced with more coura 00:11:00 Timson, David
6 Before Lucca had surrendered… 00:09:34 Timson, David
7 After a reign of sixty years… 00:09:06 Timson, David
8 But the eyes of the prince and people… 00:08:56 Timson, David
Disc: 14
1 If the emperor could rejoice in the death of Belis 00:05:04 Timson, David
2 I shall conclude this chapter… 00:12:07 Timson, David
3 III. Aethiopia and Egypt have been stigmatised… 00:10:54 Timson, David
4 Chapter 44 00:08:59 Timson, David
5 I shall not repeat the well-known story of the Dec 00:10:09 Timson, David
6 Once, and once only, he experienced… 00:10:37 Timson, David
7 The tyrant of Rome was sometimes the benefactor… 00:12:01 Timson, David
8 The jurisprudence which had been grossly adapted… 00:09:00 Timson, David
Disc: 15
1 This opposition of sentiments was propagated… 00:10:29 Timson, David
2 From the library of Tribonian they chose forty… 00:11:58
3 It is the first care of a reformer to prevent… 00:10:20 Timson, David
4 The law of nature instructs most animals… 00:08:15
5 Experience has proved that savages are the tyrants 00:10:44
6 Insufficient remedies followed with distant and ta 00:09:25 Timson, David
7 The relation of guardian and ward… 00:09:03 Timson, David
8 The personal title of the first proprietor… 00:09:02
Disc: 16
1 But the experience of unnatural parents… 00:08:29 Timson, David
2 II. The obligations of the second class… 00:09:06
3 The execution of the Alban dictator… 00:11:36
4 The first imperfect attempt to restore the proport 00:12:07 Timson, David
5 The free citizens of Athens and Rome… 00:13:40 Timson, David
6 Chapter 45 00:09:11
7 While Alboin served under his father's standard… 00:08:18
8 The destruction of a mighty kingdom… 00:06:36
Disc: 17
1 The reality, or the suspicion… 00:11:50
2 When the nephew of Justinian ascended the throne… 00:09:50 Timson, David
3 With the odious name of Tiberius… 00:11:23
4 During a period of two hundred years… 00:12:03
5 So rapid was the influence of climate and example… 00:09:34
6 Amidst the arms of the Lombards… 00:11:40 Timson, David
7 The pontificate of Gregory the Great… 00:11:27 Timson, David
Disc: 18
1 Chapter 46 00:10:19
2 The throne of Chosroes Nushirvan was filled… 00:11:26 Timson, David
3 As the passes were faithfully guarded… 00:09:52 Timson, David
4 The palace was soon distracted with conspiracy… 00:10:40
5 These were the casual sallies of his pride… 00:10:35 Timson, David
6 The military fame of Commentiolus is the object of 00:10:05
7 In a small bark the unfortunate Maurice… 00:07:36 Timson, David
8 In the massacre of the Imperial family… 00:07:31 Timson, David
Disc: 19
1 Even after his death the republic was afflicted… 00:09:43 Timson, David
2 From the long-disputed banks of the Tigris and Eup 00:10:37 Timson, David
3 On the shore of Chalcedon the emperor held… 00:10:05 Timson, David
4 Whatever hardship the emperor imposed on the troop 00:11:06
5 Instead of skirmishing on the frontier… 00:10:26
6 Eastward of the Tigris, at the end of the bridge o 00:09:19 Timson, David
7 Twenty-two satraps, they styled themselves patriot 00:09:23
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