The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. 3

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The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is the most famous, extensive and important collection of English Elizabethan and Jacobean Era keyboard music, containing more than 300 works for the virginal by Bull, Byrd, Tomkins and many others. + This third Brilliant FVB volume features works by Peter Philips and JP Sweelinck, the only non-English composer in the collection, who also knew one another. + Pieter Jan Belder is one of the world’s foremost keyboard players, with an astonishing number of CD’s to his name: the complete Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach keyboard works, Rameau, Purcell, Telemann and more.
Item number BRI94449
Barcode 5028421944494
Release date 11/18/2014
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Belder, Pieter-Jan
Disc: 1
Pavana Pagget, LXXIV, "The First One Philips Made"00:03:57
1 Pavana Pagget, LXXIV, "The First One Philips Made" 00:03:57 Belder, Pieter-Jan
2 Galliardo 00:00:33 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Margott laborez (after O. Lassus)00:02:47
3 Margott laborez (after O. Lassus) 00:02:11 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Amarilli di Julio Romano (After G. Caccini)00:04:08
4 Amarilli (after G. Caccini) 00:03:18 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Fantasia in F Major00:06:52
5 Fantasia in F Major 00:05:40 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Tirsi (Morir volea) (after L. Marenzio)00:02:51
6 Tirsi (Morir volea) (after L. Marenzio) 00:02:51 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Freno (Tirsi il desio) (after L. Marenzio)00:02:55
7 Freno (Tirsi il desio) (after L. Marenzio) 00:02:55 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Cosi moriro (after L. Marenzio)00:01:42
8 Cosi moriro (after L. Marenzio) 00:01:42 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Pauana dolorosa Treg(ian)00:08:06
9 Pauana dolorosa Treg(ian) 00:07:16 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Galiarda dolorosa00:02:25
10 Galiarda dolorosa 00:02:07 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Bon jour mon cueur (after O. Lassus)00:04:20
11 Bon jour mon cueur (after O. Lassus) 00:03:18 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Fece da voi partita00:04:06
12 Fece da voi partita 00:03:35 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Le rossignuol (after O. Lassus)00:05:10
13 Le rossignuol (after O. Lassus) 00:03:39 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Chi fara fede al cielo (after A. Striggio)00:04:40
14 Chi fara fede al cielo (after A. Striggio) 00:04:46 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Fantasia in G Major00:09:25
15 Fantasia in G Major 00:09:25 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Disc: 2
Passamezzo Pavan and Galliard in G Minor00:10:23
1 Passamezzo Pavan 00:08:08 Belder, Pieter-Jan
2 Galliarda Passamezzo 00:04:42 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Pavan and Galliard Pagget00:07:13
3 Pavan Pagget 00:06:39 Belder, Pieter-Jan
4 Galliard Pagget 00:02:14 Belder, Pieter-Jan
5 Fantasia 00:09:12 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Psalm 140, "Ik heb den Heer lief"00:05:45
6 Psalm 140, "Ik heb den Heer lief" 00:05:19 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Praeludium Toccata00:05:13
7 Praeludium Toccata 00:05:13 Belder, Pieter-Jan
Fantasia Ut re mi fa sol la a 4, SwWV 26300:09:18
8 Ut re mi fa sol la a 4, SwWV 263 00:08:24 Belder, Pieter-Jan
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