The Four Just Men (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0029
Barcode 9781843794554
Release date 5/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Homewood, Bill
Disc: 1
1 The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace – Prologue 00:05:30 Homewood, Bill
2 Leon twisted his knuckles down and struck forward… 00:03:24 Homewood, Bill
3 He mounted the horse I had brought… 00:04:00 Homewood, Bill
4 Chapter 1: A Newspaper Story 00:04:40 Homewood, Bill
5 'Here is one of the letters,' and Sir Philip produ 00:03:41 Homewood, Bill
6 The Daily Megaphone is able to publish a full list 00:03:13 Homewood, Bill
7 Seattle (Kentucky), October, 1900. – Judge Anderso 00:03:08 Homewood, Bill
8 Chapter 2: The Faithful Commons 00:05:03 Homewood, Bill
9 There were cheers for the Secretary for Foreign Af 00:05:35 Homewood, Bill
10 'To the Members of the House of Commons,' he read… 00:03:08 Homewood, Bill
11 The Premier, with a troubled face, paced the floor 00:03:22 Homewood, Bill
12 Chapter 3: One Thousand Pounds Reward 00:04:34 Homewood, Bill
13 All day long little knots of people gathered… 00:04:15 Homewood, Bill
14 'Is it the Mafia?' asked the Comet noisily… 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
15 Sir Philip was a constant source of interest… 00:04:48 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 4: Preparations 00:03:44 Homewood, Bill
2 It was a plain-fronted shop… 00:04:10 Homewood, Bill
3 The physiognomist might have continued Seneca's pi 00:03:11 Homewood, Bill
4 After this the conversation became Greek to the Sp 00:03:41 Homewood, Bill
5 The object of their discussion finished his tenth 00:03:15 Homewood, Bill
6 A thin smoke was rising from the cup. 00:02:30 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 5: The Outrage at the 'Megaphone' 00:04:51 Homewood, Bill
8 Half an hour later the editor of the Megaphone sat 00:04:50 Homewood, Bill
9 So Welby and the chief kept the matter a secret… 00:04:01 Homewood, Bill
10 The cab speeding along Oxford Street turned into E 00:05:14 Homewood, Bill
11 Manfred scanned the pages carefully, then threw th 00:04:26 Homewood, Bill
12 He spoke all the while in English… 00:04:10 Homewood, Bill
13 Chapter 6: The Clues 00:03:02 Homewood, Bill
14 From which may be gathered that, acting on the inf 00:04:20 Homewood, Bill
15 His official residence he absolutely refused to oc 00:05:11 Homewood, Bill
16 In the top room in the workshop at Carnaby Street… 00:04:02 Homewood, Bill
17 'I am going to survey the land,' said Manfred sudd 00:03:31 Homewood, Bill
18 He threw up his hands as if to ward them off. 00:04:22 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 7: The Messenger of The Four 00:03:57 Homewood, Bill
2 The Four Just Men were on the nerves of more peopl 00:05:04 Homewood, Bill
3 He placed the letter in a drawer of his desk… 00:05:09 Homewood, Bill
4 The detective finished reading. 00:04:13 Homewood, Bill
5 Ramon paced his room with quick, nervous steps. 00:03:46 Homewood, Bill
6 He took a quick step to the door… 00:03:01 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 8: The Pocket-Book 00:04:22 Homewood, Bill
8 'It is a poetical idea,' said the phlegmatic Premi 00:04:40 Homewood, Bill
9 They resumed their walk. 00:04:55 Homewood, Bill
10 So, the night being comparatively young… 00:04:28 Homewood, Bill
11 The contents of this page was understandable… 00:03:28 Homewood, Bill
12 'Now, Billy,' said the detective… 00:02:24 Homewood, Bill
13 Chapter 9: The Cupidity of Marks 00:04:41 Homewood, Bill
14 The detective rose with a sigh. 00:04:15 Homewood, Bill
15 Then Poiccart spoke: 'The very stars in their cour 00:04:10 Homewood, Bill
16 '"Can you oblige me with a match?" I asked.' 00:02:19 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 4
1 Poiccart paused for a moment… 00:04:31 Homewood, Bill
2 'The explanation is simple,' said Gonsalez quietly 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
3 He pushed open the swing doors… 00:03:37 Homewood, Bill
4 He turned from the contemplation of the unpleasant 00:03:40 Homewood, Bill
5 Chapter 10: Three Who Died 00:05:06 Homewood, Bill
6 And within an hour there was witnessed in London… 00:04:45 Homewood, Bill
7 The Commissioner nodded. 00:04:50 Homewood, Bill
8 'From my vantage place,' wrote Smith in the Megaph 00:04:42 Homewood, Bill
9 Seven o'clock boomed forth… 00:04:06 Homewood, Bill
10 That forty minutes was the longest… 00:03:36 Homewood, Bill
11 Chapter 11: A Newspaper Cutting 00:04:27 Homewood, Bill
12 What steps did you take when you discovered this? 00:05:28 Homewood, Bill
13 You speak of a blow leaving no contusion. 00:03:31 Homewood, Bill
14 After the tragedy did you make a systematic search 00:03:16 Homewood, Bill
15 Chapter 12: Conclusion 00:04:56 Homewood, Bill
16 He stood for a moment at the entrance… 00:05:13 Homewood, Bill
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