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Item number NMCD150
Barcode 675754014414
Release date 4/1/2009
Category Vocal
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Various Artists
Various Artists
Disc: 1
The Source00:02:00
1 The Source 00:01:55 Bickley, Susan Booth, Claire Gunnell, Owen
Upon St. George's Hill00:01:36
2 Upon St. George's Hill 00:01:36 Hulett, Benjamin Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
Shining Plain00:03:55
3 Shining Plain 00:03:55 Burnside, Iain Kennedy, Andrew
4 Interlude 00:01:25 Bickley, Susan Chapman, Jane
5 Tss-k-haa 00:03:11 Williams, Roderick
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 1)00:01:04
6 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 1] 00:01:04 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew
Those Fenny Bells00:03:56
7 Those Fenny Bells 00:03:56 Chance, Michael Lixenberg, Loré Gunnell, Owen
The Sun's Great Eye00:02:03
8 The Sun's Great Eye 00:02:02 Burnside, Iain Stout, David
The Bourne00:03:27
9 The Bourne 00:03:27 Wakeford, Lucy Atherton, Elizabeth
Maiden in the Moor00:02:40
10 Maiden in the Moor 00:02:40 Hulett, Benjamin Gunnell, Owen
Houses and Gardens in the Heart of England00:02:31
11 Houses and Gardens in the Heart of England 00:02:31 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 2)00:01:28
12 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 2] 00:01:28 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew
This Silence Before Light00:02:39
13 Songs By Myself: V. The Silence Before Light (Arr. 00:02:39 Watkins, Huw Booth, Claire
Blist's Hill00:02:38
14 Blist's Hill 00:02:38 Burnside, Iain Loges, Stephan
Fin Like a Flower00:02:13
15 Fin Like a Flower 00:02:13 Chance, Michael Wakeford, Lucy
Cease Sorrows Now00:03:11
16 Cease Sorrows Now 00:03:11 Burnside, Iain Mosley, George
Titania's Song00:03:34
17 Titania's Song 00:03:34 Ball, Andrew Atherton, Elizabeth
Swift's Epitaph00:02:49
18 Swift's Epitaph 00:02:49 Watts, Andrew Gunnell, Owen
Nobody Comes00:03:26
19 Nobody Comes 00:03:26 Rigby, Jean Watkins, Huw
A Cat00:02:59
20 A Cat 00:02:59 Lixenberg, Loré Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 3)00:01:46
21 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 3] 00:01:46 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew
Outside Fort Tregantle00:03:17
22 Outside Fort Tregantle 00:03:17 Finnissy, Michael Jackson, Richard
Blaze of Noon00:04:01
23 Blaze of Noon 00:04:01 Ball, Andrew Booth, Claire
24 Bands 00:02:31 Norman, Daniel Ball, Andrew
Mouth of the Dumb00:03:55
25 Mouth of the Dumb 00:03:55 Wakeford, Lucy Swait, Andrew Harris, Samantha
Stanzas 181400:02:34
26 Stanzas 1814 00:02:34 Powell, Jonathan Lixenberg, Loré
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 4)00:01:33
27 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 4] 00:01:33 Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
28 Easter 00:02:06 Burnside, Iain Kennedy, Andrew
Disc: 2
1 Dirge from Cymbeline 00:03:19 Wakeford, Lucy Stout, David
A Curious Thirsty Fly00:02:19
2 A Curious Thirsty Fly 00:02:19 Norman, Daniel Ball, Andrew
Out of Town00:03:21
3 Out of Town 00:03:21 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
English Encouragement of Art00:01:02
4 English Encouragement of Art 00:01:02 Bickley, Susan Booth, Claire Gunnell, Owen
A Swallow00:02:58
5 A Swallow 00:02:58 Rigby, Jean Watkins, Huw
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 5)00:01:42
6 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 5] 00:01:42 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
The Beach in Winter: Scratby (For Tess)00:02:30
7 The Beach in Winter (Scratby) 00:02:30 Burnside, Iain Loges, Stephan
8 Lucretius 00:03:14 Booth, Claire Gunnell, Owen
Upon the Cloudy Night00:03:15
9 Upon the Cloudy Night 00:03:15 Ball, Andrew Watts, Andrew
Easter Zunday00:03:49
10 Easter Zunday 00:03:49 Ball, Andrew Hulett, Benjamin
Labyrinth to Light00:02:43
11 Labyrinth to Light 00:02:43 Plant, Andrew Swait, Andrew
To Bed00:02:43
12 To Bed: No. 5, With My Whip 00:02:43 Burnside, Iain Mosley, George
Raju Raghuvanshi is a Ghost00:03:40
13 Raju Raghuvanshi Is a Ghost 00:03:40 Ebrahim, Omar
A Winter's Morning00:03:20
14 A Winter's Morning 00:03:20 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
Galliard (arr. C. Matthews) (version 6)00:01:06
15 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 6] 00:01:06 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
Darkness Visible00:03:46
16 Darkness Visible 00:03:46 Wakeford, Lucy Watts, Andrew Hulett, Benjamin
A Simple Neo-Georgian Summer00:01:43
17 A Simple Neo-Georgian Summer 00:01:43 Burnside, Iain Loges, Stephan
A Cause for Wonder00:03:44
18 A Cause for Wonder 00:03:44 Burnside, Iain Watts, Andrew
Wild Clematis in Winter00:02:39
19 Wild Clematis in Winter 00:02:39 Rigby, Jean Watkins, Huw
Poet and Star00:02:41
20 Poet and Star 00:02:41 Norman, Daniel Ball, Andrew Booth, Claire
Galliard (arr. C. Matthews) (version 7)00:01:47
21 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 7] 00:01:47 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
Vocalise - Loch Lurgainn in the Sunshine00:02:15
22 Vocalise - Loch Lurgainn in the Sunshine 00:02:15 Rigby, Jean Watkins, Huw
A Coat00:02:58
23 A Coat 00:02:58 Williams, Roderick Burnside, Iain
Know Thy Kings and Queens00:02:13
24 Know Thy Kings and Queens 00:02:13 Bickley, Susan Burnside, Iain
Because I Breathe Not Love to Everyone00:03:12
25 Because I Breathe Not Love to Everyone 00:03:12 Norman, Daniel Chapman, Jane
Destroying Beauty00:02:11
26 Destroying Beauty 00:02:11 Ball, Andrew Booth, Claire
First Known When Lost00:02:20
27 First Known When Lost 00:02:20 Mosley, George Ball, Andrew
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 8)00:01:25
28 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 8] 00:01:25 Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
29 Haiku 00:01:29 Bowman, James Plant, Andrew
Disc: 3
Meet Me in the Green Glen00:00:00
1 5 Songs to Poems by John Clare: No. 1, Meet Me in 00:03:12 Bickley, Susan
Music, thou Queen of Souls00:01:45
2 Music, Thou Queen of Souls 00:01:45 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
Plover's Peak00:03:12
3 Plover's Peak 00:03:12 Ball, Andrew Hulett, Benjamin
Spoken to a Bronze Head00:04:06
4 Spoken to a Bronze Head 00:04:06 Bickley, Susan Burnside, Iain
The Greenwood's Lament00:03:15
5 The Greenwood's Lament 00:03:15 Stout, David Lixenberg, Loré Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
Love Song00:01:44
6 Love Song 00:01:44 Ball, Andrew Atherton, Elizabeth
Night and Morning00:03:00
7 Night and Morning 00:03:17 Norman, Daniel Ball, Andrew
8 Hourglass 00:03:36 Chance, Michael Wakeford, Lucy
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 9)00:00:00
9 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 9] 00:01:07 Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
Proud Maisie …00:03:00
10 Proud Maisie… 00:01:43 Watkins, Huw Booth, Claire
A Recipe for Whisky00:03:28
11 A Recipe for Whisky 00:03:28 Loges, Stephan Gunnell, Owen
12 Echo 00:03:30 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
13 Lullaby 00:02:46 Booth, Claire Gunnell, Owen
Lake Side00:02:38
14 Lake Side 00:02:38 Lixenberg, Loré
English Lullaby00:03:00
15 English Lullaby 00:02:44 Bickley, Susan Burnside, Iain
The Poison Tree00:02:39
16 The Poison Tree 00:02:39 Burnside, Iain Loges, Stephan
She Walks in Beauty Like the Night00:02:00
17 She Walks in Beauty Like the Night 00:03:34 Kennedy, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 10)00:01:07
18 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 10] 00:01:49 Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
The True Standard Advanced00:03:00
19 The True Standard Advanced 00:02:16 Norman, Daniel Gunnell, Owen
That Mighty Heart00:02:51
20 That Mighty Heart 00:02:51 Bickley, Susan Burnside, Iain
The Fitful Alternations of the Rain00:03:00
21 The Fitful Alternations of the Rain 00:02:46 Kennedy, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy
22 Tree 00:04:09 Wallen, Errollyn Wallen, Errollyn
An Hypallage00:03:00
23 An Hypallage 00:03:18 Ebrahim, Omar Powell, Jonathan Lixenberg, Loré
A Dangerous Crossing00:03:00
24 A Dangerous Crossing 00:02:54 Burnside, Iain Tynan, Ailish
The Roman Centurion's Song00:02:18
25 The Roman Centurion's Song 00:03:16 Burnside, Iain Mosley, George
26 25 00:03:07 Stoneham, Luke
Galliard (after T. Morley) (version 11)00:01:26
27 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 11] 00:01:26 Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
28 Bellamy 00:01:14 Wakeford, Lucy Watts, Andrew Hulett, Benjamin
Disc: 4
Ah! Sun-flower00:00:56
1 Ah! Sun-flower 00:01:56 Booth, Claire Watkins, Huw
Blackbirds and Thrushes00:02:48
2 Blackbirds and Thrushes 00:02:48 Burnside, Iain Mosley, George
The Lif of this World00:03:42
3 The Lif of This World 00:03:42 Chance, Michael Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
The Importance of Being Earnest00:02:06
4 The Importance of Being Earnest 00:02:05 Barry, Gerald Barry, Gerald
5 London 00:03:37 Williams, Roderick Burnside, Iain
Out in the Dark00:02:18
6 Out in the Dark 00:02:18 Watkins, Huw Booth, Claire
Galliard (version 12) (arr. C. Matthews)00:01:26
7 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 12] 00:01:26 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
Old Man and Sea00:04:50
8 Old Man and Sea 00:04:50 Kennedy, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy
Ulysses' Admonition to Achilles00:03:32
9 Ulysses' Admonition to Achilles 00:03:32 Williams, Roderick West, Andrew
My favourite sound00:02:52
10 My Favourite Sound 00:02:51 Chance, Michael Mosley, George
Stendhal's Observation00:01:58
11 Stendhal's Observation 00:01:58 Watkins, Huw Booth, Claire
Silence on Ullswater00:00:53
12 Silence on Ullswater 00:00:53 Wakeford, Lucy Hulett, Benjamin
Heynonnynonny Smallprint00:04:17
13 Heynonnynonny Smallprint 00:04:17 Stout, David
The Moon's Funeral00:03:21
14 The Moon's Funeral 00:03:20 Bowman, James Plant, Andrew
Galliard (version 13) (arr. C. Matthews)00:01:29
15 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Version 13] 00:01:29 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
Bees a-zwarmen00:02:03
16 Bees a Zwarmen 00:02:03 Powell, Jonathan Lixenberg, Loré
Sonnet XVIII00:03:18
17 Sonnet XVIII 00:03:18 Bickley, Susan Watts, Andrew
Go, lovely Rose00:00:00
18 Go, Lovely Rose 00:04:06 Rigby, Jean Watkins, Huw
An Aesthetic of Lines00:02:46
19 An Aesthetic of Lines 00:02:46 Ball, Andrew Booth, Claire
I look into my glass00:00:00
20 I Look into My Glass 00:02:12 Hulett, Benjamin Hatzinikolaou, Antonis
Ghost Train00:04:07
21 Ghost Train 00:04:07 Williams, Roderick Burnside, Iain
Dictionary of London00:00:00
22 Dictionary of London 00:03:10 Powell, Jonathan Lixenberg, Loré
23 Driving 00:02:02 Norman, Daniel Ball, Andrew
Galliard (complete version) (arr. C. Matthews)00:03:09
24 Galliard (Arr. C. Matthews) [Complete Version] 00:03:09 Burnside, Iain Ball, Andrew Wakeford, Lucy Chapman, Jane Hatzinikolaou, Antonis Gunnell, Owen
An Oblique00:03:00
25 An Oblique 00:03:45 Powell, Jonathan Lixenberg, Loré
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