The Empty House and Other Stories (Unabridged)

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English author Algernon Henry Blackwood (1869-1951) was one of the most prolific short story writers and a pioneer in the genre of ghost stories. Jack Sulliven writes: “Blackwood’s life parallels his work more neatly than perhaps that of any other ghost story writer. Like his lonely but fundamentally optimistic protagonists, he was a combination of mystic and outdoorsman; when he wasn’t steeping himself in occultism, including Rosicrucianism and Buddhism, he was likely to be skiing or mountain climbing.” Four stories are included in this collection: The Empty House, The Willows, The Listener, and The Wendigo. These spine-tingling tales will make any listener’s flesh crawl. Well-known actor Hugh Ross brilliantly captures the unsettling atmosphere of suspense and dread of Blackwood’s tales in this reading.
Item number NA0244
Barcode 9781843799948
Release date 7/8/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Non-Classical Artist Ross, Hugh
Disc: 1
The Empty House (Unabridged)00:50:00
1 The Empty House 00:11:02 Ross, Hugh
2 It was about half-way up the square… 00:10:41 Ross, Hugh
3 Leaving the main kitchen, they next went… 00:12:37 Ross, Hugh
4 Inside the house the silence became awful… 00:12:20 Ross, Hugh
The Willows (Unabridged)01:00:00
5 The Willows 00:09:44 Ross, Hugh
6 It was full of tricks, too, in its early life… 00:10:23 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 2
The Willows (Unabridged)01:00:00
1 Great revelations of nature, of course, never fail 00:10:28 Ross, Hugh
2 We lay on the sandy patch beside the fire… 00:11:46 Ross, Hugh
3 Suddenly I found myself lying awake… 00:11:37 Ross, Hugh
4 My companion had not stirred when I called him… 00:09:31 Ross, Hugh
5 He ate very little breakfast, and for once omitted 00:10:12 Ross, Hugh
6 At length, after a long pause, he began to talk. 00:12:08 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 3
The Willows (Unabridged)01:00:00
1 I was too much puzzled to pay much attention… 00:09:43 Ross, Hugh
2 The solitude of that Danube camping place… 00:10:14 Ross, Hugh
3 'All my life,' he said, 'I have been strangely…' 00:08:05 Ross, Hugh
4 Then something happened… 00:11:32 Ross, Hugh
5 A difficulty in breathing woke me… 00:10:54 Ross, Hugh
The Listener (Unabridged)01:00:00
6 The Listener 00:08:09 Ross, Hugh
7 October 12th 00:09:13 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 4
The Listener (Unabridged)01:00:00
1 October 24th 00:11:53 Ross, Hugh
2 November 5th 00:11:16 Ross, Hugh
3 November 11th 00:07:27 Ross, Hugh
4 November 28th 00:09:59 Ross, Hugh
5 November 29th 00:10:21 Ross, Hugh
6 December 5th 00:11:59 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 5
The Wendigo (Unabridged)02:00:00
1 The Wendigo 00:10:46 Ross, Hugh
2 Hank turned towards the doctor. 00:10:59 Ross, Hugh
3 For this 'divinity student' was a young man… 00:09:25 Ross, Hugh
4 'Défago,' he said presently… 00:10:11 Ross, Hugh
5 When a somewhat unordinary emotion… 00:11:25 Ross, Hugh
6 But sleep, in the long run, proves greater… 00:12:09 Ross, Hugh
Disc: 6
The Wendigo (Unabridged)02:00:00
1 Exhaustion then applied its own remedy… 00:10:15 Ross, Hugh
2 But when, wholly unable to explain or credit it… 00:10:40 Ross, Hugh
3 The sudden entrance of his prosaic uncle… 00:09:55 Ross, Hugh
4 It was early in the afternoon, for they had… 00:09:45 Ross, Hugh
5 But Simpson now understood the true purpose… 00:08:46 Ross, Hugh
6 Simpson seems hazy as to what was actually said… 00:08:25 Ross, Hugh
7 Then, before the doctor had time to do more… 00:12:36 Ross, Hugh
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