The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)

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Phineas Finn, a handsome young man of 23, comes to England to make his fortune in parliamentary politics. But despite all his aspirations, Finn is haunted by ethical questions as his personal convictions conflict with his duty towards his party. Loyalty versus honour, love versus money, and privacy versus prominence: our eponymous hero faces a variety of dilemmas as he navigates his way through the House of Commons. The second installment of Trollope’s celebrated Palliser series, Phineas Finn is a delightful and humorous look at the complexity of human relationships and the politics surrounding the Second Reform Bill of the 1860s.
Item number NA0312
Barcode 9781781981382
Release date 9/8/2017
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Reader Phillips, Sian
Disc: 1
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 The Hearing Trumpet 00:10:18 Phillips, Sian
2 Well one fine Monday morning… 00:10:41 Phillips, Sian
3 When I had hidden the hearing trumpet carefully… 00:10:16 Phillips, Sian
4 Houses are really bodies. 00:12:55 Phillips, Sian
5 You may not believe in magic… 00:12:12 Phillips, Sian
6 Santa Brigida is a suburb on the southern… 00:07:52 Phillips, Sian
7 I made several futile attempts to tell her… 00:08:51 Phillips, Sian
Disc: 2
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 One or two ladies asked Dr. Gambit questions… 00:11:56 Phillips, Sian
2 Our talk at that moment was interrupted… 00:08:58 Phillips, Sian
3 I left and sat down on the nearest bench… 00:11:12 Phillips, Sian
4 Venus sparkled over the trees… 00:11:44 Phillips, Sian
5 I must have dozed off after this as the room… 00:13:03 Phillips, Sian
6 Carmella's letter crackled in my pocket… 00:15:35 Phillips, Sian
Disc: 3
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 'Well,' said Maude, 'there I am dressed in tweed…' 00:09:38 Phillips, Sian
2 Monday or Tuesday, I forget which; I was sitting… 00:13:03 Phillips, Sian
3 How my mind runs on, or rather backwards… 00:08:37 Phillips, Sian
4 I walked back to Lookout very pensively… 00:07:43 Phillips, Sian
5 Venus already sparkled over the tower… 00:10:08 Phillips, Sian
6 'During the first years of her life in the convent 00:13:06 Phillips, Sian
7 'Ninety hours had scarcely passed…' 00:10:57 Phillips, Sian
Disc: 4
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 'At that period we received visits…' 00:10:46 Phillips, Sian
2 This pleasant state of affairs… 00:08:49 Phillips, Sian
3 'Mystery surrounds the journey of the Abbess…' 00:10:25 Phillips, Sian
4 Don Rosalendo has entered the twelve-hour… 00:10:01 Phillips, Sian
5 By hanging a blanket over the window… 00:10:15 Phillips, Sian
6 I shall never quite remember how Anna… 00:10:40 Phillips, Sian
7 Arthur or Maude's funeral… 00:12:31 Phillips, Sian
Disc: 5
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 After Carmella's stimulating visit… 00:10:35 Phillips, Sian
2 By mutual and silent consent we never discussed… 00:12:43 Phillips, Sian
3 We were about to leave for our bungalows… 00:12:34 Phillips, Sian
4 At dawn I arose and looked out. 00:09:36 Phillips, Sian
5 All of a sudden the front doorbell clanged loudly… 00:10:17 Phillips, Sian
6 We left the group staring at the sky… 00:10:47 Phillips, Sian
Disc: 6
The Hearing Trumpet (Unabridged)07:00:00
1 Ages seemed to have passed since somebody… 00:09:02 Phillips, Sian
2 Down in the cavern Anna Wertz was cooking… 00:10:55 Phillips, Sian
3 We all agreed to this plan… 00:09:37 Phillips, Sian
4 While we climbed the steps Marlborough… 00:11:24 Phillips, Sian
5 Below in the cavern I heard the sound… 00:07:50 Phillips, Sian
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