The Man Who Would Be King and Other Stories (Unabridged)

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In a remote part of 19th c. Afghanistan, two British adventurers pursue their ambition to rule an empire. Using betrayal, threats and guns they win the respect of a primitive tribe and become worshipped as gods, until one day they draw blood and the game is up. The Man Who Would Be King is an action-packed tale about the pitfalls of colonialism and the temptations and evils of power. This volume also includes the stories The Phantom Rickshaw, The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes, The Mark of the Beast and many more. Sean Barrett also reads Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable, Waiting for Godot and Kafka on the Shore for Naxos AudioBooks. His film credits include War & Peace and his theatre credits include Peter Pan. His television credits include Minder and Father Ted.
Item number NA0209
Barcode 9781843799115
Release date 8/1/2015
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Non-Classical Artist Barrett, Sean
Disc: 1
The Man Who Would Be King (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The Man Who Would Be King 00:09:08 Barrett, Sean
2 Then I headed for the Great Indian Desert… 00:08:30 Barrett, Sean
3 Then the roar and rattle of the wheels shivered… 00:07:47 Barrett, Sean
4 'There is no use your waiting,' said Dravot… 00:09:57 Barrett, Sean
5 The wheel of the world swings… 00:08:32 Barrett, Sean
6 He paused for a moment… 00:09:39 Barrett, Sean
7 At the risk of throwing the creature out… 00:06:43 Barrett, Sean
8 'The most amazing miracle was at Lodge…' 00:08:28 Barrett, Sean
9 '"What is it?" I says.' 00:09:07 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 2
The Man Who Would Be King (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 'A little snow had fallen in the night…' 00:07:27 Barrett, Sean
2 The punkah-coolies had gone to sleep. 00:09:12 Barrett, Sean
The Phantom Rickshaw (Unabridged)00:00:00
3 The Phantom Rickshaw 00:07:42 Barrett, Sean
4 Arrived at Bombay in the spring of the year… 00:08:13 Barrett, Sean
5 While my Waler was cautiously feeling his way… 00:07:27 Barrett, Sean
6 Next morning I sent a penitent note to Kitty… 00:08:55 Barrett, Sean
7 To my intense delight… 00:08:16 Barrett, Sean
8 The saises, impassive as Orientals always are… 00:09:31 Barrett, Sean
9 Once more I wearily climbed the Convent slope… 00:08:35 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 3
My Own True Ghost Story (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 My Own True Ghost Story 00:06:42 Barrett, Sean
2 When I arrived… 00:08:25 Barrett, Sean
3 After a long while the game stopped… 00:05:38 Barrett, Sean
The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes (Unabridged)00:00:00
4 The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes 00:06:20 Barrett, Sean
5 Imagine then, as I have said before… 00:07:31 Barrett, Sean
6 The nature of the reeking village… 00:08:53 Barrett, Sean
7 At irregular intervals supplies of food… 00:09:30 Barrett, Sean
8 Fortified with these resolutions… 00:09:10 Barrett, Sean
9 I had taken Gunga Dass by the waist… 00:07:28 Barrett, Sean
10 Gunga Dass had quite forgotten his little fiction… 00:06:33 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 4
The Mark of the Beast00:33:10
1 The Mark of the Beast 00:08:55 Barrett, Sean
2 While the chops were being cooked… 00:07:19 Barrett, Sean
3 Now a December evening in Northern India… 00:07:00 Barrett, Sean
4 In the moonlight… 00:07:27 Barrett, Sean
Without Benefit of Clergy (Unabridged)00:00:00
5 Without Benefit of Clergy 00:08:36 Barrett, Sean
6 On the threshold of the room… 00:08:43 Barrett, Sean
7 Part 2 00:08:53 Barrett, Sean
8 Holden laughed aloud… 00:08:06 Barrett, Sean
9 Part 3 00:05:35 Barrett, Sean
10 Then came the tears… 00:05:33 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 5
Without Benefit of Clergy (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Two months later… 00:07:39 Barrett, Sean
2 The soul came back a little … 00:08:53 Barrett, Sean
The Sending of Dana Da (Unabridged)00:00:00
3 The Sending of Dana Da 00:08:23 Barrett, Sean
4 He departed unsteadily… 00:07:11 Barrett, Sean
5 When a man who hates cats wakes up… 00:10:09 Barrett, Sean
Wee Willie Winkie (Unabridged)00:00:00
6 Wee Willie Winkie 00:08:15 Barrett, Sean
7 There was a long pause, broken by Wee… 00:07:47 Barrett, Sean
8 The future Colonel of the 195th sat down… 00:09:46 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 6
On The City Wall (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 On The City Wall 00:09:46 Barrett, Sean
2 The little house on the City wall… 00:09:47 Barrett, Sean
3 'Hm,' said Wali Dad. 00:09:59 Barrett, Sean
4 In those days the gathering in Lalun's… 00:09:40 Barrett, Sean
5 Half a mile away where the tazias were… 00:08:01 Barrett, Sean
6 Lalun hid her face in her hands for an instant… 00:10:04 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 7
The Education of Otis Yeere (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The Education of Otis Yeere 00:07:28 Barrett, Sean
2 'What a fatal blunder!' 00:07:06 Barrett, Sean
3 Then at supper. 00:06:45 Barrett, Sean
4 Part 2 00:10:03 Barrett, Sean
5 The shot went home. 00:09:36 Barrett, Sean
6 He had told her, too… 00:09:01 Barrett, Sean
The Judgement of Dungara (Unabridged)00:00:00
7 The Judgement of Dungara 00:07:06 Barrett, Sean
8 'He went up to the Temple of Dungara…' 00:07:15 Barrett, Sean
9 Justus had, in his quiet way… 00:07:05 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 8
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep 00:07:00 Barrett, Sean
2 But Judy was much worse. 00:06:45 Barrett, Sean
3 Long before that walk… 00:06:36 Barrett, Sean
4 The Second Bag 00:07:50 Barrett, Sean
5 The next walk proved that Uncle Harry… 00:08:21 Barrett, Sean
6 'But it wasn't a lie,' Punch would begin… 00:06:52 Barrett, Sean
7 The Third Bag 00:09:49 Barrett, Sean
8 The tale of the assault as told by Harry… 00:09:21 Barrett, Sean
9 In the midst of all the trouble… 00:10:09 Barrett, Sean
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