Sappho, Shropshire & Super-Tramp

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The title ‘Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp’ reflects three major threads (though not all) in this exceptional album of new English art-song made with the English Poetry and Song Society. Shropshire is represented by several settings from Housman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’ has been among the most popular sets of poems for composers since its publication in 1896. From the ancient world, Sappho’s writings were set by Ivor Gurney, recently discovered, edited and published by Richard Carder. Super-tramp is the exceptional hobo-turned-gentleman poet W.H. Davies. Altogether 12 composers and 52 songs, some in cycles and some stand-alone items, make this a feast of new and fascinating work for the song lover. Performed by top soloists Sarah Leonard and Johnny Herford, accompanied by Nigel Foster, who has been described as ‘today’s Gerald Moore’.
Item number DDA21230
Barcode 809730123023
Release date 1/19/2018
Category Vocal
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Foster, Nigel
Herford, Johnny
Leonard, Sarah
Disc: 1
7 Sappho Songs00:00:56
1 7 Sappho Songs: No. 1, Soft Was the Wind 00:01:57 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
2 7 Sappho Songs: No. 2, I Shall Be Ever Maiden 00:02:15 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
3 7 Sappho Songs: No. 3, The Apple Orchard 00:00:55 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
4 7 Sappho Songs: No. 4, Hesperus 00:02:15 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
5 7 Sappho Songs: No. 5, Love Shakes My Soul 00:02:58 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
6 7 Sappho Songs: No. 6, The Quiet Mist 00:02:18 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
7 7 Sappho Songs: No. 7, Lonely Night 00:02:09 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
A Country Lover00:19:00
8 A Country Lover: No. 1, O See How Thick the Goldcu 00:03:27 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
9 A Country Lover: No. 2, If Truth in Hearts 00:02:37 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
10 A Country Lover: No. 3, Bredon Hill 00:03:36 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
11 A Country Lover: No. 4, Along the Field 00:02:45 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
12 A Country Lover: No. 5, White in the Moon the Long 00:02:26 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
13 A Country Lover: No. 6, There Pass the Careless Pe 00:03:51 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Gypsy Girl00:20:00
14 Gypsy Girl: No. 1, Green Eyes 00:03:12 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
15 Gypsy Girl: No. 2, Silver Sighs 00:01:59 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
16 Gypsy Girl: No. 3, I Would Rather Die 00:01:20 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
17 Gypsy Girl: No. 4, Remember My Eyes 00:01:57 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
18 Gypsy Girl: No. 5, If a Cold Wind Comes 00:02:43 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
19 Gypsy Girl: No. 6, If You're the Light 00:03:29 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
20 Gypsy Girl: No. 7, When It's Snowing in the Serran 00:05:27 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
This Life00:24:00
21 This Life: No. 1, A Greeting 00:01:59 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
22 This Life: No. 2, The Example 00:01:56 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
23 This Life: No. 3, The Rain 00:02:51 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
24 This Life: No. 4, Leisure 00:02:08 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
25 This Life: No. 5, In the Country 00:05:09 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
26 This Life: No. 6, This Night 00:04:46 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
27 This Life: No. 7, The Lonely Dreamer 00:05:10 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Disc: 2
Sea and Sky00:04:00
1 Sea & Sky 00:04:13 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
A Great Time00:02:00
2 A Great Time 00:01:59 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
My Whole World00:02:00
3 My Whole World 00:01:46 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
4 Silver 00:02:32 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
Bredon Hill00:04:00
5 Bredon Hill 00:03:56 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Boot and Saddle00:02:00
6 Boot & Saddle 00:01:34 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Because I Could Not Stop for Death00:03:00
7 Because I Could Not Stop for Death 00:02:35 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
The Dream-City00:05:00
8 The Dream-City 00:04:32 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
Waiting Both00:02:00
9 Waiting Both 00:02:08 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
10 Leisure 00:05:05 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
The Eagle00:03:00
11 The Eagle 00:02:32 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Song of the Secret00:03:00
12 Song of the Secret 00:02:45 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
The Shade-Catchers00:01:00
13 The Shade-Catchers 00:01:23 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
14 Dawn 00:03:58 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
The Convergence of the Twain00:05:00
15 The Convergence of the Twain 00:04:43 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
I So Liked Spring00:01:00
16 I So Liked Spring 00:01:10 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
17 Remember 00:05:02 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
18 Voyages III 00:04:24 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
19 Gitanjali II 00:03:48 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
20 Gitanjali XIII 00:04:06 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
Farewell Love00:03:00
21 Farewell Love: No. 3, The Pillar 00:03:01 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
Bee: Dance00:04:00
22 Bee: Dance 00:03:53 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
23 Money 00:02:13 Foster, Nigel Herford, Johnny
The King of China's Daughter00:03:00
24 The King of China's Daughter 00:03:18 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
The Cupboard00:02:00
25 The Cupboard 00:02:18 Leonard, Sarah Foster, Nigel
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