The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0060
Barcode 9781843795230
Release date 6/1/2012
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Non-Classical Artist Homewood, Bill
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: Three Men of Cordova 00:05:23 Homewood, Bill
2 The way led him through narrow streets, so narrow 00:05:28 Homewood, Bill
3 He dropped suddenly into his whine, for a policema 00:05:29 Homewood, Bill
4 They had reached the Passeo by now. The streets we 00:05:41 Homewood, Bill
5 'Such an organization is known to exist,' said Man 00:06:16 Homewood, Bill
6 He finished his dinner, taking his coffee at the t 00:06:45 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 2: Colonel Black Financier 00:05:51 Homewood, Bill
8 Punctual to the minute, he entered the board-room 00:03:06 Homewood, Bill
9 'Look here, Black,' he said, 'I want to say someth 00:04:24 Homewood, Bill
10 'Constable Fellowe!' Frank Fellowe was leaving… 00:05:29 Homewood, Bill
11 The walls were distempered, and the few articles… 00:04:38 Homewood, Bill
12 The square was deserted at this time of night, and 00:04:20 Homewood, Bill
13 'There is a man,' said the colonel, 'a man absolut 00:05:26 Homewood, Bill
14 Chapter 3: An Adventure in Pimlico 00:04:51 Homewood, Bill
15 Black sat at one end of the long table and the las 00:03:49 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 2
1 'People would say,' said the colonel oracularly, ' 00:05:21 Homewood, Bill
2 Frank, from his place of observation, was well awa 00:04:59 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 4: The Men Who Sat in Judgement 00:05:22 Homewood, Bill
4 Black rose slowly to his feet. 'So that's it, is i 00:05:36 Homewood, Bill
5 'Put him on that sofa,' said Black. 'Now,' he said 00:05:46 Homewood, Bill
6 Chapter 5: The Earl of Verlond 00:05:54 Homewood, Bill
7 The colonel got up and folded his napkin carefully 00:04:24 Homewood, Bill
8 Sir Isaac went back to his own chambers in a thoug 00:04:40 Homewood, Bill
9 'I am not concerned about my friend,' said the bar 00:04:27 Homewood, Bill
10 Chapter 6: The Policeman and a Lady 00:05:10 Homewood, Bill
11 Theodore Sandford looked up from his writing-table 00:05:37 Homewood, Bill
12 Chapter 7: Doctor Essley Meets a Man 00:05:20 Homewood, Bill
13 His waiting taxi dropped him at Charing Cross… 00:03:41 Homewood, Bill
14 He awoke to find a policeman bending over… 00:04:07 Homewood, Bill
15 He unlocked his study, entered and switched on the 00:04:42 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 8: Colonel Black Has a Shock 00:03:51 Homewood, Bill
2 'I have been engaged,' he said, 'by a firm of soli 00:04:31 Homewood, Bill
3 Chapter 9: Lord Verlond Gives a Dinner 00:05:23 Homewood, Bill
4 The Earl of Verlond was a stickler for… 00:03:45 Homewood, Bill
5 At dinner Horace Gresham found himself seated… 00:04:21 Homewood, Bill
6 'Suppose she doesn't care for this plan?' asked Ho 00:04:30 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 10: A Policeman's Business 00:05:34 Homewood, Bill
8 He tried a chocolate on his landlord's dog, and it 00:05:35 Homewood, Bill
9 He held the other's arm lightly, but when Jakobs a 00:04:48 Homewood, Bill
10 'I am going to be perfectly frank with you, my fri 00:03:15 Homewood, Bill
11 An angry flush came to her cheeks. 'If I chose to 00:04:32 Homewood, Bill
12 Chapter 11: To Lincoln Races 00:04:37 Homewood, Bill
13 The train had slipped through the grimy purlieus o 00:05:56 Homewood, Bill
14 It was soon after lunch that the train pulled into 00:03:17 Homewood, Bill
15 The earl nodded. He was not amused now… 00:05:36 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 12: The Race 00:05:18 Homewood, Bill
2 The previous day, on the opening of the racing sea 00:04:58 Homewood, Bill
3 'One moment, Gresham!' Lord Verlond was behind him 00:05:01 Homewood, Bill
4 'They're off!' A roar of voices. Every glass was… 00:05:45 Homewood, Bill
5 Sir Isaac announced his intention to the stewards… 00:04:50 Homewood, Bill
6 The last event was set for half-past four, and aft 00:06:39 Homewood, Bill
7 Chapter 13: Who Are the Four? 00:05:10 Homewood, Bill
8 Black was dressing for dinner when Sir Isaac arriv 00:04:20 Homewood, Bill
9 Even Sir Isaac did not catch it, so low was the… 00:04:11 Homewood, Bill
10 'How did you come to know that these men were the 00:04:37 Homewood, Bill
11 Chapter 14: Willie Jakobs Tells 00:03:48 Homewood, Bill
12 'I shall send those two Brady children to the seas 00:04:14 Homewood, Bill
Disc: 5
1 It was nearly eleven o'clock that night when the w 00:05:25 Homewood, Bill
2 'Don't be foolish, miss,' he pleaded, 'don't think 00:04:46 Homewood, Bill
3 Black drew from his pocket a small bunch of keys a 00:03:35 Homewood, Bill
4 It was coming from a little public-house off the N 00:04:23 Homewood, Bill
5 Chapter 15: Sir Isaac's Fears 00:05:39 Homewood, Bill
6 He was getting short of money again. The settlemen 00:05:14 Homewood, Bill
7 Black looked at him long and steadily. 'Whatever v 00:03:29 Homewood, Bill
8 The night before had been a miserable one till, ac 00:03:11 Homewood, Bill
9 Chapter 16: Colonel Black Meets a Just Man 00:05:03 Homewood, Bill
10 He whipped round with an oath, dropping his hand… 00:04:19 Homewood, Bill
11 He opened the door and walked out, closing it care 00:03:52 Homewood, Bill
12 'In a way,' bantered the elder man, 'you're an adm 00:03:17 Homewood, Bill
13 The waiter filled the glasses — first the girl's, 00:04:15 Homewood, Bill
14 Chapter 17: Justice 00:04:36 Homewood, Bill
15 They were conducted by a long, rough path through… 00:05:06 Homewood, Bill
16 He was too late, for Black had a start, and the fe 00:05:53 Homewood, Bill
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