The Door (Unabridged)

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Intense, brilliant and moving, The Door is a compelling story about the relationship between two women of opposing backgrounds and personalities - one, an intellectual and writer - the other, her hosuekeeper, a mysterious, elderly woman who sets her own rules and abjures religion, education, pretense and any kind of authority. Beneath this hardened exterior of Emerence lies a painful story that must be concealed. With great insight and clarity The Door explores themes of love, loyalty, pride and privacy and the barriers and secrets that govern them. This album is the first audiobook recording of this modern European classic. Len Rix's translation of The Door won the 2006 Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize and was short-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. The New York Times included it in their list of 2015's 10 Best Books.
Item number NA0284
Barcode 9781781980798
Release date 2/10/2017
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Reader Thomas, Siân
Disc: 1
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 The Door 00:05:36 Thomas, Siân
2 The Contract 00:08:21 Thomas, Siân
3 I stared after her as she calmly strolled away… 00:10:14 Thomas, Siân
4 It was a major event in our lives. 00:07:16 Thomas, Siân
5 Adélka's revelations eased my concerns… 00:07:25 Thomas, Siân
6 Christ's Brothers and Sisters 00:11:17 Thomas, Siân
7 As she delivered this tirade about Christ as victi 00:09:37 Thomas, Siân
8 By then they were both dead, but I didn't realise… 00:06:05 Thomas, Siân
9 Viola 00:11:08 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 2
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 It was a hard winter, Emerence was inundated… 00:12:51 Thomas, Siân
2 The first encounter can't have been uneventful. 00:08:42 Thomas, Siân
3 Friends and Neighbours 00:10:06 Thomas, Siân
4 That evening, when the old woman arrived… 00:11:15 Thomas, Siân
5 The Murano Mirror 00:09:58 Thomas, Siân
6 I found out soon enough. 00:09:39 Thomas, Siân
7 So I wasn't at all happy about having to return… 00:06:29 Thomas, Siân
8 I wondered what this well disposed young person… 00:07:40 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 3
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 Junk Clearance 00:09:44 Thomas, Siân
2 But there remained the unresolved problems… 00:09:04 Thomas, Siân
3 The shocking thing was, she had hit on… 00:10:47 Thomas, Siân
4 It wasn't a question of holding anything against… 00:12:10 Thomas, Siân
5 Paulette 00:12:22 Thomas, Siân
6 The two lions on the gate of Mycenae stirred… 00:08:34 Thomas, Siân
7 That evening, she came for Viola. 00:05:35 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 4
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 Politics 00:12:00 Thomas, Siân
2 Emerence could barely read. 00:12:21 Thomas, Siân
3 Nádori-Csabadul 00:06:36 Thomas, Siân
4 On the day of my outing Emerence arrived… 00:07:54 Thomas, Siân
5 I now had to be very careful not to show… 00:08:41 Thomas, Siân
6 I didn't find the farmyard. 00:08:14 Thomas, Siân
7 There was a deep sighing in the bushes. 00:06:16 Thomas, Siân
8 Filming 00:09:25 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 5
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 The Moment 00:12:19 Thomas, Siân
2 'What are you staring at now? I told…' 00:05:58 Thomas, Siân
3 'When he slipped out of the country I thought…' 00:08:09 Thomas, Siân
4 Lent 00:10:46 Thomas, Siân
5 'You left him again today, and went off to church. 00:10:25 Thomas, Siân
6 She went ahead and I followed. 00:10:23 Thomas, Siân
7 Christmas Surprise 00:07:43 Thomas, Siân
8 Emerence made precise distinctions in the way… 00:07:10 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 6
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 Action 00:08:55 Thomas, Siân
2 So she didn't want anyone to see her… 00:10:10 Thomas, Siân
3 At dawn I went over to her flat and knocked. 00:10:45 Thomas, Siân
4 Without Her Headscarf 00:09:37 Thomas, Siân
5 'They are bringing her,' the sister said… 00:10:23 Thomas, Siân
6 The Ceremony 00:11:00 Thomas, Siân
7 As it happened, so many people… 00:09:51 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 7
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 Meanwhile, Józsi's boy had arrived… 00:06:44 Thomas, Siân
2 Back at home at last, I tore the dress off… 00:06:26 Thomas, Siân
3 Amnesia 00:09:07 Thomas, Siân
4 Peals of laughter met me some way down… 00:08:05 Thomas, Siân
5 Sutu had promised to come at six o'clock. 00:07:55 Thomas, Siân
6 It was like facing an interrogator and a judge… 00:08:21 Thomas, Siân
7 Sutu 00:09:31 Thomas, Siân
8 I was the most silent of all. 00:07:42 Thomas, Siân
9 I waited for the second shot. 00:06:06 Thomas, Siân
Disc: 8
The Door (Unabridged)09:12:00
1 Finale 00:08:21 Thomas, Siân
2 An hour later I felt calmer. 00:06:56 Thomas, Siân
3 Inheritance 00:10:07 Thomas, Siân
4 The crowd of mourners was now so great… 00:09:45 Thomas, Siân
5 The Solution 00:10:04 Thomas, Siân
6 The Door 00:00:44 Thomas, Siân
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