The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton) (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0123
Barcode 9781843797111
Release date 1/1/2013
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Classical Artist Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 1
1 The Perfumed Garden 00:08:27 Keeble, Jonathan
2 Introduction 00:09:22 Keeble, Jonathan
3 Chapter 1: Concerning Praise-worthy Men 00:08:41 Keeble, Jonathan
4 Next day the prophetess mounted horse 00:09:10 Keeble, Jonathan
5 Bahloul then began thus… 00:06:24 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Bahloul recited as follows… 00:07:36 Keeble, Jonathan
7 The sultan's daughter continued her ride… 00:07:12 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Chapter 2: Concerning Women who Deserve to be Prai 00:03:54 Keeble, Jonathan
9 The Story of the Negro Dorerame 00:09:20 Keeble, Jonathan
10 The king then began to look for a place… 00:08:24 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 2
1 The king then went to the inner door… 00:07:32 Keeble, Jonathan
2 However, the negro wanted to draw the woman… 00:06:43 Keeble, Jonathan
3 The king then asked for the reason… 00:07:56 Keeble, Jonathan
4 Chapter 3: About Men who are to be Held in Contemp 00:03:25 Keeble, Jonathan
5 Chapter 4: About Women who are to be Held in Conte 00:04:45 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Chapter 5: Relating to the Act of Generation 00:08:00 Keeble, Jonathan
7 Chapter 6: Concerning Everything that is Favourabl 00:03:54 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Sundry Positions for the Coitus 00:07:09 Keeble, Jonathan
9 First Manner: El asemeud (the stopperage) 00:09:41 Keeble, Jonathan
10 Seventeenth Manner: Dok el outed (driving the peg 00:07:41 Keeble, Jonathan
11 I shall now treat of coition… 00:08:29 Keeble, Jonathan
12 As regards the copulation of a very small man… 00:03:58 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 3
1 If a little woman is lying on her back… 00:06:44 Keeble, Jonathan
2 It is well for the lover of coition… 00:07:44 Keeble, Jonathan
3 I have composed on this subject the following line 00:08:15 Keeble, Jonathan
4 Chapter 7: Of Matters which are Injurious… 00:07:22 Keeble, Jonathan
5 As injurious may be considered coition in the bath 00:08:19 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Chapter 8: The Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Pa 00:06:53 Keeble, Jonathan
7 If one dreams that he gets out of a window… 00:09:13 Keeble, Jonathan
8 The name of el air is derived… 00:06:13 Keeble, Jonathan
9 El dekhal (the housebreaker) 00:07:19 Keeble, Jonathan
10 Chapter 9: Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Organs 00:05:17 Keeble, Jonathan
11 The man who dreams of cohabiting with women… 00:04:47 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 4
1 He who dreams of seeing himself mounted upon… 00:06:55 Keeble, Jonathan
2 Abou Belaoum (the glutton) 00:05:42 Keeble, Jonathan
3 El sabeur (the resigned) 00:08:34 Keeble, Jonathan
4 The History of Djoaidi and Fadehat et Djemal 00:09:35 Keeble, Jonathan
5 She began to laugh… 00:09:44 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Chapter 10: Concerning the Organs of Generation of 00:04:22 Keeble, Jonathan
7 Chapter 11: On the Deceits and Treacheries of Wome 00:08:23 Keeble, Jonathan
8 The Story of the Lover Against his Will 00:08:27 Keeble, Jonathan
9 Story of the Woman with Two Husbands 00:08:34 Keeble, Jonathan
10 The Story of the Man who was an Expert in Strata 00:08:45 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 5
1 When asked for explanations… 00:07:41 Keeble, Jonathan
2 Chapter 13: Concerning the Causes of Enjoyment… 00:05:33 Keeble, Jonathan
3 Chapter 14: Description of the Uterus of Sterile W 00:02:51 Keeble, Jonathan
4 Chapter 15: Concerning the Causes of Impotence in 00:02:16 Keeble, Jonathan
5 Chapter 16: Undoing of Aiguillettes (Impotence for 00:02:37 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Chapter 17: Prescriptions for Increasing the Dimen 00:04:11 Keeble, Jonathan
7 Chapter 18: Of Things that Take Away the Bad Smell 00:02:34 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Chapter 19: Instructions with Regard to Pregnancy… 00:02:14 Keeble, Jonathan
9 Chapter 20: Forming the Conclusion of this Work… 00:03:58 Keeble, Jonathan
10 The History of Zohra 00:06:17 Keeble, Jonathan
11 Abou el Heidja left the negro in charge of the hor 00:09:05 Keeble, Jonathan
12 Now among the virgins that were present… 00:09:50 Keeble, Jonathan
13 Appendix to the Autograph Edition: To the Reader 00:06:56 Keeble, Jonathan
14 Everyone knows, in fact, the grave inconveniences… 00:06:07 Keeble, Jonathan
15 However it may be, as regards the origin of the te 00:07:05 Keeble, Jonathan
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