The Mimic Men (Unabridged)

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Former government minister Ralph Singh is the perpetual outsider: displaced, disillusioned and now living in exile, Ralph reflects on his earlier life and the searing effects of colonialism. Ralph's constant estrangement sees him ever attempting to fit into various communities, only to find home in more transient spaces. Born on the colonial island of Isabella, he is one of West India's many "Mimic Men". Booker and Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul's sixth novel is a brutal and perceptive commentary on the postcolonial condition of teh colonial man. Born in India and educated at Oxford, reader Sam Dastor's life bears parallels to the author's, giving him a deeper understanding of the themes and styles of the book.
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Barcode 9781781980811
Release date 4/1/2017
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 9
Non-Classical Artist Dastor, Sam
Disc: 1
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 The Mimic Men 00:09:45 Dastor, Sam
2 There are many of us around living modestly… 00:12:15 Dastor, Sam
3 The priest hallowed the baby with his saliva… 00:11:51 Dastor, Sam
4 2: How right our aryan ancestors were… 00:12:59 Dastor, Sam
5 Will I be believed if I say that on four successiv 00:11:38 Dastor, Sam
6 Everyone reduced, reciprocally, to a succession… 00:11:31 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 2
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 3: In that period of my life which was to follow… 00:11:58 Dastor, Sam
2 So the legitimate desire for succession… 00:11:04 Dastor, Sam
3 4: In the active period of my life… 00:11:14 Dastor, Sam
4 But how could I resist her quick delight? 00:12:49 Dastor, Sam
5 I have spoken of the mood of celebration… 00:11:30 Dastor, Sam
6 5: The sanctions my mother had invoked… 00:12:43 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 3
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 A man, passionate for security, works and saves… 00:10:39 Dastor, Sam
2 So we were set apart. And a little above. 00:11:28 Dastor, Sam
3 What makes a marriage? What makes a house…? 00:11:04 Dastor, Sam
4 I should have slapped her on that mouth… 00:09:00 Dastor, Sam
5 6: It only remained now for Sandra to leave. 00:10:49 Dastor, Sam
6 7: My first instinct was towards the writing… 00:02:01 Dastor, Sam
7 2–1: On Isabella when I was a child… 00:09:11 Dastor, Sam
8 It was one of a series of Missionary Martyrs… 00:08:31 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 4
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 For Cecil childhood was the great time. 00:09:16 Dastor, Sam
2 'Singh, does this certificate belong to you?' 00:08:41 Dastor, Sam
3 The last book he had been reading… 00:08:50 Dastor, Sam
4 2: Cecil sometimes came home with me… 00:10:27 Dastor, Sam
5 But there was an awkwardness. My sisters and I… 00:11:31 Dastor, Sam
6 The arc of the cork floats steadily contracted. 00:12:48 Dastor, Sam
7 The women liked the running shorts, the exposed… 00:09:37 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 5
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 3: My father became the possessor… 00:09:00 Dastor, Sam
2 The sight of the straight empty road… 00:10:43 Dastor, Sam
3 Success is success; once it occurs it explains its 00:11:27 Dastor, Sam
4 He got his laughs and stared mischievously at me. 00:10:18 Dastor, Sam
5 'I am not going to touch Isabella Rum…' 00:10:55 Dastor, Sam
6 He permitted himself no levity… 00:08:39 Dastor, Sam
7 4: I was relieved when the war came… 00:09:38 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 6
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 I had been able at certain moments… 00:09:00 Dastor, Sam
2 The tiny room was suddenly alive. 00:08:55 Dastor, Sam
3 5: The house of my mother's family was solid. 00:12:38 Dastor, Sam
4 He called this Negro Cecil. 00:10:39 Dastor, Sam
5 Poor Gurudeva! The tears were tears… 00:09:35 Dastor, Sam
6 6: Just after the end of the war Cecil's father di 00:12:02 Dastor, Sam
7 'Good; you know them. But it isn't the same.' 00:11:03 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 7
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 One journey had to be made before I left. 00:10:24 Dastor, Sam
2 7: I wished then to go back as whole as I had come 00:01:46 Dastor, Sam
3 3–1: As I write, my own view of my actions alters. 00:11:23 Dastor, Sam
4 My mood might explain the excitement I felt… 00:11:01 Dastor, Sam
5 2: It has happened in twenty places… 00:09:32 Dastor, Sam
6 I couldn't be sure where Browne stood in this. 00:08:32 Dastor, Sam
7 3: The election was at hand. 00:10:44 Dastor, Sam
8 So the Roman house died a second time. 00:10:26 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 8
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 4: The child, driving with his grandfather… 00:07:55 Dastor, Sam
2 His speeches altered, though to the public… 00:07:14 Dastor, Sam
3 5: So we brought drama of a sort to the island. 00:09:29 Dastor, Sam
4 So there we were. Another message… 00:08:27 Dastor, Sam
5 6: Relief: I was astonished by the mood… 00:09:51 Dastor, Sam
6 The taxi-driver was not devious. 00:09:22 Dastor, Sam
7 'Naturally. I will tell you something else about h 00:08:10 Dastor, Sam
8 7: It was time to leave. But there was no need… 00:14:07 Dastor, Sam
Disc: 9
The Mimic Men (Unabridged)10:13:00
1 8: My arrival was quiet. I was not expected. 00:10:52 Dastor, Sam
2 9: I thought when I began this book… 00:12:01 Dastor, Sam
3 We have our incidents. But we also have… 00:11:53 Dastor, Sam
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