The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)

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For a period of seven years, Wilfred Thesiger canoed through the marshes at the confluence of Iraq’s Tigris and Euphrates rivers, living among the native Madan tribes and their islands made of reeds. Now extinct, their ancient way of life is speculated to have existed for 5,000 years, going back to the days of ancient Sumer, and possessed a unique culture found nowhere else in the Middle East. Thesiger documents the tribes’ conflicts, traditions, cuisine, relationships, justice systems and art, and reveals how they built their unique water-borne society, with its beautiful canoes (taradas) and stately guest houses (mudhifs) – it is a remarkable familiarity gained through Thesiger’s innate understanding of tribal ritual and etiquette, and the trust he earned through the use of a basic medical supply kit that he brought along with him. Poetic and immersing, The Marsh Arabs brings alive the sights, sounds and smells of the marshes, and a culture that has now vanished forever.
Item number NA0333
Barcode 9781781981825
Release date 12/14/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Classical Artist Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 1
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 The Marsh Arabs 00:06:57 Kennedy, Laurence
2 Chapter 1 00:13:42 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Chapter 2 00:10:19 Kennedy, Laurence
4 Among Arabs long periods of silence… 00:12:26 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Chapter 3 00:09:08 Kennedy, Laurence
6 In the Second World War there had… 00:14:20 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Chapter 4 00:03:01 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 2
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 We followed a narrow twisting channel... 00:07:26 Kennedy, Laurence
2 Everywhere people climbed in and out... 00:07:51 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Chapter 5 00:07:51 Kennedy, Laurence
4 As we stepped ashore... 00:08:51 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Chapter 6 00:07:33 Kennedy, Laurence
6 In Iraq, at that time... 00:06:47 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Chapter 7 00:11:51 Kennedy, Laurence
8 I commented on Arab hospitality. 00:11:22 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 3
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 On our way back to Qabab... 00:04:45 Kennedy, Laurence
2 Chapter 8 00:08:50 Kennedy, Laurence
3 By the time we reached Qubur... 00:07:35 Kennedy, Laurence
4 The sun was low, the wind had fallen... 00:06:32 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Chapter 9 00:09:00 Kennedy, Laurence
6 At the far end of Zikri... 00:05:22 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Chapter 10 00:08:59 Kennedy, Laurence
8 The desert Arabs who immigrated... 00:10:06 Kennedy, Laurence
9 Chapter 11 00:08:21 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 4
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 My hosts were courteous enough... 00:06:37 Kennedy, Laurence
2 The Madan were never visited by... 00:06:19 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Chapter 12 00:08:07 Kennedy, Laurence
4 I stayed with Jasim for a week... 00:07:20 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Chapter 13 00:06:59 Kennedy, Laurence
6 Three years afterwards, I went to stay... 00:07:27 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Chapter 14 00:11:42 Kennedy, Laurence
8 The people of Huwair itself were Moslems... 00:11:37 Kennedy, Laurence
9 Chapter 15 00:05:17 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 5
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 In general the official class… 00:07:59 Kennedy, Laurence
2 When I got back to Qabab a week later... 00:08:17 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Chapter 16 00:11:09 Kennedy, Laurence
4 Men and women began to arrive… 00:08:20 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Chapter 17 00:08:15 Kennedy, Laurence
6 The mudhif was astir early. 00:06:10 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Chapter 18 00:10:12 Kennedy, Laurence
8 Amara belonged to the Rabia and... 00:09:05 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 6
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 We spent several nights at Dibin... 00:04:14 Kennedy, Laurence
2 Chapter 19 00:08:39 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Leaving the Chahla we crossed a marsh... 00:10:35 Kennedy, Laurence
4 Chapter 20 00:12:15 Kennedy, Laurence
5 Few boys who had been at school... 00:12:08 Kennedy, Laurence
6 Chapter 21 00:11:39 Kennedy, Laurence
7 At first we visited tribes that I... 00:10:51 Kennedy, Laurence
Disc: 7
The Marsh Arabs (Unabridged)08:11:00
1 Even on our return to Qabab in April... 00:04:25 Kennedy, Laurence
2 Chapter 22 00:08:46 Kennedy, Laurence
3 Among the Al bu Muhummad and the Azairij... 00:07:37 Kennedy, Laurence
4 Chapter 23 00:10:21 Kennedy, Laurence
5 From Saigal, we went on in the tarada... 00:10:37 Kennedy, Laurence
6 Chapter 24 00:06:38 Kennedy, Laurence
7 Returning to Majar at the end of June... 00:07:39 Kennedy, Laurence
8 Chapter 25 00:05:37 Kennedy, Laurence
9 The blood feud still threatened. 00:09:15 Kennedy, Laurence
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