The Planets and the Solar System (Unabridged)

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Living busily on Planet Earth, we rarely remember that we actually inhabit only a miniscule part of the universe. + In The Planets and the Solar System, Jen Green paints the wider picture, and takes us on a journey across billions of kilometers in our galaxy, from our Sun to near and distant planets. + Some, like Mercury, have a molten core surrounded with crust and spins quickly; Jupiter, on the other hand, is a big ball of gas. + For 2,500 years, mathematicians and scientists from Pythagoras to Hubble have investigated our universe and found that the dimensions, the temperatures and the speeds (light years!) are unbelievably extreme. + A fascinating introduction for younger listeners.
Item number NA0156
Barcode 9781843797852
Release date 7/1/2014
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Non-Classical Artist Sillers, Ruth
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: Introducing the Solar System 00:07:02
2 If you were in a rocket travelling from the Sun… 00:08:40
3 Chapter 2: Learning about the Solar System 00:06:53
4 About 400 years later, the most famous of all… 00:09:15
5 Kepler had been born in the German city of Weil in 00:09:31
6 The next great astonomer was William Herschel… 00:09:03
7 Chapter 3: Into Space 00:07:01
8 On April 12, 1961 came word of another breakthroug 00:06:04
9 On July 16, 1969 three astronauts took their seats 00:09:31
10 The Soviets had lost the race to the Moon… 00:06:26
Disc: 2
1 The ISS has now broken many records. 00:07:30
2 Manned missions are only one way of exploring spac 00:08:24
3 Chapter 4: The Sun and Inner Planets 00:07:46
4 Now we leave the Sun and heading away, the first p 00:07:42
5 Continuing on your way from barren Venus… 00:08:49
6 Next stop on your journey is Earth's moon… 00:05:49
7 Accelerating away from the Moon, our next stop… 00:05:50
8 Chapter 5: The Outer Planets and Beyond 00:06:49
9 Jupiter and its moons are fascinating. 00:04:40
10 Moving on from Saturn and its amazing moons and ri 00:08:08
11 When the solar system formed some 4.6 billion year 00:08:00
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