The Great God Pan and Other Weird Tales (Unabridged)

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Dubbed the greatest horror story in English by Stephen King, The Great God Pan is an eerie and otherworldly mystery about a diabolical operation and its terrifying repercussions. After rescuing a young woman from the streets of London, Dr. Raymond uses her as a test subject for brain surgery aimed at ‘lifting the veil’ of reality, to see the supernatural and the ‘great god Pan’. The operation is a disaster and leaves the subject lobotomized. Years later, London becomes afflicted with a strange series of male suicides connected to a beautiful but sinister woman named Helen. Just who is she, and what is her connection to Dr. Raymond’s failed experiment? First published in 1890, The Great God Pan influenced many writers of the genre, including the unrivalled master H.P. Lovecraft. It makes perfect listening for a dark and rainy evening. The collection also includes: The White People, The Green Book, The Inmost Light, The Novel of the Black Seal, The Novel of the White Powder, The Red Hand, The Shining Pyramid and A Fragment of Life. Peter Wickham has worked as an actor in the West End, and in theatres all over the UK and abroad. He has performed in television and film, and has written a successful series of introductions to Shakespeare for the BBC World Service. He was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company, where reading short stories and serials started his audiobook career.
Item number NA0301
Barcode 9781781981160
Release date 2/9/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 11
Reader Wickham, Peter
Disc: 1
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 The Great God Pan 00:10:25 Wickham, Peter
2 There was not much furniture in the laboratory. 00:09:15 Wickham, Peter
3 II. Mr Clarke's Memoirs 00:07:21 Wickham, Peter
4 It was on one of these expeditions to the forest… 00:09:36 Wickham, Peter
5 III. The City of Resurrections 00:08:47 Wickham, Peter
6 The man went out into the bitter night… 00:09:50 Wickham, Peter
7 IV. The Discovery in Paul Street 00:14:01 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 2
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 V. The Letter of Advice 00:12:52 Wickham, Peter
2 VI. The Suicides 00:09:25 Wickham, Peter
3 Austin relapsed into gloomy silence. 00:10:33 Wickham, Peter
4 VII. The Encounter in Soho 00:08:16 Wickham, Peter
5 Mr Villiers leaned back in his chair… 00:08:48 Wickham, Peter
6 VIII. The Fragments 00:15:11 Wickham, Peter
7 The White People 00:07:35 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 3
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 'You astonish me,' said Cotgrave. 00:13:31 Wickham, Peter
2 The Green Book 00:10:44 Wickham, Peter
3 I sat on the stone and looked all round… 00:11:28 Wickham, Peter
4 I remembered this tale of nurse's… 00:08:41 Wickham, Peter
5 At last the sun rose and the young man… 00:11:54 Wickham, Peter
6 Nurse said there was once a young lady… 00:10:34 Wickham, Peter
7 The next morning I was very tired and sleepy… 00:07:00 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 4
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 But I shall always remember those days… 00:08:53 Wickham, Peter
2 Epilogue 00:06:39 Wickham, Peter
3 The Inmost Light 00:09:29 Wickham, Peter
4 Well, a year or two ago there was a doctor… 00:10:49 Wickham, Peter
5 II. Mr Salisbury, as may have been gathered… 00:06:54 Wickham, Peter
6 III. Salisbury was a man of habit. 00:08:44 Wickham, Peter
7 'Let me see,' he said at last… 00:08:54 Wickham, Peter
8 '"I live up there," said Black, pointing to the ti 00:09:36 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 5
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 IV. A good many hours after Salisbury… 00:10:26 Wickham, Peter
2 V. 'Ever since I was a young man'… 00:08:11 Wickham, Peter
3 The Novel of the Black Seal 00:10:45 Wickham, Peter
4 There was something very soothing… 00:10:36 Wickham, Peter
5 He left me, and alone I endeavoured to fathom… 00:10:48 Wickham, Peter
6 One morning, some eight or nine days after… 00:09:21 Wickham, Peter
7 Two hours later Professor Gregg returned. 00:11:02 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 6
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 I was touched by the eloquence of his tone… 00:12:36 Wickham, Peter
2 The well-meant gabble of the servant… 00:11:41 Wickham, Peter
3 So the Greeks called the hideous furies… 00:11:25 Wickham, Peter
4 To be brief, I heard that a woman named… 00:12:39 Wickham, Peter
5 The Novel of the White Powder 00:12:24 Wickham, Peter
6 I went away but little comforted, all confusion… 00:12:46 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 7
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 My mind was aghast at the thought of this… 00:09:40 Wickham, Peter
2 I need not trouble you now with a detailed… 00:09:04 Wickham, Peter
3 The Red Hand 00:15:02 Wickham, Peter
4 Incident of the Letter 00:11:25 Wickham, Peter
5 Search for the Vanished Heaven 00:13:27 Wickham, Peter
6 The Artist on the Pavement 00:08:33 Wickham, Peter
7 Story of the Treasure-House 00:06:45 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 8
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 I had at first great difficulty in persuading him… 00:08:56 Wickham, Peter
2 I had occasion to be a little precise… 00:09:12 Wickham, Peter
3 The Shining Pyramid 00:07:09 Wickham, Peter
4 You recollect that curious case you spoke to me… 00:08:17 Wickham, Peter
5 II. The Eyes on the Wall 00:12:35 Wickham, Peter
6 III. The Search for the Bowl 00:05:39 Wickham, Peter
7 IV. The Secret of the Pyramid 00:08:17 Wickham, Peter
8 V. The Little People 00:13:25 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 9
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 A Fragment of Life 00:09:13 Wickham, Peter
2 They were walking round and round the garden… 00:09:13 Wickham, Peter
3 'It would be nearer twelve pounds than ten,'… 00:08:45 Wickham, Peter
4 In the first few years of his life in the City… 00:08:45 Wickham, Peter
5 'You never tell me about the men in your office,'… 00:09:14 Wickham, Peter
6 'You remember what I said the other night…?' 00:12:36 Wickham, Peter
7 II. All day long a fierce and heavy heat… 00:08:02 Wickham, Peter
8 'Let me see,' said Darnell dreamily. 00:08:12 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 10
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 The song to which Darnell had listened… 00:12:12 Wickham, Peter
2 'And all the strange tales I had ever heard…' 00:11:02 Wickham, Peter
3 III. It might have been different in the evening… 00:10:08 Wickham, Peter
4 'Well,' said Darnell, 'what happened next?' 00:12:26 Wickham, Peter
5 It was at this stage of Robert's fortunes… 00:09:52 Wickham, Peter
6 'I knew you wouldn't much like the idea,'… 00:11:51 Wickham, Peter
Disc: 11
The Great God Pan (Unbridged)12:51:00
1 IV. In a haze as of a dream Darnell's thoughts… 00:11:43 Wickham, Peter
2 They were sitting thus together on the Friday… 00:11:41 Wickham, Peter
3 Again and again it seemed as if that which… 00:12:11 Wickham, Peter
4 And at the same time he began to guess that… 00:08:08 Wickham, Peter
5 And so at last, after many turnings and windings… 00:08:07 Wickham, Peter
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