The Rainbow (Unabridged)

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D.H. Lawrence's controversial classic, The Rainbow, follows the lives and loves of three generations of the Brangwen family, between 1840 and 1905. Their tempestuous relationships are played out against a backdrop of change as they witness the arrival of industrialization - the only constant being their unending attempts to grasp a higher form of existence, symbolized by the persistent, unifying motif of the 'rainbow'. Lawrence's fourth novel, and prequel to Women in Love, is an invigorating, absorbing tale about the undying determination of the human soul.
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Release date 11/6/2015
Category Spoken Word
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Non-Classical Artist Slack, Paul
Disc: 1
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The Rainbow 00:08:51 Slack, Paul
2 The curate was poor enough… 00:09:17 Slack, Paul
3 There were four sons and two daughters. 00:08:37 Slack, Paul
4 He had an instinct for mathematics… 00:09:41 Slack, Paul
5 He did not know there was any difference in him… 00:08:29 Slack, Paul
6 He saw how the foreigner treated the women… 00:08:10 Slack, Paul
7 He went home talking to himself and to the moon… 00:07:46 Slack, Paul
8 Tilly blushed and drew her neck in… 00:08:22 Slack, Paul
9 'Who was that person?' his sister Effie asked. 00:08:46 Slack, Paul
Disc: 2
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 And whenever her eyes… 00:08:12 Slack, Paul
2 He was a long time resolving definitely to ask her 00:07:19 Slack, Paul
3 The story came to an end… 00:07:02 Slack, Paul
4 'There is the child,' she said… 00:08:14 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 2 00:07:25 Slack, Paul
6 Very strange was the constant glitter of the sea… 00:06:50 Slack, Paul
7 She was aware of people who passed around her… 00:08:04 Slack, Paul
8 Behind her, there was so much unknown to him. 00:07:22 Slack, Paul
9 'When they brought the railway across…' 00:07:36 Slack, Paul
10 Cold, he called her, selfish… 00:09:22 Slack, Paul
Disc: 3
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 During the day… 00:08:17 Slack, Paul
2 She came and was shaken into her coat… 00:08:36 Slack, Paul
3 He lifted his cup to his lips… 00:09:22 Slack, Paul
4 His voice was queer and distant and calm. 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 3 00:07:34 Slack, Paul
6 Anna did not care much for other children. 00:07:44 Slack, Paul
7 At first she would only glower or hiss… 00:07:39 Slack, Paul
8 The evening came on, he played with Anna… 00:07:12 Slack, Paul
9 For some moments he did not move. 00:07:10 Slack, Paul
10 Chapter 4 00:05:34 Slack, Paul
Disc: 4
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 And at this period she was absorbed… 00:08:33 Slack, Paul
2 They were a curious family… 00:08:36 Slack, Paul
3 She was, however, only eighteen… 00:08:49 Slack, Paul
4 She was curiously elated. 00:08:47 Slack, Paul
5 Without knowing it, Anna was wanting him… 00:08:33 Slack, Paul
6 They went on in this way for some time… 00:09:02 Slack, Paul
7 She waited for him like the glow of light… 00:08:21 Slack, Paul
8 'Anna,' he said, in wonder… 00:08:01 Slack, Paul
9 She crouched on the hearthrug with her arms… 00:08:41 Slack, Paul
Disc: 5
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Tom Brangwen was now… 00:03:10 Slack, Paul
2 Chapter 5 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
3 In the cottage big fires were burning… 00:08:15 Slack, Paul
4 Tom Brangwen's mood of inspiration… 00:08:09 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 6 00:08:18 Slack, Paul
6 'Somebody has been and found the door locked,'… 00:08:14 Slack, Paul
7 She was less hampered than he… 00:07:49 Slack, Paul
8 Suddenly she dried her tears. 00:07:53 Slack, Paul
9 When they came to themselves, the night… 00:08:07 Slack, Paul
10 She had always liked the little red and yellow… 00:08:09 Slack, Paul
Disc: 6
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Then immediately she began to retaliate on him. 00:08:26 Slack, Paul
2 When he came in at the door… 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
3 He did not alter… 00:08:04 Slack, Paul
4 'Whether it turned into wine or whether it didn't… 00:08:17 Slack, Paul
5 'Remember, child,' said her mother… 00:08:33 Slack, Paul
6 He had various folios of reproductions… 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
7 She sat in pride and curious pleasure. 00:08:15 Slack, Paul
8 All the blood in his body went black and powerful… 00:08:37 Slack, Paul
9 Then came the night when she said… 00:09:11 Slack, Paul
Disc: 7
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 When she was well again… 00:05:19 Slack, Paul
2 'There, now they're gone.' 00:05:16 Slack, Paul
3 Chapter 7 00:07:40 Slack, Paul
4 Anna realized how different her own life… 00:08:30 Slack, Paul
5 The cathedral roused her too. 00:07:49 Slack, Paul
6 He listened to the thrushes in the garden… 00:07:44 Slack, Paul
7 During the day, at his work in the office… 00:03:40 Slack, Paul
8 Chapter 8 00:08:02 Slack, Paul
9 When she was a little older… 00:08:23 Slack, Paul
10 Again she was transported… 00:07:57 Slack, Paul
11 Her father was the dawn… 00:08:18 Slack, Paul
Disc: 8
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 She never felt sorry… 00:09:38 Slack, Paul
2 Again she half turned her face to him… 00:09:34 Slack, Paul
3 He sheltered her, and soothed her… 00:09:38 Slack, Paul
4 He was quite ousted from himself… 00:09:41 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 9 00:09:31 Slack, Paul
6 His mother was in bed. 00:09:33 Slack, Paul
7 'Go upstairs,' he said. 00:09:26 Slack, Paul
8 The good-looking, still face… 00:09:43 Slack, Paul
Disc: 9
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 'Why do you have two wedding-rings…?' 00:06:09 Slack, Paul
2 She had let him go on alone. 00:07:06 Slack, Paul
3 Chapter 10 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
4 Going to school by train… 00:08:48 Slack, Paul
5 But she must move out of the intricately woven… 00:07:55 Slack, Paul
6 Even at its stormiest, Sunday was a blessed day. 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
7 Against all this, the Brangwens stood at bay. 00:09:10 Slack, Paul
8 Ursula, accustomed to these pictures… 00:09:21 Slack, Paul
9 Chapter 11 00:06:17 Slack, Paul
10 'I hate the Wherrys, and I wish they were dead.' 00:06:09 Slack, Paul
Disc: 10
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 She hated herself… 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
2 He seemed simply acquiescent… 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
3 Ursula sat amused, but waiting. 00:08:19 Slack, Paul
4 Ursula quivered and wondered. 00:08:29 Slack, Paul
5 'I meant to show you my little wood-carving,'… 00:08:02 Slack, Paul
6 Her hand tightened on his with a new… 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
7 As the wedding-party returned home… 00:08:12 Slack, Paul
8 'Good evening,' he called… 00:08:52 Slack, Paul
9 There was a moment of confusion… 00:09:03 Slack, Paul
Disc: 11
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 She was not there. 00:08:03 Slack, Paul
2 She took him in the kiss… 00:07:53 Slack, Paul
3 The service and the singing in church… 00:08:06 Slack, Paul
4 Could she with her hands fight the face… 00:08:00 Slack, Paul
5 'Don't leave me – come back to me,' she said. 00:08:00 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 12 00:07:29 Slack, Paul
7 The state of bliss, when Miss Inger was present… 00:07:46 Slack, Paul
8 The electric suspense continued… 00:07:30 Slack, Paul
9 She did not see how lambs could love. 00:07:46 Slack, Paul
10 In the middle of the town was a large, open… 00:07:07 Slack, Paul
Disc: 12
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The servant came in to ask… 00:05:32 Slack, Paul
2 His real mistress was the machine… 00:05:39 Slack, Paul
3 Chapter 13 00:09:00 Slack, Paul
4 Ursula watched the newspapers, vaguely… 00:09:14 Slack, Paul
5 There was silence in the workshop. 00:09:32 Slack, Paul
6 It was very difficult for Brangwen… 00:09:33 Slack, Paul
7 The Monday morning came. 00:09:21 Slack, Paul
8 'Jim Richards,' called Miss Harby… 00:08:50 Slack, Paul
9 A sharp whistle was heard… 00:09:24 Slack, Paul
Disc: 13
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Mr. Brunt was crouching at the small stove… 00:08:52 Slack, Paul
2 Ursula felt her heart faint inside her. 00:09:44 Slack, Paul
3 At that moment Mr. Harby was passing. 00:09:13 Slack, Paul
4 The trouble went on and on, day after day. 00:09:40 Slack, Paul
5 So that, pale, shut, at last distant… 00:09:20 Slack, Paul
6 And there she sat, and there he sat… 00:09:42 Slack, Paul
7 'If you settle Clarke and Letts in the same way…' 00:09:46 Slack, Paul
8 Ursula shrank from the brutality and the scandal. 00:10:09 Slack, Paul
Disc: 14
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 These days she was happy in her soul… 00:08:04 Slack, Paul
2 Chapter 14 00:08:13 Slack, Paul
3 He gave the same brief, neighing little laugh… 00:08:28 Slack, Paul
4 And she gave herself to all that she loved… 00:08:36 Slack, Paul
5 In the teachers' room the teachers… 00:08:20 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 15 00:08:56 Slack, Paul
7 Then came the lovely, peaceful afternoons… 00:08:24 Slack, Paul
8 For inside, inside the college… 00:08:17 Slack, Paul
9 It was a little while before Easter… 00:07:46 Slack, Paul
Disc: 15
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Ursula sat abstracted over her microscope… 00:07:50 Slack, Paul
2 She became proud and erect, like a flower… 00:07:45 Slack, Paul
3 They stood enjoying the unmitigated kiss… 00:07:41 Slack, Paul
4 She took him home… 00:08:15 Slack, Paul
5 'You've got a museau, not a face,' he said. 00:07:46 Slack, Paul
6 Her soul began to run by itself. 00:07:48 Slack, Paul
7 She had to hurry through her dressing… 00:08:02 Slack, Paul
8 And at such moments, when he was mad… 00:07:54 Slack, Paul
9 'It is so beautiful,' she said… 00:08:52 Slack, Paul
Disc: 16
The Rainbow (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 The dusk began to fall. 00:08:21 Slack, Paul
2 They lay rather late… 00:09:22 Slack, Paul
3 She did not like it. 00:08:59 Slack, Paul
4 'No, here,' she said… 00:08:11 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 16 00:07:58 Slack, Paul
6 Yet she hurried to the wood for shelter. 00:07:57 Slack, Paul
7 Then suddenly, in a flame of agony… 00:08:17 Slack, Paul
8 And again, to her feverish brain… 00:08:24 Slack, Paul
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